National Good Samaritan Day - Who Have You Blessed Today?

Going through this whole “dissolution of marriage and starting over” thingy can really make one… well, self-absorbed. And rightly so. Anyone who’s ever gone through anything like this knows it’s like getting kicked in the gut. The wind has been knocked out of you and you’re left struggling to get back up and get your bearings.It’s hard and it’s really, really lousy. You have no other choice but to think of only yourself for the time being. Your main focus needs to be your health (mental, physical and spiritual) and your welfare....more

#Planet5050 Calls for Gender Equality by 2030

Twenty years ago, almost 50,000 people gathered in Beijing, China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. More than 180 government officials met for two weeks and eventually produced the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action....more
alisaamiller Thank you!more

The Sad Song of the Wolf

  For as long as I can remember,  I’ve loved wolves.  This little Jewish girl from Detroit dancing around in a pink  tutu and satin toe shoes harbored a secret desire to live among the wolves and become accepted as a pack member.Crazy, right?...more

RIP Terry Pratchett, One of the Greatest Men to Have Ever Lived

"NO MATTER HOW FAST LIGHT TRAVELS, IT FINDS THE DARKNESS HAS ALWAYS GOT THERE FIRST, AND IS WAITING FOR IT." Death is one of Terry Pratchett's legendary Discworld characters. He is unforgettable, and speaks in a booming voice of capitals. He is a skeleton with eyes like two tiny blue stars set deep within his skull. He rides upon a horse named Binky, whose hooves create formidable sparks as they strike the roads. He does, of course, carry a scythe. ...more

A Message for the White People

The teens found a photo of their classmate and made some changes to it.The classmate is a young black man.They drew a noose around his neck and added the words "Gotta hang ‘em all" and shared the edited photo on social media....more
This is so stirring and so true. It takes conversation and a willingness to understand and hear ...more

Why the Media Madness Over Hillary's Emails is Just Another Smokescreen

Notwithstanding feverish media squeals about Hillary Clinton’s “private” email usage as Secretary of State, the fact is she adhered to the laws in place during her four years in that position.  The law insisting solely upon .gov email usage for government employees was not passed until nearly two years after Clinton left office, as Clinton made clear in Tuesday’s press conference.  Click-hungry pundits and agenda driven Republicans’ fear of Clinton’s “se...more
NichelleRae  You bet I do, Nichelle!  AP, NYT, WaPo and Politico have ALL had to walk back their ...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: A World of Dishonesty

 Series Introduction...more

10 Best Feminist Moments on ‘Parks and Recreation’

My favorite show Parks and Recreation has come to a close. As I bawled throughout the entire hour-long series finale, I was reminded that one of the main reasons why I loved the show was because its main character, Leslie Knope, was a loud and proud feminist. I can’t think of another show on television that celebrates girl power and female friendships as well as Parks and Rec. Here’s my ranking of the show’s 10 best feminist moments, in chronological order....more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 4

Obviously, throughout the course of my life, my perceptions of men have changed – from being woefully naive and sometimes outrageously unrealistic to having a better understanding of the expectations women put on men and just how unrealistic those expectations can be....more