No Compassion For Anyone But Themselves

Has compassion left the building? Does everyone with skin any shade darker than white pose a threat to us? Conservatives want President Obama to bomb ISIL, but have no answer when familes, desperate for safe haven, arrive at our border seeking asylum. I saw on the news last night a map of the country highlighting in red the states where governors have stood their ground, refusing to accept Syrian refugees. Wow. How tough are they....more

How Can You Not Hate the United States?

My husband came to the United States in 1997. He was from Iraq. He was a de facto refugee. I will give you the short, unemotional version....more
J-MOM A lot of odd items were dual purpose. Lead pencils and chlorine, for example.more

Is All Hope Lost After Paris?

I woke up bright and early this weekend feeling so happy and grateful. I got up and watched the sunrise before driving to Waffle House for breakfast – my happy place.While I was enjoying my lovely cheese eggs, raisin toast, and grits, my waitress gave me a beautiful pin that says, “I’m a Waffle House kid.” And yes I am....more

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Let's Hold Onto Kindness and Be the Light

Yesterday, my governor came out with a statement that he would welcome the Syrian refugees—that our state is committed to welcoming “all people with tolerance and mutual respect.”  To hear this made me so proud have a leader stand up for the rights of others, to take a stand against cruelty and malice and—evil.  A light in the vast climate of fear. ...more
Thank you for writing this awesome post.more

I Should Have Answer

    I usual try to be open minded on the world happen around me. Usual Idaho politics and ways of thinking toward others, I cross paths a few times As you know there plenty of Syria's refugees, that needs help.Living in a real world I don't care how careful one is. Some will fall though the cracks of a system. There will be ones who should of got in and don't. Then there is the ones who will get in and shouldn't of....more

"Is Paris Burning?"

For most Americans, 'history' means last week's supermarket  tabloid headlines: Brad and Angelina's romance is  history.  But  in France, where they've been at this civilization thing for centuries, World War II is yesterday.In Paris, you can still see the bullet holes  in the older sections of the city. This is where the French civilian  "Resistance" fighters did battle with Hitler's invading troops. A few Resistance fighters are still alive, and they are venerated like Brad and Angelina are in Hollywood....more

F-U Friday: That "Red Cup" Jerk


Bernie and Donald

A couple of weekends ago, while out to lunch with some of the family, my teenaged niece mused that she really ought to pay more attention to politics.  My guess is that she’s hearing a lot about the upcoming U.S. presidential election.  It would be hard not to, even though it is still a year away.  I smiled and nodded, unwilling to admit my own ignorance on the subject....more

Do ANY Candidates Understand Cannabis?

When Presidential candidates speak, I barely listen anymore, even if I like the person. I had such hopes for our current President. I voted for him twice, and I thought that he would find a way to reschedule cannabis, but he hasn’t as of yet. Hillary supports rescheduling cannabis so that it can be researched. Evidently she doesn’t realize that this has already happened in other countries and in kitchens across the United States. Bernie seems interested in moving forward on some form of decriminalization, but I never hear actual truth from any of the candidates....more

TeenPact One-Day

If you want your child to learn about government, the political process, how bills become law, and similar topics, you might consider TeenPact Leadership Schools. They offer state classes in 41 states. The classes are taught with a Christian worldview.For Tennessee, the next event happens on February 1-4, 2016. Monday-Thursday they teach students ages 13-19. For the 8-12 age group, they offer a One Day Class, on Friday, February 5, 2016, 10am-4pm. It all happens in Nashville, at the Capitol Building....more