John Lewis Snowman Advert

 Ok, call me cheesy but the first time I saw this advert I was in awe. It seemed so sad and haunting, but with such a happy ending. I thought it was just so sweet how much Mr. Snowman went through for Lady Snowman (Snowlady?).  For my readers who aren't in the UK and for those who are in the UK who haven't seen it, take a minute to watch. The song is so lovely as well. ...more

How Malala Could Change the World -- and Win a Nobel Prize

She is now able to sit up in bed and read. Which by itself seems a miracle given her fate seemed so grim after the 15-year-old was shot in the head by a Taliban militant. ...more
@TarekFatah Thank you for letting me know that you saw this post. That's thrilling she's getting ...more

Election 2016: Top Five Factors To Consider Now

What might the United States political world look like in 2016? The predictions began to roll in even before 2012 votes were counted, with Vice President Joe Biden being one of the first to tease about being a candidate -- for something -- in that year....more

Women, Obama, Pot, and the Flag Hair Lady: Election Night in Tweets

It was the biggest political event of the year -- according to the United States, and also Twitter. We've rounded up tweets about Obama's presidential victory and the historic women's gains; same-sex marriage and marijuana; and tweets ranging from the hysterical to the ranty. Plus: Is Nate Silver now a god? Read on … With 20 million tweets, Election Day just became the most tweeted about event in US political history. #election2012 ...more
This was great Julie, thanks for the smiles :)more

NaNoWriMo - Day Six - Word Count Stats

UPDATED: Victories, Milestones for Women on Election Night

American women made political history on November 7, 2012. Here are some stories the Center for American Women and Politics have been tracking: ...more
I am so proud of all the women who ran. Congratulations to all the history-making women who won!more

the electoral college & what you need to know

we are quickly approaching election day and it’s certainly been an exciting race. you have probably heard a lot about the “electoral college” and “electoral math” so i wanted to break it down for you. (yes, i’m kind of qualified to talk about this since this is what my graduate work was focused on.)...more

What Do We Really Want From Our Next President?

Finally, here we are on the eve of another United States presidential election.  I’m sure most of you are like I am and are anxious to get this election over with so the media will, hopefully, find something else besides polls and political pundits to focus on.  Also, like me, I’m sure most of you have decided for whom you are voting (or have already voted!), and you are more than ready for the antagonistic commercials and zealous candidate loyalists to cease and desist in their efforts to garner just one more vote....more

The 16 Funniest Election 2012 Videos

With the U.S. presidential election this Tuesday, it's no wonder Time magazine declared last week: "We are all Abigael Evans," the little girl who hates "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney." And since it's been a rough week all around, the BlogHer Politics team thought it was a good time for the American voters to reflect and review -- and do a spit-take or two. Watch our favorite funny pop/politics videos from this election season. ...more
Haha, this is the part of the election that I enjoy. Here's another easy-to-understand ...more