Editing - Cutting the Fat

Editing – Cutting the FatI just spent an hour with a friend of mine who is writing a brochure for a seminar. I am struck anew by the power in editing.Here are a few basic principles about editing that will serve you well – whether you are creating promo materials or working on your script....more

The right to die

Suicide law in Ireland has been a hot topic this year. Marie Fleming, a multiple sclerosis patient in the later stages of the illness, is seeking the right to commit suicide with the help of her long-term partner Tom Curran....more

Random Fun Facts: Saint Vincent College

Random Fun Facts:  Saint Vincent College Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.  ~Richard P. Feynman ...more

"What message do we send about the roles of women?" -Anna Quindlen

***TRIGGER WARNING***I breastfed Boots (my little girl) until a few days before her third birthday. I breastfed Bubba (my little boy) until he was two and a half. Altogether, I spent over six years of my life either being pregnant, breastfeeding, or doing both simultaneously.At this point, several of you probably think that I'm insane. Others might consider that quite normal. Normal breastfeeding behavior is one of those things entirely dependent upon your culture....more

Are the Tattooed Jesus Billboards Blasphemous?

In recent news, there is a campaign of billboards that are stirring up some controversy in Texas and now throughout the nation. An anonymous organization has set up a website devoted to the Gospel. They are the ones sponsoring these many billboards that depict a man representing Jesus covered in tattoos....more
@tori danielle Thank you, Tori! I really appreciate your encouragement :) I love how you said, ...more

The Death of Adrian Peterson’s Son and Why It’s Not Okay to Name Names

The death of Adrian Peterson’s two-year old son is tragic enough. The two-year old boy was allegedly beaten by Joseph Patterson, boyfriend of the boy’s mother on Wednesday evening. After being taken off life support on Friday, the little boy passed away. Patterson was charged with aggravated assault on Friday; however, his court appearance occurred before the boy passed away.  The states’ attorney in Lincoln County, South Dakota is considering adding more serious charges. Local news outlets have reported that both first and second degree murder are on the table....more

How to Write an Author Bio

I recently had to write an author bio for a piece I submitted to an online publisher. It was possibly the most difficult piece of writing I have ever written. By nature, I am a huge believer in humility; I am horrified more by the thought that someone might think I'm conceited or overstating my abilities than if they think I'm unqualified or inept. A bio, by nature, is a honking of your own horn. (I know, I tend to mix up my metaphors, but it's my thing.) ...more
I agree! Writing your own bio is just painful, and often futile. Here's what I do at my ...more

A Visit to the Runner's World Headquarters!

  Last Friday we had the opportunity to tour the Runner's World headquarters in Emmaus, PA.  As soon as we walked in the building we were in AAAW! The inside of the building is so bright and inviting and the staff was so friendly. In order to keep this post a reasonable length, I'm going to just touch on some fun/interesting facts from the visit! ...more