When Did Vietnam Veterans Become Heroes?

Vietnam veterans weren't heroes when they came home. When you hear one say that his homecoming was disappointing, that he might have even gotten a hostile reception, he's not exaggerating. That's how it was. I know....more

She's A Veteran, Too

Veteran's Day is when we take time to remember and honor our veterans who have sacrificed and served to protect the freedoms many of us take for granted. For most people, veterans are the men of our nation who have served and fought bravely. I want you to remember that men are not the only ones that have served. Women, like myself, also are veterans of our nation....more
I don't know who change my pic but thanks.more

Um, Say What?

Okay. Today's post might seem more like a rant than a post, but I will try to taper it a bit. And not be so ranty. But, I'm upset. I've been upset about this before and have managed to just roll my eyes and move on. This time it feels different and I really feel like maybe now is the time to say something. This is what appears in the AARP Magazine this month:...more

A queen for five days...

We arrived in Seattle for a wedding, knowing that we were to share a two-bedroom apartment with my sister-in-law and her husband, knowing that we were to share a queen-sized bed rather than the king we used at home. I was not thrilled at this arrangement.  So my dear husband promised me he would sleep on the floor if the smaller bed was a problem, and I envisioned adding a roll-away to our room, which was available according to the rental's website. I wanted both of us to sleep in comfort....more

What Happened to #BringBackOurGirls?

The feminist in me woke up a little pissed off this morning.Maybe I didn't sleep well. Maybe I have read WAY too much on FlipBoard and Facebook this weekend (We have had sick kids for four days, so I have spent a LOT of time in bed with a feverish person on top of me reading on my laptop and phone)....more

Back to Bloom County (#NaBloPoMo Day 10)

A little late considering the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but as reports come in saying 80% of participants in an unofficial referendum support a Catalonia split from Spain, it is a good time for me to revisit one of my early posts involving the classic eighties comic strip....more

Remembrance Sunday

From my blog, Take It Easy posted 9/11/2014...more

Blood Swept lands and Seas of Red, a poppy memorial to our fallen heroes at the Tower of London

Blood Swept lands and Seas of Red, a poppy memorial to our fallen heroes at the Tower of Londonby eclecticoddsnsods • November 10, 2014 • ...more

That's not the school bell ringing - it's your phone

I could tell open this post by telling a story about waiting in line to use a payphone in my high school to call a friend who was supposed to pick me up after sixth period. Or I could reminisce about when pagers became very cool and lots of friends at my high school had them.But that would make me feel old, so let's just move on....more