NEW! #BlogHer15 Keynote: Brianna Wu on Creating a Safer Saner Online Culture for Women. For Everybody.

Last week we added a late-breaking keynote segment to the already packed #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us schedule. I'm excited to tell you more about it today, and if you have been considering, but haven't already registered we hope this puts you right over the edge to register!...more
I cannot wait to hear @digitalsista and @spacekatgal mix it up with @joannastern. I'm a huge fan ...more

I Found the Path to Get Girls to Code

“You cannot be, what you cannot see”...more
Amazing job. Bravomore

(Kickstarter) Help #ProjectDiane Use Data to Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem

Join the Kickstarter campaign to support #ProjectDiane, a recent initiative launched by digitalundivided documenting intersectionality in tech....more

Super-Easy Outlier Check with Proc Freq

Sometimes, you can just eyeball it. Really, if something truly is an outlier, you ought to be able to spot it. Take this plot, for example ....more

Creating a Sense of Coherence in Open-World Adventure and Role-Playing Games

The following is my most recent explanation of my thesis project.We are interested in the application of interactive storytelling to videogames. ...more

Things to tell your Kids about Privacy Online

Those were the days when all parents had to worry about was the creepy guy lurking near the playground. Now parents have to worry about creeps all over the world reaching their kids via computer. And there’s more to worry about. Here’s what to teach your kids:...more

Teaching Accessibility

A new industry-wide group is forming to establish models for teaching accessibility. Here’s their opening statement. Help if you can ....more

How Not to Get Fired from a Software Team

I’m really busy here in Brazil. Honest. You think I am sitting here like this: But really, it’s like this: Still, I have taken time away to explain to you how not to get your sorry ass fired, so listen up niños ....more

Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 7/27/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another...more

About Those Things You're Not Supposed To Say To Writers

Yesterday, there was a hashtag running wild on Twitter. I follow a lot of professional writers, so I saw a lot of tweets carrying the tag: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter. They were mostly funny, but some of them made me cringe. And one or two of them shot me right through the heart. For example: ...more

FREE Facebook: The Ultimate 101 Facebook Guide eBook

If you have been wanting to use Facebook to further your business, check out this great freebie. You can get this handy Facebook: The Ultimate 101 Facebook Guide eBook for FREE! You are about to discover proven steps and strategies to use Facebook to do cheap or free marketing to leverage your business, promote your products and services and find new clients ....more

Why Hacking is a National Emergency

Foreign hackers, look out: Uncle Sam is out to get you. President Obama has issued an order that allows the State Department and Treasury Departments to immobilize the financial assets of anyone out-of country suspected of committing or otherwise being involved in cyber crimes against the U.S....more

Standout In A Crowd With Carey Green – Ep 009 Sandbox To Success

Listen to the Episode Below (0:24:37) Download iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Get New Episodes In Your Inbox I talk with Carey Green about standing out in a crowd. Learn how he has stood out with his small business to be unlike any other in his niche. Ep 009 – Sandbox To Success Podcast ....more