Did Feminism Fail Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky is back, and on her own terms, in an essay for the magazine Vanity Fair. It took us a long time to get here -- the relationship she writes about, with former U.S. president Bill Clinton happened in 1995, when she was 21. It's been nearly twenty years since the affair happened, sixteen since it exploded in 1998, leading to the impeachment trial of Clinton, who was eventually acquitted of having lied under oath about having been involved with Lewinsky. ...more
The reality is she was a young kid in her twenties. The Clinton's (both slick Willy and ...more

The Flores de Mayo of my youth

As I watched the Flores de Mayo celebration at St. Matthew Church in Charlotte, North Carolina sponsored by the Fil-American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) last Saturday, my mind wandered down memory lane to my childhood spent commemorating the Flores de Mayo of my hometown....more

National Climate Assessment: Why I'm Cautiously Elated

The National Climate Assessment, the culmination of a four-year effort to catalog the effects of climate change on the United States, is a breath of fresh air in the national discussion of climate change. ...more
I would have hoped there would be more comments on something that will affect us so deeply. I ...more

Sandy Hook "Truthers" Are Asshats

Y’all there is a level of asshat that astounds even me, self-proclaimed measurer of all things asshat. There is a species of twatwaffle out there who is convinced that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a “hoax” by Obama as an excuse to take their beloved penis-substitutes, AKA guns....more

The Real Cost to Climbing Mt. Everest

Once or twice a year the Western World turns its head toward Nepal to glance for a fleeting moment at that country and its great mountain. April and May are the prime newsworthy months in Nepal, as the climbing season on Everest opens during this short window. ...more

The Five Women You Should Be Following On Twitter Right Now

The world is filled with wonderful, influential women and we're lucky enoughto live in an era where we can “follow” almost any of these women through their social presences and ingest little bits of their wisdom, 140 characters at a time.  And while we'll always wonder what Marilyn Monroe or Jane Austen would say if they were able to create and update their own pages, we still have access to some pretty great ladies on the Twittersphere. ...more
Thanks for the list. I usually don't follow famous people but I will add them to the list, ...more

The Lord Looks at the Heart: When My Son Became My Daughter

I am the mom of the little girl called A.J., who was recently profiled in the Kansas City Star. As surprised as I was to find my family in the paper, I am also incredibly proud. ...more
And God will surely bless you for the love you are showing your daughter. My mom loved me and ...more

Why Mother's Day Is Hard For Me

Mother's Day is a mixed-bag. It always has been. I imagine when I was a young child I didn't have any issues. I'm sure I made lovely, cutesy little things for my mother. As an adult though, I have been inconsistent with even recognizing Mother's Day as a day to celebrate my mother. I often am not entirely sure when it is. (Though that may be related more to me not paying attention to holidays much....more

Thinking of the 200+ Nigerian Girls on Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, millions of families will be celebrating their mothers and I will not be exempt from it. As mothers are lauded on this day for all that they do selflessly, every hour of every day, I think of the 200+ Nigerian girls who are still missing....more

Not again! Another victim blamed for being raped

Usually my writing involves lighter and more enjoyable topics than sexual assault.  Forgive me if it is not something you want to think about.  I don’t really either, but sometimes if we are trying to make the most of all of our moments, we have to take a stand.To be honest, I had never really given much thought to the rape culture in our society until this summer, when I read and wrote about some controversial decisions and statements by a Montana judge regarding a rape victim.  Now another judge’s comments have me riled up again....more