She gets a kick out of helping people

Every time she heard someone saying that she should be doing something else, Caroline Amasis Maher’s determination grew and she trained even harder. She ignored the naysayers and the cultural barriers by not only playing a male-dominated sport but also excelling in it. Recently she became the first Arab-African female to be inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame – the highest and most prestigious award in the sport. This meteoric rise to the top makes her extremely proud. In 2011, Caroline was ranked 11th on the World Taekwondo Federation’s World Athlete Ranking. ...more

Dr Bernice A. King

The daughter of a Civil Right Icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Dr. Bernice A. King.

Does Social Media Take Away Our Right to Be Forgotten?

There is a history podcast that I listen to mostly in my car. In addition to telling me little-known stories about famous rulers, the podcast also spins tales about lesser-known figures. Sometimes the details that are included astound me such as what the person ate, how he spent his free time and even the exact reasons for his death. (It seems there are a lot of historians and even forensic scientists who study past lives to figure out how people died.) ...more

No blogger left behind? On MumsNet's new Black and Minority Ethnic categorisation

Did you catch Swazi Rodgers' excellent post for MumsNet?...more

Casting Call: Would You Discuss Your Mental Illness on Television?

So, sometimes when you've spent years bleeding all over the Internet, people turn up you wouldn't otherwise expect. For example, a casting producer from an Emmy-award-winning reality television production company left a message on my voicemail Friday afternoon....more
I have yet to meet, stumble over, or have  a "mental" sneak up on me.  I  have, however, ...more

What Bloggers Should Know About the Net Neutrality Proposal

Net neutrality. It's a term that you may have heard and know that it's something that bloggers should be concerned about — but perhaps you don't fully understand what it entails or how it might affect you. The FCC opened up discussion for a new set of proposals on net neutrality, or the idea that Internet service providers should treat all content equally. ...more
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Good-bye Sophia; hello, Emma

One of the most fun pre-baby activities my husband and I enjoyed was choosing a baby name. Of course, since my husband and I were together for a really long time before getting married and having a baby, we had the conversation on baby names long before we were ready to have children....more

Was The New York Times’ Jill Abramson Fired for Being Bossy While Female?

Jill Abramson sounds exactly like someone I'd like to work for...more

Golf Digest Sinks Into Sexist Sandtrap with Paulina Gretzky Cover

*The following post originally appeared on my personal blog, "Beyond Lipstick and Petticoats: A Site Celebrating Women"* ...more
I think it is great to have a woman on the cover, but she should not have to pose any ...more