Raising Voices: Campus Rape

Of the three or four things in my life that inspire a true sense of pride, graduating from the University of Virginia ranks near the top of the list....more
Over the past few days, the University of Virginia community has risen up against the culture of ...more

President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration: About Time? Or Too Much?

On Thursday night, President Obama made a long anticipated announcement about immigration reform. After a bipartisan immigration reform bill died in the House of Representatives, the president decided to take an executive action to change the broken immigration system. Image Credit: PBS NewsHour ...more
Bout time. More of course will be needed, but he acknowledges that and is calling on Congress to ...more

"We Were Strangers Once, Too." The President, Immigration, and Me

Last night, I turned on the television to prepare for Scandal and saw the President (Obama, not Fitz) talking about immigration. Did you watch it, too? If you didn’t catch it, here is the whole thing from C-Span (it was just 15 minutes).There were a few things that he said which reminded me of my own family and how we got here. It reminded me why my parents immigrated and why so many others immigrated here to the United States....more

Does Any Woman Really Need Peach Scented Nethers?

So I was shown an article today about the possibility of peach scented girly bits. Yeah, you read that right.Oh, and it was developed by dudes.Thanks, dudes! Peach in woman's hands, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
carriewible You have a very noble way of commenting. Some people are just so downright nasty, ...more

Oh, Bill Cosby ... It Just Never Occurred To Me

I am disgusted and repulsed and disappointed and furious and heartbroken over the news about Bill Cosby allegedly assaulting and/or raping the women who have come forward thus far.At the time of my writing, there are 16. SIXTEEN.But you know what? I’m more disgusted with the reason why I feel this way. I don’t know Bill Cosby. And yet, I feel let down. Betrayed, even. Ridiculous, isn’t it?...more

Hunting: Our New York Adventure

Hunting:  Our New York Adventure You know, one of the tragedies of real life is that there is no background music.  ~Annie Proulx...more

The Hypocrisy of Hollywood

So TV Land just cancelled the marathon of The Cosby Show they scheduled during the Thanksgiving holiday! BOOOOOOO to them! Its funny they rush to cancel good wholesome shows like the Cosby Show and A Different World but Woody Allen films still play in heavy rotation on the big screen and other cable channels. The hypocrisy is real!! Bill Cosby wasn't the only actor on those shows. And what happened to separating the character from the actor?...more

Cambodia takes multi-pronged approach to confronting gender-based violence

Cross-posted from UN Women ...more