A Tale of Two Cosbys: The Problematic Dichotomy of America's Favorite TV Dad

Doctor of Education. Rapist. Emmy and Grammy winning performer who was the First African American to star in a weekly dramatic TV series. Liar. Loving Husband and devoted father. Miserable wretch. Pioneer in profanity-free, race-free stand up comedy. Judgmental hypocrite. Creative genius behind TV Guide's Best Cartoon of the 70s and 12th Greatest Cartoon Character of All Times. Unapologetic, arrogant jerk. ...more
No, genius doesn't have to be balanced with something, especially insanity. The research has ...more

#NoShameDay: Today, I Explained My Bipolar to my Kids

Today is No Shame Day, a day of remembrance, solidarity and support for those we've lost to suicide and those who continue to struggle. If you've read me for more than a month, then you know that I have bipolar II disorder and that I am open and honest about what I go through every day to stay on this side....more

An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

 Dear Ted Cruz,...more
antiobamunist Okay, I'm an educator by trade, so I can't NOT address the staggering amount of ...more


VIALast nights World Cup game was amazing.  The wo...more

Happy July 4th! Here are some flatworm penises!

In keeping with my traditional posting of a weird animal dong to celebrate the 4th of July, let us discuss the flatworm’s meatstick. Well, actually the faltworm doesn’t have a meatstick so much as it has a hypodermic needle-dick … which it uses to inject sperm into it’s own head to self-fertilize when needs be. According to the study (done by Swiss zoologists because why not?): ...more

Happy 4th July to all my Authors and Readers Worldwide

Happy 4th July to all my Authors and Readers Worldwidehttp://bookread-mumswritings.blogspot.com/2015/07/happy-4th-july-to-all-... Reviews and interviews at Book Readershttp://bookread-mumswritings.blogspot.com/ ...more

Baby, You Are A Firework


The 14th

As our great nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day, and with the events of the past few weeks, I find it an appropriate time to remind my dear readers of the 14th Amendment and the protections of rights offered therein....more

My Fourth of July is no celebration

My son is almost 6 years old and way, way too many times throughout the course of his life, I have found myself being forced to ask “What do I tell my black son?”The headlines are undeniable: Another shooting of an unarmed black ____   (you fill in the blank: teen, girl, man, child). Black kids can’t swim at a pool, listen to music, walk home, sleep in their beds, or play at a park. Their parents can’t cheer at a graduation, sell a single cigarette, ask for help after a car accident, or attend bible study without fear of losing their lives....more
Frightening how words written more sixty years ago can still hold true. Write on. Keep doing ...more

#WhoIsBurningBlackChurches: Black Twitter Demands Answers

Since the murderous acts of terror (which left nine Black people dead) at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina two weeks ago, six Black churches in the South have burned....more