I Found the Path to Get Girls to Code

“You cannot be, what you cannot see”...more
Amazing job. Bravomore

(Kickstarter) Help #ProjectDiane Use Data to Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem

Join the Kickstarter campaign to support #ProjectDiane, a recent initiative launched by digitalundivided documenting intersectionality in tech....more

The Term 'Revenge Porn' Name Masks The Horrifying Truth All Women Should Know

Why the term "revenge porn" is yet another form of victim blaming....more
It's scary stuff and has so many real world consequences that people don't consider.more

VISR review – social media monitoring strikes the right balance

VISR is a social media and e-mail monitoring tool that alerts you when there is questionable activity on your child’s social media account....more

Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 7/6/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another...more

FREE The Importance of Social Media in Modern Business eBook

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Working at Home Using Smartphone Apps

If you have a smartphone, there are numerous ways that you can earn money. Here are some ways you can earn money at home using smartphone apps. Working at Home Using Smartphone Apps Ibotta– Ibotta is an app that will give you money back for shopping at certain stores and buying certain products ....more

Apple's bizarre Crashing Text and how to fix

Of all the weird things that can happen to your iOS device, the latest is a relatively benign situation in which a string of text is sent to the phone…and it causes the phone to crash.The phone will reboot if the particular nonsensical text string is received while the phone is locked....more

Javascript, canvas and animation not running in all browsers

I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite when it comes to documentation. In every staff meeting, I emphasize documenting whatever code you have written that week, but I always put off doing it myself. ...more

What would you do if you weren’t doing this?

Everyone should pause every now and then and ask themselves this question: What would you want to be doing if you weren’t doing this? Whatever “this” is, your answer will be revealing. If you excitedly exclaim, “I would start a restaurant, using my grandma’s recipes, but it would be more of a modern look – kind of a Tuscany theme ....more

Sims 4 Block Party Challenge: Newcrest Public Library

Hello everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a build for the Sims 4 Block Party Challenge. I got bitten by the “building bug” this morning and decided to give building a library a go ....more

Sandbox To Success Review Giveaway

We launched the Sandbox To Success Podcast a few weeks ago and the response has been amazing. We are shocked and incredibly humbled by how many people have listened to and enjoy the podcast. As a thank you when you leave an honest review you can enter to win $50 PayPal cash ....more

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