The Kindergarten Defense

A few days ago something happened that made me laugh and gasp all in the same breath. A kindergarten-teacher in Ankeny, Iowa got arrested at school for being drunk. According to the reports, a parent helping with the Valentine’s Day hoopla saw her with a can of beer. She was removed from the classroom and given a breathalyzer by police. Upon searching her classroom a bag with 2 empty beer cans and 4 full cans were found....more

#AAPIVoices: How Bloggers Stood Up to Rock the Boat

The new ABC show Fresh Off The Boat was one of the top five most tweeted TV programs last week. Besides sparking conversation about the show itself&dmash;the first sitcom with an Asian American cast in 20 years—it's also set off a lot of discussion about how the Asian American experience is still relatively unknown in the mainstream parent blogging community. ...more
What a great post!more

The ADD Writer

 I don't know if I am truly ADD or not but I sure do feel like it lately. I have so many ideas rolling around in my heard for potential future writing projects that I usually put one on hold and start another, and then put that one on hold and start another, etc., etc.  Am I alone in this weird ADD writing world?!  I hope not....more

Adjusting the frequency: Women on the airwaves

As World Radio Day is observed globally, we highlight how UN Women and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters are raising awareness of critical issues through a series of co-productions for the Beijing+20 anniversary. ...more

"There's no place like Homophobia"-Jon Stewart

“What is the fear of the ‘gay agenda’ that has so upset people? Do people think that if gay people are given a place at the table, they’ll be so convincing we’ll all end up blowing them? What is the issue? ‘You know, I’m straight, but you’ve made such a convincing argument… ’...more

Feminista Jones on Re-Creating an Icon in the Stunning ELLE Photoshoot, #WeAreBlackHistory

BlogHer Editor Feminista Jones and blogger Christina Brown joined a group of brilliant and gorgeous women to pose as civil rights activists and culture leaders in a photoshoot for ELLE called "#WeAreBlackHistory." ...more
I love this, though I'm struck at how the original photos showed these women in their natural ...more

I found the American Dream

How many times have you ever heard someone say, in general- “Get a job Or Get a real job.” in spite of what you do, because they don’t see the earning potential for what it is that you do. Or they really don’t know or understand exactly what it is that you do. Let’s just talk about the ones who don’t have a job. They hear it all the time. “You should get a job, there are jobs out there, and you can’t be choosy”...more

My Farewell to Jon Stewart

Last year in 2014, comedy, fake news, and the shrinking communal voice of reason lost a great hero from television when Stephen Colbert retired from his show The Colbert Report.    ...more

ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat Was Groundbreaking For Me (But Not For My Kids)

 Did you catch the premiere of the first television show about an Asian American family since All American Girl was cancelled twenty years ago?...more
Grace Hwang Lynch It was definitely painful but very realistic. I have been called "chink" and ...more