From the BlogHer '14 Geek Bar: 9 Geeky Blogs to Follow

One of the coolest BlogHer conference traditions is the Geek Bar, where you get hands-on help with everything you need to know to power, optimize, and manage your site, or learn about social media. If you're having trouble with a WordPress plugin or need to know the best way to set up analytics, we've got a smartypants to help you. Some of these smartypantses blog about tech and blogging, while others have blogs that set a great example for you to follow. ...more
Yea! Thanks so much for the gracious introduction. Can't wait to teach my first geek bar!more

My Review of the Fuji Instax Share SP-1 Printer -- I Don't Love It But I Like It for Art Journal Projects

Right about the time I was trying to talk myself out of buying the Fuji Instax Mini camera, I noticed someone talking about the Fuji Instax Share Printer and decided that was a cute little toy I'd like to have....more

Gisele Bündchen: Women Breaking Barriers to Clean Energy

Fashion icon Gisele Bündchen @giseleofficial is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme. She has been dubbed the world’s ‘greenest’ celebrity. After a more than five-mile walk to gather firewood with women in Kenya, she speaks out about the need for modern energy to reduce women’s labour and reduce pollution. ...more

How to Make Your Toilet Flush Hands-Free

How to Make Your Toilet Flush Hands-Free We’ve all been to the mall or restaurant where you go pee, stand up and the toilet auto flushes. You don’t have to touch the dirty toilet handle, it’s a dream for us germ-a-phobes. The only thing I DON’T like about those auto-flushing toilets, is the fact that they scare the crap out of toddlers ....more

Get Ready for Kindergarten

Picky is my middle name when it comes to the games I allow my kids to spend a lot of time with. Now that its summer and they don’t have preschool or school to keep their brains from atrophying I’m especially vigilant about seeking out productive entertainment as part of their daily routine. I’ve got a four year-old and I want to make sure he’s ready for all those assessments they require upon entrance to kindergarten....more

Can tech turn out the vote in 2016?

Until 2012, only unions had the army to turn out votes and money. Then a Freshman Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama changed the rules. He raised more money than the unions could provide and he formed his army of millennial for the votes....more

How to Bluetooth Enable Your Car Stereo

How to Bluetooth Enable Your Car Stereo I love my SUV. I drive a Buick Enclave and there are only a few things that bother me. There are the seat tracks that get so filthy because I have 4 kids that love to shove things into them ....more

Tech Tips and Disaster Prep Planning

A 93-year-old woman survived Hurricane Sandy, but not before her family went through hell wondering if she was alive, being that her landline was down and she had no cellphone. Lesson learned: Elderly people who live alone should have a cellphone. This technology is available; use it.Texting...more

Too big to give a fuck

Here is a little note for people on customer service: Every company I have ever worked with that has terrible customer service apologizes a lot and makes soothing noises in lieu of actually doing anything. When your company fucks up it does NO good to say how sorry you are and you empathize. ...more

Recognize Your Willingness to give up your Privacy

If a stranger stopped you on the street and requested your e-mail address and birthdate, would you give it to that person? A rational person would never give up this information....more

Using Technology to Gain Financial Independence

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One 360. A while back, in order to achieve financial independence, my husband and I sold our second car, and became a one car family. ...more

100 FREE Workout and Weight Loss Apps for Android

100 FREE Workout and Weight Loss Apps for Android Get our workout on and start losing weight with a FREE app! I don’t know about you, but I feel like every time I really get focused on the weight loss and work out game – I end up spending a ton. Okay, I do admit that MAY include new workout clothes and then I need workout shoes to go with it ....more

Man beheaded in break-in, missing Wife’s Body found

In Putnam County, Georgia, a crazed killer may be on the loose (if he’s not already in another state by now). He (and maybe he had an accomplice) beheaded Russell Dermond, 88. Nobody knows why. At the time his decapitated body was found, his wife, Shirley, 87, was missing. But two weeks later her body was found near a dam, dead from blunt force trauma.Dermond’s head has not been located....more