The Rules of Writing

 The rules of writing are quite simple... There are two rules of writing as far as I am concerned....more

Black Friday destroys village livelihoods in Vanuatu

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Whatta Man, Whatta Man, Whatta Mighty Good Man.

Tracey Groombridge Writer, Worrier and Warrior.  “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. Albert EinsteinWhat the hell is a ‘real man’?...more

The Real Victims of the Rolling Stone Reporting Fiasco Are Rape Victims

This week, the Columbia Journalism Review made a clear (and scathing) case that Rolling Stone made widespread and "avoidable" reporting errors in its piece "A Rape on Campus." The magazine officially retracted the story, but its very public failure sheds a disturbing light on difficult and sensitive undertaking of reporting on campus rapes. ...more
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Get Started Writing Your Book Today

You want to write a book. How much do you need to know before you start? ...more

Autism Action Month. DO Something!

April is “Autism Awareness Month.” I say that’s not enough. Parents of children with Autism are aware of the isolation that their children feel when they are mocked by their peers, and they are aware of the lack of sufficient resources to help their children thrive in schools. Adults with Autism are aware that many who claim to speak for the Autism community don’t actually ask Autistic people for their opinion. They are aware that many businesses refuse to give them a chance at meaningful employment....more

My Resume

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18 Extremely Helpful Resources for Blogger-Journalists

The resources below help me enormously when I work on news stories—whether working on a post about something in the news or doing original reporting. Bookmark and follow them, and you'll quickly become more informed, find story ideas, and add tools to your reporter's toolbox. ...more
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