Why Are Facebook, Apple Paying for Women to Freeze Their Eggs?

Today, Mashable reported that Facebook and Apple have both put policies into place to pay for a woman to freeze her eggs, effectively allowing her to delay having a child. Is this a boon? Or a creepy suggestion about how to succeed in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of tech?...more
I was horrified by this being labelled as a perk. I'm sure for some ppl it's great to know the $ ...more

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Sexist Karma Remark - Thank you!

If karma is indeed the "superpower" that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes that it is, he should be wary of his own fate....more
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Breastfeeding Women Who Code

In a departure from the usual fashion magazine fare, the latest issue of Glamour features two articles about the tech industry: "Secrets of Silicon Valley (That Only Women Know)" and  "35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry."...more
Thanks, https://twitter.com/BrigidSchulte! Look forward to YOUR piece. Btw, mine has interviews ...more

Electronics Tutorials - Instruction set & Programming

Modern day Electronics is immensely dependent on Processor chips. A processor chip contains set of instructions which the computer follows to execute an operation.Machine does not understand human language to perform an action. Every complex machine like a computer comprises of distinct codes or instructions. On instruction-built computer architecture, such a command can specify either a register for mathematical computation. As arithmetic or logical functions. Or, an instruction may tell the device to interpret the register or to follow a particular memory register. ...more

Advantages of KOSUN Horizontal Decanting Centrifuge

Drilling mud centrifuge is 4th phase solids control equipment. Aipu produces high quality centrifuge for drilling mud system.Decanter centrifuge usually is used after mud cleaner or drilling mud desilter. The decanter centrifuge can separate 2-7 microns solid out of drilling mud. It is very important to whole drilling fluids purification....more

High Quality Laser Engraving And Cutting Machines From Legacy Lasers

To reduce manufacturing costs in engineering and industrial work “Laser Machines” are very useful can eliminate other machine works too.Now a days it also starting to be used by schools, small business too.Today businesses also combine laser engraving and cutting services with other services such as design, business branding and products designing too in industrial settings, laser engraving is also often used to mark certain products and materials....more

Friends is Coming to Netflix! #StreamTeam

I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD. ...more

WordPress Basics: Categories and Tags

When new bloggers get started on WordPress, they need to understand the basics of what Categories and Tags are. Both can help people find the content they want on your blog, but they serve slightly different purposes. Categories are big ....more

5 Steps to Refresh Your Blog

It’s a new season and the holiday season is coming up fast. There is a lot happening in the blog world with DIYs Halloween and thanksgiving crafts showing up everywhere, and holiday gift guides, this means a lot of new readers could be headed your way. And we always want to look our best for our readers ....more

The Europa Legacy – Chapter 2 – The Sylvan Glade

Hello everyone! Welcome to chapter 2 of the Europa Legacy. If you haven’t read chapter 1 yet, you can find it here ....more

Sexting as the new first base?

I have a friend with a name very close to my husband's. And I have to keep that in mind, because every time I pull up my husband's name in my phone's contact list, his name appears first. He's a good enough friend, so I've actually given him a fair warning that if he ever receives an inappropriate or confusing text from me to ignore it. (And preferably delete it.) Because when I send messages about being out of soap or a sappy "wish you were here" note, it was definitely meant for my husband....more

What Good is Cook’s D ?

I’ve written here before about visual literacy and Cook’s D is just my latest example. Most people intuitively understand that any sample can have outliers, say, an 80-year-old man who is the father of a six-year-old child, the new college graduate who is making $150,000 a year. We understand that those people may throw off our predictions and perhaps we want to exclude those outliers from our models ....more

Must Have Gifts for Christmas 2014

Must Have Gifts for Christmas 2014Christmas will be here soon!  Finding the perfect gift for those that you love can be a challenge....more