The Term 'Revenge Porn' Name Masks The Horrifying Truth All Women Should Know

Why the term "revenge porn" is yet another form of victim blaming....more
It's scary stuff and has so many real world consequences that people don't consider.more

Technology and Me, We Don't Get Along

I'm currently sitting on the sofa inside a hotel room of a small, cozy, not very state-of-the-art hotel in Pittsburgh. I've been here for eleven days, teaching in a graduate school program, and have two more days to go. I've just received a note slipped under my door stating that tomorrow the locks on all the hotel room doors will be switched over from old-fashioned keys to some newfangled contraption that will require a magnetic key card/thingie. Immediately, I call the hotel desk and ask if my room can be made exempt from this makeover until I check out....more

Five Things Every Black Woman in Tech Needs in a Support System

It’s already an uphill battle being “the one” or one of the very few, especially when you’re in the tech field. You spend almost every day trying to prove your abilities and education aren’t just a stroke of luck or the result of some Affirmative Action hire. Any input or response you provide is usually sifted over like a search for pearls in the sand, even if it’s the most obvious solution possible. If you happen to disagree with someone and hold your position, then you become the “Angry Black Woman.”...more
yet one more reason why i <3 our POTUS!more

#ASUS Zenfone 2 Is One Great Smartphone!

 (Level 2 Post)Asus has never been a company on our radar for great smartphones until now.  I simply love the Zenfone 2!  There are a ton of features that make this phone a formidable competitior to both the Galaxy 6 and the LG G4....more

Watching 3D boosts your cognitive skills

The next time your 13-year-old nephew tries to tell you that 3D makes you smart, don't roll your eyes; nod your head.A new study in London did a bunch of cognitive tests on people and then had them watch 3D movies. On the more than 100 people in the experiment, the average results were after the 3D movie were:1. 23% increase in cognitive processing2. 11% boost in reaction timesThis is AFTER the movie, not during. The boost last about 20 minutes after the movie ended....more

The most horrible Craigslist Killing ever

Beware. This is tough to read. An expectant woman had spotted an ad on Craigslist asking for baby clothes, so she contacted the ad placer—a woman—then went to her Longmont, Colorado house alone.The woman stabbed the would-be seller and removed the seven-month-old fetus. The baby died but the victim survived....more

FREE How to Find a Profitable Blog Topic Idea eBook

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Things You should and shouldn't do on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is the location where you can get online: airport, airplane, coffee house, hotel, motel and more. Many people don’t give this a second thought, unaware of how risky this really is....more

How to write a statistical analysis paper: Step Three

So far, we have looked at How to get the sample demographics and descriptive statistics for your dependent and independent variable. Computing descriptive statistics by category...more

What Eighth Graders Think About Women and Computer Science

On the last day of the 2015 edition of my week-long mini-course (Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls!), I held a discussion about women in computer science....more

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Work at Home Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Just a disclaimer before I begin. I’ve researched all of the following companies and their job leads to make sure they are not scams. I’ve even provided links for you to apply! ...more