A Writer asks a Famous Writer to Stop Writing Because–Why Again?

Every writer is jealous of other writers.  Whether it’s fame or fortune or talent, we can’t help but snivel a little when they become Them and we’re still just us....more

Five Unbearable Internet Facts That Will Make You Headdesk for the Rest of Your Life

Guys, what are we doing? What is it in our nature that compels us to click on stupid headlines? We already know that whatever that content is, it's not "earth-shattering", it won't "blow our minds" and it probably won't even "melt our hearts". It's very unlikely anything we can read from these aggregates will make us hate humanity, we probably will actually be able to believe it, and you know, the danger probably isn't really in our own home. So, why do we click? Why are we allowing click bait to be a thing? For this, I have no answer....more

In Defense of Donald Miller

Getty ImagesI don’t know Donald Miller and I don’t tweet often, but a few days ago I happened to have Twitter open just when Miller, one of my all-time favorite authors, tweeted this:...more

Tools for education I think everybody should start using right now

When used irresponsibly, technology can really be a distraction for students in class. They are inseparable from their smartphones and tablets, so they don’t pay enough attention to the lessons. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Educators can use the affection students have towards technology in order to advance their teaching methods and make them more interesting for today’s young people....more

Shows like Being Mary Jane, Scandal and the Real Housewives of Atlanta are destroying the image of black women

Before I state my claim, let me just qualify some things for all the followers and naysayers who are diehard fans of these shows. First, I have seen each one of these shows. Followed all of them, season after season until recently. Know the internal fabric of every storyline. Understand completely that these are, ‘in fact’, television shows, and despite the titles, are not reality. And lastly, anyone who proclaims this is merely entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously are themselves part of the problem that drives this impassioned blogpost....more
I agree wholeheartedly!more

Feeling Beautiful in a "Too" Society

If you watch TV, chances are you've seen or at least heard of the show "The Biggest Loser." The reality TV show features individuals competing to lose massive amounts of weight. The winner walks away much thinner and also much richer....more

Amy Chua’s 'Triple Package' is Tiger Mother Meets Horatio Alger, With a Side of Grit

Amy Chua’s new The Triple Package seems to build upon the same “Chinese are superior” motto as Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother -- but it's actually more inflammatory and much less compelling than her last book. ...more
She's another one of those people who were born on third base but thinks that she hit a ...more

Tom Junod’s Cruel Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

The shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman of a drug overdose has understandably sent many scrambling to make sense of yet another artist falling to addiction.  Esquire Magazine’s Tom Junod has waded into treacherous waters in his attempt at trib...more

America the Bigoted

I am not a patriot by normal standards, but it would be a lie to proclaim that my heartstrings were not strummed by Coca-Cola's Superbowl ad. It spoke to my sense of togetherness and harmony. It was an advertisement, meant to sell a product, but it was one that brought a tear to my eye....more
GatheringRoses   I think it is fair to say people were outraged. It certainly could have come ...more

Beyonce is now a University Course? Yep! #MakingBlackGirlHistoryNOW

Politicizing BeyonceMost of us learn about Beyonce through the blogs, news and via her own music. But Beyonce is clearly on the upgrade and making Black History of her own....more
I'm a bit disturbed, as there is in my opinion only one similiarity to Beyonce and Nikki ...more