A Fast and Furious, fiery death for Paul Walker

By: Denise N. Fyffe.Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe...more

The Pilgrims Wore Black and Other Tall Tales

I was taught that the Pilgrims were the first American colonists who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Pfft! The first colonists arrived in America waaaay before that. Be prepared. This is not the warm and fuzzy story we learned in school. ...more

GoldieBlox is Making Toys to Turn Girls Into Engineers

I think this is what it must have felt like to watch the first moon landing or the first television broadcast...I just found out about GoldieBlox, a company whose slogan is "Disrupting the pink aisle." What I am about to write makes it sound like I am part of the GoldieBlox marketing team: I have no connections to GoldieBlox whatsoever, I am just a woman blown away by the idea that there is a commercial I would be excited to show my daughters. ...more
SunbonnetSmart.com I don't think this toy is for everyone.  Certainly it wouldn't have been for ...more

Is GoldieBlox Just Another Case of Pink-Washed Marketing to Girls?

The GoldieBlox YouTube video featuring three girls building a Rube Goldberg machine has gone viral -- but not without criticism. Yes, the clip shows the trio putting their girlie teapots and doll houses to use as parts in an engineering project (set to a kid-rendition of the Beastie Boys' old tune Girls) But, the video is still a commercial, and beyond the catchy two-minute clip, people are starting to question what GoldieBlox is selling. ...more
DO NOT BUY THIS TOY!!! I will be returning the one I purchased.  Here is the letter I emailed ...more

The Day I Heard That President Kennedy Was Shot

It was a nice November day, and the playground at my elementary school was filled with the sounds of rambunctious children set free.  My friend Susie came over to me.  I was swinging.“The President got shot,” she said.“No, he didn’t,” I answered, very sure of myself.  “That can’t happen.”...more
Hard to believe it was 50 years today... I was 11 and working in the office at school (sitting ...more

Are Mommy Bloggers Real Writers?

So I’m in the process of writing my own book. It’s about the decade of my life where my grandmother and I wrote letters each week to each other. It’s an extremely personal and emotional book to write and I am now at the point where I’m putting together the book proposal. I recently contacted a copy editor to look at the proposal to review it for edits. She replied, “Hey, wait, aren’t you one of those mommy bloggers? You know how to write too?” Gloves on. Yes, I’m a mommy. Yes, I’m a blogger. But I ain’t no one trick pony. ...more
I admire your restraint with your reply :) Yes we are all very talented people and being put ...more

USA Today's 'Race-Themed' Movie Headline Fail

USA Today found itself in the embarrassing position of being the news story, after the paper caught criticism for its headline about "race-themed films". What's the problem with that? For starters, the article isn't about a plethora of box-office hits about different races, but mainly a story about the movie The Best Man Holiday, which isn't a film that explores race, so much as a romantic comedy or family holiday movie....more
I think the USA Today article was the dumbest comment I ever heard.  That person should be fired ...more

The Full Moon, Food and Spirituality and You

Each week I do a radio/webcast show, right now they are split up, one on Astrology, the other on Food. When I was pitching this idea to my partner she immediately jumped on board, she brought her immense talents, enthusiasm and expertise and launched the programs alongside and continues on as Executive Producer.  What she immediately knew was this - this show - about two seemingly very different subjects was exactly the road that I should travel, and that road, we will pave together....more

People Like Richard Cohen Make Me Want to Barf

Making the rounds on my Facebook timeline today is a story about how biracial families make Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen “want to puke.” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's inauguration, January 1, 2010, Image Credit: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, via Flickr...more
Grace Hwang LynchGrace, except for the fact that he is such a weasel, that statement would ...more