Logo of the Unknown Soldier

Today is Veteran’s Day…a day of remembrance, reflection and gratitude to the men and women who bravely fought for the freedom of our country.Google paid tribute to by transforming their distinguished logo as tribute to Veterans.  But look closely… Who is standing front and center saluting our country?  A woman....more

Remembrance and Gratitude

November 11 is a day for reflection and gratitude.As humans, we aim to be honourable and virtuous while hoping that the challenges to which we are called will be surmountable.  As parents, we raise our children to stand up for what is right but pray that this will never require them to lay down their lives....more

A Veteran's Story

At the end of the workday yesterday, my coworkers and I had a brief conversation about Veterans Day.  Actually, it was barely a conversation and more, "Oh, Veterans Day is tomorrow.  Why don’t we have off for that?"I told everyone that my father was in Vietnam, and got the same reaction I often do when I tell people this:  "Wow, really????"So of course I HAD to show them this photo (one of my faves):...more

The Enormous Stress of Balancing Work and Family ... and Race

How do race and ethnicity factor into our experiences as women balancing jobs, children, bills, and aging parents? Different employment patterns, caregiving expectations, and job discrimination can factor into experiences with juggling career and family for women of color. Last month, the Center for American Progress (CAP) held a discussion about the added hurdles women of color face while balancing career and family—and it was a fascinating conversation. ...more
jarviscstewart Yep and I wish somebody would tell me these women are not "leaning in".more

Our Veterans Fought For Our Right To Fight Injustice and Be Free

When I think of Remembrance Day, I think of my grandfather, Myles. Myles, who is 88 years old, served for Canada and the U.S. during the Second World War, like many other men and women who were his contemporaries. My other grandfather, William, who passed away in his early 60s, also served in the Merchant Navy in Britain, fighting alongside the Royal Navy and Airforce. And while war seems like a lifetime ago, the fact of the matter is, I have a veteran younger than I am in my family. War is a constant – but the sacrifices that these men and women made live on....more

A time to Evoke, as well as Remember (#NaBloPoMo Day 11)

Today, we honor and remember those who dared to face the horrors of war on our behalf.  Too many have paid too high of a cost in the war one hundred years ago that was to end all wars and yet so many since then have done the same and continue to do so.Canada's National War Memorial in Ottawa...more

When Did Vietnam Veterans Become Heroes?

Vietnam veterans weren't heroes when they came home. When you hear one say that his homecoming was disappointing, that he might have even gotten a hostile reception, he's not exaggerating. That's how it was. I know....more

She's A Veteran, Too

Veteran's Day is when we take time to remember and honor our veterans who have sacrificed and served to protect the freedoms many of us take for granted. For most people, veterans are the men of our nation who have served and fought bravely. I want you to remember that men are not the only ones that have served. Women, like myself, also are veterans of our nation....more
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