Throwback Thursday – The TV Tells Us What to Weigh

I thought it would be fun to share some of my articles and writing from my college days. During undergrad, I was a Communications major with a focus in Journalism and Writing. Needless to say, I have an arsenal of articles and various pieces that I had to write for classes. I also wrote plenty for our college newspaper, The Voice, where I was an editor....more

Our Private Worlds

Each and all of us have private places in our lives that we really don't want to share with anyone. Spaces where we store our secrets....more


This week I restarted a blog post highlight or promoting other people. Why? Why would I take the precious commodity of my voice and lend it to other people? What value does promoting someone else provide me? Is typing up five questions tax deductible? Well, the short answer is that by promoting others you would gain more audience by promoting that person. The other answer is that the person whom you are promoting is paying you. The final answer is because you want to promote that person. ...more

France, Vous Êtes Une Hypocrite: Free Speech in a Culture of Hypocrisy

 Title translation: France–You Are A Hypocrite.   Here’s why.  ...more

Pristine White Gloves and a Happily Ever After

So what exactly was it about the White Gloves that sparked a whole new Twitter Account - not to mention the mountain of fashion police-esque controversy?...more

Looking for a few good books

My son's school is having a book fair this week. Of course, we will go. I have fond memories of school book fairs when I was little, and they haven't changed much. You look through the catalog, go through the tables at the fair, buy your books and stay up late over the weekend reading them all so you could trade books with friends the next week at school....more

I Am Charlie Hebdo... Or Maybe I'm Ahmed Merabet

On January 7th, 2015 the world froze in terror as reports of the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris came to light. Three gunmen, enraged at the satirical magazine's various depictions of Islam in their publications, took their revenge and murdered twelve people. In the days since the world has spoken from either side of the controversy. For many, this killing was not only an attack on innocent people but an attack on freedom of speech and journalism as a whole....more
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The Women Who Write: Caitlin Stower

Caitlin Stower is a 20-year-old writer who loves celebrity culture and is already published online thanks to her position as assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Mamamia...more

Why I Was So Disappointed With The Ending of 'Serial'

I like things neat. I like things to have clean conclusions. The ending doesn't have to be positive or even what I want as an ending, but I do prefer there not to be any lingering questions. After listening to the last episode of season one of the Serial podcast, though, lingering questions may be all I'll ever have. ...more
I love radio and I used to listen CBS radio Mystery theater when I was growing up in the 1970's. ...more

2014 Women of the Year

Another 365 days has gone by! 2014 proved to be a year in which our online selves became increasingly merged with our offline lives, whether it was in the radical act of posting selfies, in binge-watching TV or streaming podcasts, or in determining what we read or how we teach our children. The common thread that connects many of the notable women of the past year is how they used their Internet lives as an extension of their work, whether they are entertainers, activists, or athletes. ...more
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