Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
CaramelRell *sits my son down for a talk* -Momomore

She Shoots, She Scores and Now Becky Hammon Coaches in an NBA First

Does anybody know where can I grow some balls like Becky Hammon did?! She's a WNBA star and she just became the NBA's first woman full-time assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, that means SHE'S GETTING PAID!! This is a "You Go Girl!" moment if there ever was one. This is a big step for the NBA and for women. ...more
skyekilaen Also, we must tell why it's Betty White Approved!;) however we can! BlogHer ...more

It's Such A Bummer About Body Hair

"If you don't shave your armpits," she beamed, "it gets all wavy like a man's."We all turned to the back of the room and laughed at the strangeness of our classmate's statement. We'd been getting A Talk about personal hygiene - specifically, how to not smell awful after our eighth grade PE class. Mrs. Loo had just finished extolling the virtues of baby powder. Walking the Razor's Edge, Image Credit: JD Hancock via Flickr...more
I've always thought of body hair as a personal thing, not a political statement or an expression ...more

A Real 30-Something Response to Huff Post’s “25 Things a Woman Should Have by Her 30’s.”

As a woman in her thirties often does, I was perusing the blogs over my morning cup of espresso when I came across an article written by Ada Polla for the Huffington Post, titled “25 Things a Woman Should Have by Her 30’s.” For obvious reasons, I was intrigued and read on....more

Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
CaramelRell *sits my son down for a talk* -Momomore

Thank you Mo-Ne Davis or why not every little girl wants to be a princess and that's okay.

My daughter, Moira is not a princess.She is not into pink. She does not like dresses.  She prefers sports, jerseys, and cleats to ballet, tutus and party shoes.  She is a sporty girl.  ...more
I couldn't help but smile as I read your post, it reminds me of a similar post I ...more

Birth Reflections

Twitter: @janniaragonBlog: ...more

Who Is Smarter in Your Marriage?

My husband and I have different educational backgrounds. I really enjoyed all my years of school, made excellent grades and went off to complete college in less than four years. My husband's experience was different , as he doesn't have many fond memories of classes....more
I want to add that years of schooling don't necessarily mean smarter. Sometimes you can have ...more

When did affliction become criteria for helping others?

Life isn't fair. At least that's what most of us are told when we have to go through difficulty or issues within our lives.  Most of us use our life experience, mostly bad experiences, and turn them around to attempt to help someone else by sharing our experiences.  However, when did being afflicted with a disease, being homeless at some point, being in jail, or on drugs become A-1 criteria for being able to give back and be respected?...more

The Day True Feminism Died

The other day while on Facebook, I came across a post about Feminism and how Some women today are rejecting the feminist movement, and I must say, I was baffled. Baffled because the entire reason for the movement in the first place is being totally overlooked in 2014!...more

3 Reasons Why Always' New #LikeAGirl Ad is Totally Hypocritical

Okay, I’ll admit it. When I first saw Always’ new #LikeAGirl ad, I was impressed. It has such a great message about women’s empowerment and taking back the idea of what it means to do things “like a girl”: strong, determined, smart, and formidable.And then I got angry. Because this is an incredibly hypocritical message coming from Always. Here’s why.1. Always keeps ingredients secret....more
Wow!  I had no idea Always used these awful chemicals.  And to ignore their customers?  That's ...more

50 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist

I was asked pretty recently why I’m a feminist, and, while I was staring at the asker in confusion (because shouldn’t it be obvious?), the question was immediately followed by “I mean, women can vote and shit, isn’t the whole equal rights thing sorta handled?”...more