Surprising Statistics That Prove Family Leave Is Broken in the United States

In 2002, I had my first baby. Fortunately, I lived in California, which had just enacted its family leave fund. For the first weeks of maternity leave, I received a stipend, which really helped us as a young family starting out. And it didn't cost taxpayers a cent. Under the California program, employees can choose to deduct a small amount from their paychecks each month, in a model similar to Social Security. It goes to fund a stipend you can use if you need to take extended leave to care for a family member, such a new baby or even a sick parent. ...more
BlogHer It's only surprising if you think corporations care about workers.more

Do Colleges Support the Satya Nadella Effect?

As my kids prepare for college, I wonder about the role of universities play in gender disparities in the workplace....more

One Woman's Quest for Paternity Leave (Yes), Told in GIFs

If you know me in real life, you know where I work. If you don't know me in real life, let's just say I work at a fairly liberal university in the very liberal state of Massachusetts. Perhaps this is why I was naive enough to think I'd have no problem qualifying to take some leave time after the baby is born. It turned out to be a little more complicated than I had expected. Then again, what else is new?...more
Oh good ol' HR... glad it worked out though!  The GIFs were hilarious!more

Five Things Young Women Need to Know about Life before Roe v. Wade

 Tomorrow night I am going to the campus of the small state university where, as a sophomore 47 years ago, I discovered that I was pregnant and agreed reluctantly to have an illegal and unsafe abortion, the effects of which hung on me for years like a wretched, filthy grey sweater....more

A Response to the Utah State University's Lack of Protection for Anita Sarkeesian

Earlier this month Anita Sarkeesian was to speak at Utah State University about misogyny in gaming. This resulted in an email being sent out to several faculty members at the university stating that there was going to be a shooting if she was to speak. Anita Sarkeesian, like any sane person, asked the university to provide her with security. The university replied, saying that because Utah is a concealed carry state, could not provided added security because it is the citizens right to carry a firearm as long as they have a license....more

Country Girls Fight Misogyny: A Reaction the Girl in A Country Song by Maddie & Tae

Maddie & Tae are not your typical blonde southern belles. These two girls are giving "bro country" a run for its money. Their debut song critizes the "bro country"'s views on women. These country gentlemen are getting called out for being misogynist and sexually objectiving women in all of their songs and music videos....more

A "Friendly" Take on Self-Respect

Every group of friends has its own set of dynamics and quirks, and my four college girlfriends and I are no exception. Over the years our “Fab 5” has seen its share of tumultuous passive-aggression, petty bickering, and an assortment of heated arguments which miraculously fall just short of hair-pulling. We’ve all had it out with each other at some point, but despite the circumstances or gravity of the dispute, we always manage to reconcile and move forward....more

She Went for Her Dreams

I've had the honor of walking this journey with Ariane Hunter, a beautiful soul and fellow B-School Babe (with an MBA from Dowling College), who is passionate about helping women to be their best selves. Ariane is a deeply spiritual and intuitive career coach - but I believe her true gift is her eye for capturing intimate moments....more

Not Your Average PowderPuffs

There's a longstanding joke amongst my friends that I'm the President of The Mob Society - Mothers Of Boys.I have three. Ten, eight, and not-quite-two, they all have two speeds, a hundred miles an hour and full stop when they crash....more

Real Humans Commit Atrocities

The Reflex of Deference: What Keeps Male Privilege Going

Deference is the wee tiny rock that women carry in their pockets, the signal to tell them to get out of the way, sit down and be quiet, but who put that rock there?...more

Steve Vaillancourt: Way to keep it professional

Sen. Steve Vaillancourt has reminded us once more of the heavy gender bias present in politics. The relevance of whether or not he was joking is diminished by the open frankness of these statements. Not only does he knock on women, but apparently felt the need to include the trans community for comparison. What do you think of Vaillancourt's opinions? What do you think of the objectification of women in the political landscape in general?...more