The Death of Adrian Peterson’s Son and Why It’s Not Okay to Name Names

The death of Adrian Peterson’s two-year old son is tragic enough. The two-year old boy was allegedly beaten by Joseph Patterson, boyfriend of the boy’s mother on Wednesday evening. After being taken off life support on Friday, the little boy passed away. Patterson was charged with aggravated assault on Friday; however, his court appearance occurred before the boy passed away.  The states’ attorney in Lincoln County, South Dakota is considering adding more serious charges. Local news outlets have reported that both first and second degree murder are on the table....more

Government Shut Down: Shame Shame

Shame on the government for acting less mature than my children....more

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Law

Since Blogger won't let me edit the "My Other Work" part of the sidebar for some strange reason, I thought I'd post a link to my latest 'outside' work here for those who haven't already seen it. I am thrilled to have been featured on the top of the front page of The Feminist Wire this weekend. Here it is! Kario ...more

Hell On Wheels


I Hate My Body


White Elephant Sale

Y’all, I am not a professional political analyst. No one inside the “Beltway” calls me up asking for my opinion. I assume they don’t read my blog, because no men in black suits have come to my door to have a little talk with me. Nevertheless, I can tell you that a political move that throws a political party's ass into the polling dumpster is a numbnuts move....more

Known Unknowns

500 feet from our front door...more

I Bought My Son a Cleveland Indians Cap: Am I Failing to Teach Him About Racism?

When I was in high school, our sports teams were called the Indians, and our mascot was a noble looking head of a Native American.  Because we were the Indians, we felt a special connection to native people, even using an Iroquois word on our yearbook . At some point in time between when I graduated from high school and my twenty year reunion, my school changed the name to the Eagles.  I was pissed. I thought it was stupid pandering to overly sensitive liberals who probably weren't even Native Americans to begin with. I just didn't get it....more
@Grace Hwang Lynch Writing really helps me process what I am struggling to make sense with. I ...more

One ticked off MilSpouse

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." John 15:13The topper on the latest, most-blatant disrespect of our military members has enraged me beyond belief.How could something as shameful as denying immediate survivor benefits to the families of deceased military families have happened? And yet it did, to the families of the service members who died in the line of duty since the government shutdown.Blame it on the government shutdown? Really? How on earth did this happen to these families?...more