Synthetic Identity Theft hard to detect

A criminal can do a lot with “only” your Social Security number, says a report from Okay, so he doesn’t have the name that goes with the number. Big deal—he’ll just make one up to go with it! This is called synthetic identity theft....more

Legacy Challenge Rules Update

Happy Chrismahanaquansica! Here are some updates and rulings for the Legacy Challenge in response to the changes made in both the November and December patches. ...more

Mobile Carriers spying on Users

How does my mobile phone know I like tools, electronic gadgets and tarantulas?  It keeps showing me ads for these products! Christmas is coming and my kids like bugs, big bugs.How does it know? It’s called “supercookies”. And they aren’t yummy....more

5 Tips for Finding Great Outfits for Photos

5 Tips for Finding Great Outfits for Photos A special thanks to PS From Aero for outfitting our kids for this post. Trying to get your kids to smile for the camera is only the start of your problems when it comes to getting your kids photos made, what about the outfits?? I don’t know if you are like me but I am […] Digital Mom Blog ...more

A $12 Fitness Tracker That Will Rock Your Socks Off

A $12 Fitness Tracker That Will Rock Your Socks Off A few months ago I was emailed about a new affordable fitness tracker, asking if I was interested in receiving a unit to demo. The device was the Pivotal Tracker. I always like sharing the latest in new technology, so was interested in what exactly...more

We Now Host the Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we are now hosting the rules for the Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge! They were originally hosted by the Apoca-Borg website, but the owner of the site has recently asked that we take it back over ....more

The Legacy Challenge and Game Updates

A lovely teaser shot of the upcoming world, Granite Falls. With the recent announcement of the upcoming Outdoor Retreat game pack coming to the Sims 4, you might be wondering how the Legacy Challenge will fit into the game changes as they are released. During the Sims 2 days, Pinstar worked hard to bring updates to the Legacy Challenge as the updates to the game came out....more

7 Last Minute Gifts For Tweens

7 Last Minute Gifts For Tweens Here we are the weekend before Christmas, is your shopping done?? For the first time in well, ever – I can officially say that I AM DONE! Yes, kids, no more late night shopping outings or Amazon binging for this mom ....more

Eat Like a Sim’s Month of Cookies – Sims 2 Santa Cookies (with an Announcement!)

Hello everyone and welcome to Eat Like a Sim’s Month of Cookies! For the entire month of December I will be posting one new cookie recipe every week so that you can make them (for Santa of course!) Before we get started with the recipe, I wanted to make an announcement to all of you. I am currently in the process of creating a new website that will focus on creating real-life recipes for foods found in video games (and not just in The Sims!) ....more

Social Media Identity Theft leads to Arrest

Are you one who believes you’re too smart, too savvy, to get your identity stolen in the social media world? Nobody thinks this will happen to them, and Stephanie Francis, 24, was no exception to that way of thinking....more