Thoughts on Diversity in the Tech Industry... From a Black Computer Scientist

Let's be clear about one thing from the start: I'm a Black female with a Ph.D. in computer science. No shade, Sheryl Sandberg, but I've been "leaning in" since birth.This topic (and blog post) has been a long time coming. I wasn't sure, at first, how to best put my thoughts to words. Then I wasn't even sure if I should say anything at all, since it may ruffle some feathers. In the end, I didn't care. Some things need to be said. Most people think it, but few say it. I'll take one for the team....more
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Top 5 Things You Should Care About From CES 2015

Well, CES 2015 is a wrap. Other than the two day recovery time from traveling from coast to coast, I truly had a BLAST!I'm still recovering from last week's event's, but I had a really good time. I even extended my flight to a later time so I could get to the show floor to see some items that I missed. Next year, I'll make sure to stay a bit longer. As I've had a week to reflect and test all the goodies I received while at CES, I decided to compile five things you should care about from the years show....more

The Best Wearable Tech of 2014

Trying to find the perfect gift is like trying to find skyscraper heels that won't hurt your feet. In other words, it can feel next to impossible. Wearable tech gifts can solve the "What do I buy" dilemma easily. What was once science fiction or wishful thinking is now reality! Now you can buy a necklace can double as a workout tracker, a wristband that turns a banana into a light saber, earmuffs that let you listen to music, and you can even charge your phone via your purse. ...more
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ImaginingMystic is streaming The Sims 2 today!

Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you know that I will be streaming The Sims 2 twice today. Once this morning starting at around 10 am EST and again tonight (with Pinstar!) at 8pm EST ....more

Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests

It’s been said that there are over a million different apps for the smartphone. Well, however many may exist, know that not all of them are passing security tests with flying colors....more

FREE Passive Income 101 eBook

If you are looking to make some extra income, check out this great ebook! Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Passive Income 101 eBook for FREE! This is a wonderful resource to have handy and it’s a $2.99 value! ...more

Power AND Potable Water!

Yay! Some good news! The world’s first wave power station that pumps power onto a public grid has been set up off the coast of Western Australia!   “The company’s technology named CETO after a Greek goddess of the sea converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater.”...more

WordPress Header Images – How to Change Them for Different Pages

The header image is a vital part of any blog. It captures attention, draws the reader in, and summarizes what your blog is about, all in one beautiful little package. Most of the time, your header remains the same throughout your site, but sometimes you might need to change your WordPress header image on a per-post basis ....more

15 Top Facebook Privacy Tips

You wouldn’t have to worry about privacy issues on Facebook if you didn’t post sensitive, private information on Facebook…such as information that one day can be used against you. And really, you should share only what you consider “professional” information, even with family. Just stop with the nonsense.At any rate, it’s important to know how to use Facebook’s privacy features, which change from time to time. Here are useful tips....more

Thank You..,President Obama for your "Consistency" in matters, pertaining to Climate Change !!

In the matters pertaining to "our" Earth's climate and weathering conditions, President Obama, makes his intentions very clear. That, our planet earth needs protection for generations to come. His recent decision, in vetoing the Republican ran Congress to go no further, with the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline.It needs no other fanfare, it is crystal clear to know, that if, we  do not substain our natural resources on this planet, we are headed in the wrong direction, in regards, to environmental substainabilty....more

FREE Accounting Simplified eBook

Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Accounting Simplified eBook for FREE! This is perfect for anyone looking to learn new financial strategizes for your business. As a starter, any business needs to know about its core activities in order to determine and evaluate whether the right strategies are being implemented or not ....more

On Display

With the multiplicity of posts on social media that inundate us daily, it is so difficult to refrain from getting caught up in the frenzy of frequent public updates. We know full well that jealously comparing our lives to the lives of others is wrong. It's the fastest way to rob ourselves of joy. We know we're supposed to fight against the fear of missing out. We may fall into the comparison trap more often than we care to admit, but we know better. Yet while much has been said on this topic, we seldom address the other side of this issue.Is it any wonder that social media feels like a competition? ...more