Vagenda Asks: Can We Take the Sexism Out of Headlines?

What would the world look like if headlines in tabloids stopped being critical and cruel and started reflecting the photos of women that they accompany? On Monday, the editors at Vagenda Magazine asked their readers to pitch in in the headline-editing effort. ...more
"Vagenda" complains about sexist headlines.  "Vagenda" ... the irony is delicious.more

Check Out These Photos of #WhyWeNeedDiverseBooks

What does it look like when people take to Twitter to show the organizers of BookCon, the main trade show for U.S. booksellers, that readers DO want diverse books? Well, like this: That sound you just heard was @oaklibrary dropping the mic. Look at those beautiful children.
Thank you for the roundup! There are such fantastic messages being shared, and I'm thankful for ...more


 As we all know in recent news, The L.A. Clippers owner really stuck his foot in his mouth. He was caught on tape saying some very disparging remarks about African Americans or Blacks ( depending on where you are from as to what is the proper term). I have to say Mr. Sterling has been in trouble before but finally something was done. I have heard a lot of opinions and most on both sides have agreed to the punishment he has been given My thing is, why are we still dealing with racism in 2014. Why do people still judge, discriminate and just treat others poorly?...more

Live Below the Line: Wrap-up of Almost Five Days on $1.50 of Food per Day

By the end of day four, I was irrationally angry, basically terrorizing my family, especially my six-year-old son....more
Thank you for your comments.  I was aware and felt uncomfortable about the fact that I was doing ...more

Let’s talk about the color of hockey

I'm going to be blunt. I don't watch basketball. I was turned off after the low speed bronco chase that OJ Simpson started killed my Knicks game. BEST GAME EVER..and whammo. Let's just watch OJ drive a bronco.  Way to kill the sport. ANNND my game. But I digress. This week, basketball became front and center in my Facebook, Twitter and Hockey feeds. wait-my HOCKEY feed? Yes. Because what Clippers owner  Donald Sterling said inspired an LA Times writer to make a statement that rocked me to the core, as well as an entire world of hockey lovers....more

NBA Bans Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life Over Racist Comments

Editor's Note: On Tuesday, April 29, the NBA banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million for the racist words believed to be by him on tapes released on the Internet last Saturday. -- Julie Four Great Posts About Clippers Owner Donald Sterling and Racism ...more
When I think of  those chlidren drowning from a capsized boat, the girls kidnapped in Nigeria, ...more

Popes & Saints

Popes & SaintsWe ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can; and to fly away is to become like God, as far as this is possible; and to become like him is to become holy, just, and wise.  ~ Plato...more

Dear Time Magazine....

I notice on the cover of your "100 Most Influencial People" issue set for next month, you mention some pretty educated, powerful people; Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton to name a few. These leaders, whether we're for them or against them, there is no denying these individuals are educated, intelligent and have earned their mark in world history....more

Paging Boy Scouts of America!...Please Report to the 21st Century!

So I was more than a little taken aback by the fact that yet another Boy Scouts of America Charter was revoked as reported CNN several days ago.  This time it was a church out of Seattle and (good for them!) they refused to fire their pack's gay scoutmaster.  This scoutmaster, by the way, was a 49-year-old decorated Eagle Scout ...more
Do you have a blog address or FB page or anything? I like this story and would love to see more ...more

Why 'Games for Women' Has Given Me Rage Face

I grew up with video games.  My family wasn't wealthy, but my two older brothers and I saved our pennies and my father agreed to pitch in so we could buy our first gaming system: a TI-99/4A.  Image Credit: Quagmire's Photos via Flickr I played Parsec, Hunt the Wumpus, and Alpiner with the best of them. As time passed, we continued to save our pennies so we could upgrade our game systems and purchase more games. ...more
Candy crush is really a interesting gamemore