Sharp increase of women voters in Pakistan’s recent elections

Songs, TV commercials and dramas, coupled with voter education and community awareness-raising encouraged an historic 15 million Pakistani women to vote in Pakistan’s recent general elections. ...more

Poll: Do You Have Friends of a Different Race?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reports that many Americans have no friends of a race other than their own. It’s not that surprising, given the dramatically different ways people have reacted to recent events such as the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, or even last week’s Twitter trend #solidarityisforwhitewomen. ...more
Well, I was born in San Francisco, and I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life.  I think that ...more

Solidarity Is for White Women Takes Over Twitter

In case you weren’t on Twitter Monday night, you might have missed a big discussion about feminism and race, with the trending hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen. Started by Mikki Kendall, who tweets under the handle @Karnythia, the hours-long stream shed light on the concerns of women of color that are rarely included in mainstream discussions of feminism. ...more
@BrownMommys I noticed the racism particularly when I got involved with some national feminist ...more

Grow a Backbone, Lady: Diversity in Young Adult Novels

A few weeks ago, I drove down to The Writers Place in Kansas City, Miss., (full disclosure: I serve on the board of directors) to talk to a group of around twenty upper middle-school kids about writing fiction. We ended up talking about race....more
In writers' workshops, we talk about 'Write what you know.' And there's no question that we all ...more

Dear 99.7 The Point...I'm Mooing at You

Originally published on on July 23, 2013Dear 99.7 The Point,I’m writing to tell you why you’ve lost me as a listener and a supporter, and why I’ll be telling the companies that advertise with you that I believe they should spend their money elsewhere....more

Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post Sale: Why It's A Good Thing

The announcement earlier this week that founder Jeff Bezos was going to purchase the Washington Post for $250 million hit news junkies, Washington insiders and media pundits with the punch of a stack of extras tossed on a street corner. Image Credit: Adam Glanzman via Flickr ...more

Bloggers Sound Off About Leaning In and Sheryl Sandberg at BlogHer ‘13

Last week, BlogHer Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison summed up what she heard Sheryl Sandberg say at BlogHer ’13, but many others of the 4000 women who were also sitting in the McCormick Conference Center in Chicago have also been blogging about their impressions from Sandberg’s keynote speech and the "Lean In" circles they participated in afterwards....more
I applaud anyone who encourages people to take responsibility for their choices and to think ...more

The Slow Web. Why Stop at Slow Food?

Greywell Road image via Sebastian Ballard ...more

Fat Girls Wear Sweatpants Too

I don't know if anyone else has paid much attention to this, but seems like lately some media chatter has surfaced about clothiers getting picky about who wears their clothes....more