Dairy Poop and Locally Laid? The Fascinating Small Companies That Competed For a Super Bowl Ad

When news came to light today that GoldieBlox had won a competition to air a commercial during the Super Bowl, the BlogHer editorial team was not surprised. After all, we've had our eye on GoldieBlox for a while -- from its mission to teach girls science to some controversy when its video went viral. ...more
Maybe it is just me.  But both Dairy Poop and Barley Labs ads fell flat.  They appeal from an ...more

Did You Have a Mari-juana Christmas?

I am wondering if I truly am old fashioned, behind the times, and/or a product of a law-enforcement family? I am still surprised when I learn of open and liberal use of marijuana by young adults and their parents…even though it is still illegal here in Connecticut....more

President Obama’s State of the Union: The Most Social Media Ever?

At a time when second-term President Obama is facing low approval ratings, tonight’s State of the Union address is becoming even more interactive online than ever. The White House website will be streaming the speech, and a team of five of the president’s top staff will be taking questions online immediately following the address. ...more
I loved the President's speech. He spoke to so many things real people care about. I can't ...more

Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton: Watching the GOP Run With Scissors

As if Mike Huckabee's "Uncle Sugar"-and-the-female-libido comment weren't bad enough last week, Republican Sen. Rand Paul kicked off this week with another disturbing comment related to women....more
That's a desperate stretch. She didn't watch Bill with Lewinsky. She simply stayed with her ...more

The Rush to Define Hillary as a Space Alien or the 50-Foot Woman

Republicans fearful of Secretary Clinton contesting for the Presidency in 2016 are falling over themselves to define her early, trotting out tired ageist, sexist attacks while screaming "Benghazi" 24/7.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is their best hope to defeat her.  While he w...more

What's At Stake With Immigration Reform in 2014: Amor and Exile Book Giveaway

We're Giving Away Free Copies of Amor and Exile—Jan 23 & 24th—Don't Miss It!I'm an American biologist and teacher originally from Central New York. I became an immigration activist and author when I had to move to Mexico in 2006—"exile"—due to my husband's 9c immigration bar....more
Nicole, Good luck!  I see your picture with Luis Guitterez.  I'd made a note to contact him ...more

Moar Chapter Seven

It was a strange phone call by anyone’s standards. She had gotten to know the caller, and her daughter, through Steven’s best friend, Ron, whom he stayed with in California.  She identified herself as Darla, and asked how Margie was.“I’m doing okay.”“That’s good.  You’re probably surprised to hear from me.”“Honestly, yes.  I haven’t spoken with Steven in months.”Margie went on to explain how their relationship began to devolve....more

Chapter Seven

The aroma of Natural Green disinfectant wafted past her as Margie opened the door of the little bungalow. Ruby was in her usual spot, a broken down recliner-slash-rocker, covered in crushed purple velveteen upholstery that was most likely soaked in the stuff. Margie dreaded what was to come. After changing the old woman's dressings for the past two weeks, she'd become adept at keeping the nausea away, choking back the dry heaves, as she tried making a whole-hearted attempt at keeping her wounds clean....more

Buro 247's Editorial Disaster Underscores the Lack of Diversity in Fashion

If you haven't heard about Buro 247's recent editorial debacle, let me get you up to speed. Two days ago, the online art and fashion magazine posted an article on Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor-in-chief of GARAGE magazine. Accompanying the article was an offensive photo of Zhukova sitting pretty atop a black female mannequin chair. Image from Huffington Post...more
chitownfashionista Thanks for clearing that up! Definitely news to me...more

Shining a Light on the Native Advertising Debate

Disclosure: I am Vice President, Influencer Marketing at BlogHer. Advertising and social media marketing programs are a significant source of revenue for my company and for the bloggers in our advertising network. ...more
" let’s take a deep breath and realize that the consumer doesn’t care whether it is paid, owned ...more