GamerGate Sheds Light on Sexism in Gaming, But That's Not All It's About

Tens of thousands of video game fans will be gathering in Boston this weekend for PAX East, one of the largest gaming conferences in America, but developer Brianna Wu won’t be among them. Wu’s female-run video game company, Giant Spacekat, pulled out of the event because of concerns for their safety....more

22 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From a TV Reporter

People think when you’re on TV you have hair and makeup standing by, and someone is there telling you what to say, and you’re just a face on TV – someone else did all the work. Not true. At least in my case. ...more
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31 Days, 32 Revelations: The Distraction of Ignorance

*Image courtesy of Quoteswave.comSeries Introduction...more
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Salute to the 82nd Airborne Division

Until you've jumped 1250 ft. into total darkness, 95lbs of equipment and a using a 42 pound parachute, you're still just a leg...........Salute Dad #82ND ABN 1st & 5th SFG 1st/9th #INFANTRY 2ND AD #Armored Division 13thCOSCOM7th #PSYOP 519MI...more

How The Academy Awards Lived Up To The #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag

After winning Best Supporting Actress for her role as a single mother in Boyhood, Patricia Arquette said one of the boldest feminist statements I've ever heard at the Oscars. But her comments afterward, along with so many other elements of the show, left a lot of people shaking our heads....more
GREAT wrap-up Grace. BOOM: "I'm more concerned that casual remarks at high-profile events like ...more

Reflection on Reading

Having just finished The Year of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller, and how 50 Books changed his life as a person and as a writer, I considered the books I have read recently and their influence on me. If as Stephen King says, in reading books we find the tools for writing, then I should be a better writer the more I read.Here are the books I've read since I started blogging in September, have they taught me anything?...more

What We Can Learn About Government and Politics From Rwanda

I know. Rwanda isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of women in leadership roles, right? Yet it is. The genocide was 20 years ago. Since then, women have made huge strides, with a female-majority parliament leading Rwanda to pro-woman policies....more
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The Kindergarten Defense

A few days ago something happened that made me laugh and gasp all in the same breath. A kindergarten-teacher in Ankeny, Iowa got arrested at school for being drunk. According to the reports, a parent helping with the Valentine’s Day hoopla saw her with a can of beer. She was removed from the classroom and given a breathalyzer by police. Upon searching her classroom a bag with 2 empty beer cans and 4 full cans were found....more

#AAPIVoices: How Bloggers Stood Up to Rock the Boat

The new ABC show Fresh Off The Boat was one of the top five most tweeted TV programs last week. Besides sparking conversation about the show itself&dmash;the first sitcom with an Asian American cast in 20 years—it's also set off a lot of discussion about how the Asian American experience is still relatively unknown in the mainstream parent blogging community. ...more
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The ADD Writer

 I don't know if I am truly ADD or not but I sure do feel like it lately. I have so many ideas rolling around in my heard for potential future writing projects that I usually put one on hold and start another, and then put that one on hold and start another, etc., etc.  Am I alone in this weird ADD writing world?!  I hope not....more