I Like Being a Single-And-Not-Looking Mom

I'm a single mother. You would think that if anyone could avoid holding stereotypes about single moms, it would be me. Nonetheless, when I hear the term "single mom" thrown around as shorthand by politicians or journalists, I follow them right to the stereotypes they're abusing....more
Great post Sadia! I totally agree that the term "single mother" automatically makes you think of ...more

Meet the 7 Ad Companies Who Are Changing Our Culture

Meet the 7 Ad Companies Who Are Changing Our Culture: The 2015 #Femvertising Award Winners! "You actually can challenge gender norms through advertising. You can actually sell products by promoting good ideas."—Samantha Skey, SheKnows ...more

The #BlackLivesMatter Cofounder Keynote: Why It's More Vital Than Ever

In a crowded ballroom hotel in New York, Essence Editor-in-Chief Vanessa De Luca asked #BlackLivesMatter co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi about Sandra Bland—a black woman who was arrested last Friday and found dead in her cell days later. ...more
"...the reality is that anti-black violence is killing our people..." And the majority is at ...more

SheKnows Media and PRI Prove Journalism About Women's Lives Is a Good Publishing Model

I'm excited to announce that #womenslives, a social news incubator by Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media, BlogHer's parent company, has confirmed that: ...more
I am inspired reading this article. As a journalist from the Philippines prior to to my ...more

Amy Schumer, Satire, and the Appeal of 'Trainwreck'

As I’ve mentioned here before, it’s a rare occurrence these days that I get excited about a movie. ...more
Cool! Glad to hear that. I confess I haven't seen it yet (something came up Friday night) but ...more

It's Time to Believe Bill Cosby's Accusers

In a 2005 deposition in which Bill Cosby gave sworn testimony, he admitted that he obtained “Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with” and admitted to giving them to at least one woman “and some others”....more
May I ask why 47 women saying nearly the same thing isn't enough for you?more

See Planned Parenthood Top Doctor Talk Fetal Tissue Harvest and Sale over Lunch

The video below is not for the faint of heart--although it contains no graphic images. But there's something stomach-turning in watching a doctor discuss the sale of fetal body parts over lunch as she takes bites of her salad and sips her red wine.https://youtu.be/jjxwVuozMnUI couldn't help thinking about this scene from The Return of the King showing Denethor, Steward of Gondor, munching away as his son goes to fight to his (almost) death at this father's command.https://youtu.be/MxsA6lMg_dg...more

Why I Could Not Believe That New York Held a Parade For Women's World Cup Winners

On Friday, New York City held a ticker-tape parade in lower Manhattan’s Canyon of Heroes to honor the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team for winning the World Cup. It was the first time this honor was bestowed on a female team of athletes, and was a breakthrough moment for women in sports. I consider myself a feminist, but despite the wide media coverage of the parade and the tens of thousands of people who attended, it took me two days to fully believe that it had happened. ...more
This team has taken women's sports to another level. It's been very refreshing to watch men ...more

Why I'm Absolutely, 100% for Hillary Clinton

I've been watching as former Hillary supporters fall deeper and deeper in love with Bernie Sanders. Every day, there are new Bernie Sanders memes on Facebook, one friend after another sharing the latest capsule summary of his great ideas. Unlike other 'five things you need to know to live your life better every day' lists, the Bernie Sanders' lists have all my favorite things with proper spelling and syntax....more
I'm a woman, but Hillary doesn't look like me...... Her years with Bill have certainly shown on ...more