Rights Of Employees In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the states which adheres to the “employee at-will” doctrine. This means that employees can be terminated for nearly any reason, but it also means that employees can leave their employment for almost any reason.  Most employees are not impressed when they learn that they can leave their jobs for any reason, as most of them want to keep them....more

The Kitchen Think: Expired Food = Cheap Meals

Would you eat food that has expired?There’s a new grocery store/restaurant/teaching kitchen opening next year in Dorchester, Massachusetts that will offer only food that is already past its sell-by date.Is this a bold attempt to make healthy food more affordable and reduce food waste? Or merely another way to make a buck off of those who have few options for shopping elsewhere?...more

Ted Cruz's Kooky Filibuster & What's REALLY Going on With ObamaCare

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas mixed filibustering with a bedtime reading of the Dr. Seuss classic "Green Eggs & Ham" for his daughters in the midst of a 21-hour speech to rally Republican support to defund the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. The moment, caught via his chief strategist Jason Johnson, blew up on Twitter in the #MakeDCListen stream....more
I found it ironic that Cruz read "Green Eggs and Ham", a tale about someone who hates ...more

No Winners in the 'Baby' Veronica Case

I want to get riled up, to get angry that 'Baby' Veronica has been returned to the adoptive parents. But I can't. I knew the story would take this turn, would end up in this way with the Capobiancos, the family who had custody for her first two years of life, coming out as victors and Brown, her biological father who fought for custody, as, simply put, the loser. But let's be point blank about this fact: There are no winners in this case. ...more
I was at such a crossroads with this one.  As an adoptive parent, V's biological father ...more

Don Quixote and Cassandra's Lovechild

Scientists are a bunch of odd ducks who usually pay attention only to their own field, but the thing that unties us is that nary a one of us can leave a puzzle the hell alone. We want to know who, what, when, where and most especially HOW and WHY. Scientists, on the whole, vastly prefer facts to claptrap. Nevertheless, scientists are not impervious to culture and sometimes they interpret facts through a skewed lens. I am not claiming they know the Truth....more

Zac Efron: This Time, It's Personal

Tuesday I found out that my #1 inappropriate crush, Zac Efron, spent some time in rehab earlier this year. While of course I was happy that he was able to not only admit that he had a problem but to successfully get help, when I found out yesterday just what his addiction was to, I wasn't so happy. I'll give you a clue. It ain't cola....more

Is President Obama Responsible for the State of Public Education?

With the school year underway and many states implementing new curriculum, it’s a good time to take a hard look at the state of public education. Cynthia Liu at K-12 News Network isn’t pleased with what she sees and isn’t letting President Obama and his Race to the Top program off the hook....more
BlogHer it takes more than one person to cause a problem, its a breakdown that has been a long ...more

I Confess: I'm Prejudiced (And Ashamed of It)

I was at the grocery store one day and got in line behind a woman I recognized as the mom of a girl in my son’s kindergarten class. She had a pile of produce in front of her, and the cashier was holding a few Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) checks, which I realized are food stamps. The cashier told me to go to another check stand, because “this is gonna take awhile.”...more
@in_mandyland I agree.  Thank you for the documentary recommendation.  I'll look for it.more

Mammon loves Chiquita Bananas

Have you noticed that the richer you are, the fewer consequences you have to face as a result of your shenanigans, no matter HOW egregious those shenanigans were? Wall Street tanked the economy -- yet no one is in jail. Banks pulled up dodgy paperwork, scammed people into bad mortgages, and foreclosed illegally on homes -- yet no one is in jail. They aren’t even going to pay significant fines. Hell, the federal government has saved all their asses with ginormous low-interest loans.It makes me sick....more