Baseball, Apple Pie and Race-Based Terrorism

It’s beyond perplexing and infuriating how the Republicans, from Nikki Haley to Rick Santorum, are blaming religious intolerance for the senseless, premeditated, White Supremacy inspired massacre of 9 African Americans holding Bible study at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on the eve of Juneteenth. Equally disheartening is how the Democrats from POTUS to Hilary Clinton blame gun control and mental illness. (POTUS came close but still danced around the real issue on the table.)...more

America Is Playing Russian Roulette With Black Lives

I have been carrying a lot of anger lately. My anger has been building up because there has not been any time for me to recover. These past few weeks, months, years, decades – centuries – have been spiritually exhausting and mentally taxing. But I have to give it to my people, for us to be so resilient and calm in the midst of our holocaust and attack of our characters is amazing to me. We should be ordained as saints for being such a shining example of patience and class in the face of this beastly society....more

I Blamed My White Husband For The Charleston Shooting

Like most of us, Wednesday night's tragedy in Charleston, SC has me beyond upset. I'm sure there have been and will be innumerable articles and posts written about how this shooting impacts us as black people and as society, so I won't add to the list. But I can write about how it has impacted me. ...more
What a beautifully open, honest, and vulnerable post.  Such raw honesty goes a long way in ...more

America Is Not Safe

Wake up, America. Terrorism doesn’t come from a faceless person overseas, it’s coming from your neighbor here, in America....more
As a black woman, I know exactly how you feel. I am surprised to see that people of other races ...more

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Suicide Rates of Teen Girls?

Most of us don't understand why suicide is a leading killer of teen girls....more

In Praise of Tywanza Sanders

The name of monster who murdered nine people because they were black has been shown repeatedly around the internet. It should be. He should be looked at as a terrorist and reviled as one. However, I would like it if a different name sprang to mind in connection with the Charleston Massacre, because heroism and decency should be honored. That name is Tywanza Sanders....more

Intersectionality Means They Can Discriminate Against You for More Than One Reason

Intersectionality illustrates how one person can experience several modes of discrimination at one time. For example: You could be a woman and a person of color from a lower socioeconomic status and with a history of mental health issues. You might be a male, Hispanic, just learning English, and in your late 50s. Each of these factors adds up to complex, multiple social reactions to who you are and how you can be discriminated against across more than one front....more
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A Baby Died in an American City

A baby died this week after a police officer diligently performed CPR in a frantic attempt to save her life. According to initial reports, the baby had ingested lethal illegal drugs. No one recorded the officer’s heroic measures or sent a video to the media. When the baby died, the officer wept. Angel of Grief, Image Credit: Cathy Baird, via Flickr...more

We have to give our black girls 'the talk'- and it's not about sex: my essay on the horrifying McKinney, Texas, injustice

The visceral and nauseating reaction I had to the videos showing what happened to some black boys and really girls down in Texas was rooted in my own lifelong unfair and discriminatory experiences, cultural memory of my black American ancestors’ experiences of U.S. domestic violence against them, and sensitivity to all women daily vulnerable to lowered standards of male behavior toward us....more

The Charleston Church Massacre and Our 'White Problem'

Wednesday night around 8pm, a White male identified as 21-year-old Dylann Roof walked into the historic Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. He came there with a loaded gun and at least five rounds of ammunition. As the twelve Black men, women, and children who were present in that church prayed and invited this man into their Bible study session for the evening, he contemplated their deaths. He thought about what he would say as he killed them....more
I was also raised in an area of prejudice...not as much for blacks but for native americans. But ...more