Modern Day McCarthyism: Thoughts on Cecil the Lion and Dr. Walter Palmer

This week, the Internet blew up in justifiable outrage over Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer's killing of a beautiful and beloved lion in Zimbabwe named, Cecil, in what is called a "canned hunt". Dr....more

The Lion, the Dentist and the True Test of Manhood

By now, the entire world knows that Cecil the celebrity lion is dead, and the American dentist who killed him has a miniscule penis. Congratulations! Instead of going down in history as a man of integrity who made the world a better place, Walter James Palmer will be eulogized as totally F’d up and a really poor shot. Palmer shot Cecil, one of Zimbabwe’s national treasures, with a crossbow. Cecil, however, proved he was the man with the bigger cajones when he refused to die and led Palmer on a 40-hour tracking expedition, despite tremendous suffering from his injury....more

How Killing a Lion Destroys Our Planet

The media uproar about the lion killed in Africa by a dentist shows the power and punch of immediate information. Events flash across the media, and in an instant, we can reply. I find the hardest thing to do is understand the terrible actions of others. Cruel, unthinking, selfish, it's easy to jump on the train and start attacking. Events don't just pop up, their ugly little heads appearing for no reason. ...more

Post No. 7: A White Woman Talks About Sandra Bland

When Officer Brian Encinia told her to put her cigarette, Sandra Bland refused.  When she was told to exit her car, again, she refused.  The traffic stop was about to wind down, the officer had already written a warning ticket, and one has to wonder, if she’d put the cigarette out, what would the rest of the story had been?   ...more

It's Okay to Talk About #BlackLivesMatter If You're White

Holding my phone in my hand as I completed the last of my voice text, I saw the flashing lights of the police car directly behind me.“Motherf***er”, I muttered as I replaced my phone on the hands-free driving cradle and proceeded to pull over, turning on to a side street from the busy main road and flipping on my hazard lights.As I reached in to my wallet for my driver’s license, with my phone blowing up with text messages, I thought to myself, “I’ll wait until he gets here to get my insurance card from the glove box”....more

A Mural for the Missing

A community art project that was too controversial for New York City has found a home in Phoenix, Arizona.The mural was nearly finished when I stopped by last week. Half a dozen artists were there painting or standing back to Instagram the process - which, really, is also part of spreading a message. In fact, that's how I heard about the piece....more

Put the hose down and step away from your lawn? Really?

I am a scientist, sustainability expert and Santa Monica resident. Unless you have been living under a rock lately, the daily news feed is all about the California drought. It has been a 4 year drought, and counting, but I really don’t think most people know that. ...more

We Will Never Learn The Truth About Sandra Bland

In my opinion, we will never learn the truth about what exactly happened to Sandra Bland. I don’t think so unless there are independent investigators who can review unedited source information. When I was an internal auditor, I would review reports and processes against source data. Source data is data that cannot be tampered with, edited, or massaged....more

Q&A With Prof. Jennifer Lee: Asian American Success Isn't What You Think It Is

Pop culture often portrays Asian Americans as successful because of strict parenting or just plain hard work. But a new book debunks the "model minority" myth, revealing the way government policies have actually skewed those perceptions. I recently interviewed Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and co-author of The Asian American Achievement Paradox about her research. ...more

I Can See Why There Might Be An Upcoming Shortage on SSD and SSI

 The other day on the news there saying there a short fall for up coming benefit for those drawing disability.As in home care giver at currently both of my client receive between $750 and $810 a month.Only one actual gets straight SSD. The other gets an combo of SSD and SSI. ...more