Ebola demonstrates how easily personal risk draws attention away from our Dynamic potential (#NaBloPoMo Day 17)

What truly separates the public interest from the self interest is change, with which comes countless new possibilities, many of them practical and exciting.  The positive aspects of these opportunities are accessible to everyone, but unfortunately, it is easy to personalize the negative ones.  ...more


“I just can’t believe all the things people say, Controversy …”Today’s writing prompt asks what is the most controversial thing I’ve ever written on my blog.I strive for honesty in expressing my opinions in my posts, as in life, but always respectfully and always trying to see the other person’s point of view. I have shared my thoughts elsewhere on the web before starting this blog, and I shared one of those posts, http://www.blogher.com/yesallwomen-yesallmen, on BlogHer last spring....more

What Happened to Tanesha Anderson's Right to Life?

Late last night I came across an article with the headline "Cleveland woman with mental illness died after police used takedown measure, brother says." My heart sank as I clicked on it and read about the death of Tanesha Anderson, a 37-year-old African-American woman who reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia....more
This is horrifying.more

The Loveliest Little Earthquake ~ Friday Night In Montana

Western Montana has had three earthquakes in the last seven days.  No one I know took note of the first two (each 3.7) but just about everyone in a three town radius felt the 4.5 earthquake Friday night, and many people nearest me (a few miles from the epicenter) heard it as well....more

Homeless Youth of California

No one really knows how many of California’s young people are homeless at any given time.  But on one day in the middle of the winter last year, a PIT count (a flash census — PIT stands for “point in time”) estimated the number to be about 15,000.  That’s 15,000 youngsters aged 12 to 24 sleeping under bridges and over heating grates, in cars, in shelters, in the woods or on someone’s couch.I’ve known for some time that there are a lot of homeless young people, but I found this number to be truly appalling.  And that’s just for one state!...more

Religious Equality

I should start off by saying that I am not a particularly religious person.  I've gone to various churches of various faiths during my lifetime.  I have read about other faiths.  We have discussions in our house about organized religion and religious beliefs and spiritually.  But we don't go to church or subscribe to any particular religion though I tend to just generalize and say we're basically Christian but a little agnostic....more
I totally agree!  It drives me crazy when all these people are calling it a "war on Christmas" ...more

In Liberia, mobile banking to help Ebola-affected women traders

Cross-posted from UN Women ...more

You Can't Punch Someone's Face Because You Won't Discipline Your Child

I'm a mom, but I'm siding with Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson on this unbelievable story. That's the woman who got punched in the face outside a Nordstrom Rack for asking the mother of a tantrum throwing child if she could calm her child....more
It's disgusting that so many people think it was appropriate for this mother to ambush this lady ...more

Better Late Than Never?

Frank Taaffe, a neighbor and former friend of George Zimmerman who vociferously defended Zimmerman from accusations of racism in the past, has had a change of opinion. Taaffe has now testified before a grand jury “that Zimmerman may have called him and made racially charged comments in a phone call”....more

How Women of Twitter Took Down Revolting Pick-Up Artist Julien Blanc

Twitter called out Julien Blanc for racism and sexism ... but how do we know there's not another "pick-up artist" waiting to take his place? ...more
Grace Hwang Lynch johnlee1111 SamanthaLily  Let me guess.....you're married to a white man? ...more