Education Is Sexist

Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in the poorest countries suffer a double whammy, of being born both in a poor country and female. To see the extent of this disadvantage, ONE analyzed the situation for girls and women in least developed countries (LDCs) across key gender indicators. On every indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in LDCs compared with those living in other countries....more

Privileged: My Story of Legal Immigration

I'm an immigrant living the American dream. I own a house in the Austin suburbs, work full time in IT, and am raising twin daughters. The kids are in both the dual language and gifted programs at our local public school. We go to church every Sunday. We've hosted Girl Scout events in our home. I'm divorced and slowly digging myself out from legal debt after an ugly custody battle, which is less dreamy, but altogether American....more

8 Things Donald Trump Should Know About Menstrual Shaming

It didn’t take 28 days for the political circus to get bloody awful. Two days after a televised debate, a male candidate, Donald insulted female news anchor Megyn Kelly by subtly remarking that she must be on her period. If our Founding Fathers had foreseen such ugly stains on their fertile new country, they would have grabbed the first protective vessel back to the motherland of England....more

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Of Sports Center and the Quarter Quell: 5 Observations from the First Republican Primary Debate

I admit it. I don't like talking politics too much. But, I absolutely LOVE watching the political debates that take place whenever an active race to the White House is in effect. The professional communicator (and frustrated sports commentator) in me can’t help but analyze the performance of the candidates and the media personalities who cover them as if they were athletes on a Sports Center highlight reel....more

What You Need to Know About This Week's 'Hunger Games' GOP Debate

In a GOP primary that is being compared to the Hunger Games and Thunderdome, 17 candidates will have their first contest Thursday night in a ser...more

Teaching What We Never Learned in School: An Excellent Documentary on World War One

Last year marked the centennial of the beginning of World War 1. To celebrate, and educate about, WWI, a international consortium of filmmakers from Canada, Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Russia and Austria put together an amazing documentary which is called "14 -- Diaries of the Great War" for its American release.When it aired on the BBC, it was called "Great War Diaries."...more


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Q&A With Prof. Jennifer Lee: Asian American Success Isn't What You Think It Is

Pop culture often portrays Asian Americans as successful because of strict parenting or just plain hard work. But a new book debunks the "model minority" myth, revealing the way government policies have actually skewed those perceptions. I recently interviewed Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and co-author of The Asian American Achievement Paradox about her research. ...more


So I know most of us watch the news and see all those future running contenders for President. It was reported it is 18 months until election and a new President takes over. Which means our life will be saturated with political  ads and lots of Donald Trump.  I personally think on a business side he is smart but his mouth overloads his big behind....more