Why You Should Guest Blog, Part I

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The Unsung Heroes of the Crash Landing in San Francisco

[Editor's Note: On Monday, more details about the heroic efforts of Asiana flight attendants Lee Yoon-Hye and Jiyeon Kim were been reported by several major news outlets. --Grace]...more
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7 Things the Founding Fathers can Teach You about Writing

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Commissioned to Govern

If you are familiar with church, then you are likely familiar with this phrase: “Go ye into all the world…” It is the beginning of the Great Commission as recorded in Mark’s Gospel. And you are also probably familiar with Matthew’s version which reads:...more

Caloric Content of Muffins Outweighs Gruesome Texas Showdown in State Senate

At 11:30 p.m. last night, eastern time, I sat hunched over my desk, a glass of wine at the ready, readying manuscripts to send to magazine editors. I nearly jumped out of my chair when the shrill sounds of a woman with a "parlimentary inquiry" blasted over my computer speakers.I'd totally forgotten about the Texas filibuster! Not because I wasn't interested, but because news outlets apparently couldn't care less about the veritable circus going on within the chambers. No one was saying anything....more

The VICE Fashion Spread Brouhaha and Apology: Too Little, Too Late?

On Monday, June 17th, the VICE magazine website published a fashion spread inspired by the suicides of noteworthy female authors. Entitled “Last Words,” the photoessay depicted models dressed in designer clothing reenacting the deaths of writers including Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and Iris Chang. Included in the brief description accompanying each photo were not only the name, age of when the author when she died -- and also the designers of the clothing and accessories featured in the photos....more
This is appalling - clearly these people have never known someone who has committed suicide or ...more

Netroots Nation: When all the Progressive Bloggers Came to My Hometown

Thousands of the most well-known liberal bloggers are gathered in my hometown of San Jose, California this week for Netroots Nation, and I’m floating around the McEnery Convention Center to find out what’s going on. It’s not just the Silicon Valley venue that feels familiar to me, but all the faces in the crowd that I’ve seen before at BlogHer conferences or at the 2012 Democratic National Convention....more

Do Your Research

During the course of teaching last school year I planned and taught a lesson to my students about the importance of recognizing media bias and getting news from a variety of reputable news sources. As anyone who is on any form of social media knows not everyone has learned this lesson because we all have that friend or those several friends who are reposting every single conspiracy theory or scandal that they come across. This annoys me to no end, and often times I want to point out the fallacy in their logic....more

"Devious Maids" is Good, But Here's How It Could Be Better

Have you seen Eva Longoria's new Lifetime show Devious Maids? I haven't had a chance to check it out myself, but have been hearing a lot of buzz about it, especially since it portrays a predominantly Latina cast as housekeepers. So I was REALLY interested when I found out that Kathy Cano-Murillo had written a review of the pilot over at Crafty Chica....more
My friend just mentioned this show the other day! I'm not much of a t.v. watcher, but I think ...more