Heart Healers

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6 Ways to Network Like a Lobbyist

Silicon Valley is home to more than a million inhabitants and numerous startups popping up every day.  It is often said the key to success in this valley is to meet the right person. The right person for funding your start up or that perfect engineer to complete your team.  We call this networking. Image Credit: Geoffrey Franklin via Flickr...more
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From One Old Gal to Another: Thank You Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair photos made me feel fabulous. I love that she's 65. I love that in transitioning to being out as a woman, she went for broke. I love the message of power and controlling one's destiny. I love her hair and her look and her obvious decision not to hold any part of her dream in reserve. Image via: Vanity Fair...more
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Not Everything is Political, Sometimes Religious Beliefs are Just Personal

I started my blog, The Cute Conservative, in order to create a place where I could talk about politics and not offend the readers of my “normal” blog – but in the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen a strange shift. These days, everything is political, or has a political angle....more
annicia p Your first sentence is where I think so many stop hearing themselves. " I also believe ...more

Share Your Story

“It’s not just your story”…....more

Reading between the lines: Moldovan journalists embrace balanced reporting

After gender sensitivity training and follow-up self-assessment exercises run by UN Women, coverage of women has nearly doubled in 17 print and online Moldovan media outlets. ...more

Visiting Daytona Beach Fl #TravelBlogger #DaytonaBeachFun

I spent a few days here with the family last August on our way to St. Augustine and LOVED IT!  ...more

Women and Media

Mombod, Dadbod, Everyone's Bod is Awesome

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the recent “dadbod” phenomenon taking over social media. If you haven’t, essentially it’s a bunch of dudes who have a certain type of physique being celebrated and called attractive for that physique. Which is awesome – I’m all for body positivity of every sort....more
Totally agree with you on this.  No one should judge people by their bodies. Shaming people ...more