What's the State of Choice, 42 Years After Roe v. Wade?

[UPDATE 1/22/15 10:50 a.m. PST: The House approved a bill permanently barring federal funds from abortion coverage and blocks tax credits for health insurance covering abortions. --Grace]  ...more

What Twitter Said About the President's State of the Union Speech

[UPDATED 7:20 p.m. PST: President Obama laid out a broad and aggressive agenda for his seventh year in office. Read on for more details and reaction from social media. --Grace]  ...more

I Can Relate to Charlie Hebdo... and Ahmet Merabet

On January 7th, 2015 the world froze in terror as reports of the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris came to light. Three gunmen, enraged at the satirical magazine's various depictions of Islam in their publications, took their revenge and ...more

Who Will Replace Barbara Boxer in the Senate?

[UPDATE 1/14/15: California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced Tuesday that she will run for the Senate seat that will be vacated by Sen. Barbara Boxer. --Grace}  ...more

What Women Are Saying About Marriage, Family and Work

A Washington D.C. think tank is devoting some resources to find out "What's Happening to Married Mothers in the Workforce?"  It's a critically important question for a lot of reasons. While fewer women choose to marry, more than three-quarters ...more

My White Friend Called Me A Racist On Facebook. And I Couldn't Be Happier.

I didn't have to wait for the holidays to brace myself for the deep discussions on race that were bound to take place at the food table.  I didn't get the chance to feel the build of the inevitable tsunami of conflicting views over race, our president, and our deteriorating cultural climate that right now is immersing our country into a depressingly sad state of intolerance right now, in the midst of passing each other the rolls and the gravy....more

Are Yoga Pants Any Worse Than Skinny Jeans? And Should We Be Policing Either One?

Perhaps some of you have heard about the controversial article author Veronica Partridge wrote regarding thewearing of yoga pants in public? Turns out her husband has an issue with it.  I guess he got fed up with men staring at his wife and women in general.  As a result he asked his wife to fold up the pants and not wear them in public settings ...more
Isn't it silly? As if what we wear controls the mind of a man. That said, I'm of the thinking ...more

How Do You Feel About Maternal Assisted C-Section?

An Australian mother to nine children took an active role during the c-section birth of her 10th and 11th children. After doctors cut open Gerri Wolfe, 41, she reached down to her lower abdomen and pulled out her twin daughters, Matilda and Violet. Image: BeautifulFreaks The so-called "maternal assisted cesarean section" was all a part of the plan, but only after Wolfe convinced doctors at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, to step back and let her do the actual delivery. ...more

Today in the No Shit, Sherlock Files

Shorter Pogo: I said some awful things, and now my Twitter is full of people are telling me they were awful, and I may have just alienated my core fanbase. So NOT FAIR, because it was all just an experiment anyway, you bratty feminist hyenas! Sure thing, it must be the people who responded with disappointment and/or disgust to what Pogo said, that’s who totally overreacted to a little bit of satire, so he didn’t do anything wrong and the world should just forget about this little hiccup and go back to adoring his fluffy Disney remix songs like nothing ever happened, and if they just can’t do that? ...more

Deer Ticks Confirmed in North Dakota Carry Lyme Disease and Important Implications for ‘Non-Lyme’ States

Recent findings published in the Journal of Medical Entomology carry critically important implications for Lyme Disease detection in Montana and other states currently not considered Lyme endemic....more

Well, I can see no way in which this will almost certainly go horribly wrong

Given recent mass outrage over police officers’ ability to kill black people with legal impunity and the brutal way they have dealt with peaceful protesters, William Bratton, Chief of the NYPD has proposed the obvious solution: Give 350 police officers with machine guns, long rifles, and body armor, and send them to patrol the city, with a special mandate to deal with terrorists and protesters (you know, those two groups have so much in common, after all). Well, thank goodness! Why didn’t I think of that? ...more

Alternative family structures

So when I was growing up, I had an understanding: one would grow up, fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, marry him/her, have kids, and be happy. As I got older, this understanding was expanded to include the possibility of falling in love with someone of the same sex. These, as I understood it, were my options, along with the ever-popular dying alone and childless (it would’ve been childless for me, I’m not commenting on anybody else’s child-having preferences) ....more

Media Reduces Women to Looks, Nevertheless Women Rock

“Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless, a woman of wit and warmth.” So reads the first paragraph of the obituary for Colleen McCullough author of the Thorn Birds and accomplished in many other ways. McCullough died January 29. Paragraph 12 of The Australian’s...more

From Mitt to Shit

Well, that mystery is out of the way.Mitt is making way for a crook to be the GOP nominee.It is astounding how, like a bad penny, the Bush family returns again.Jeb is a million times worse than his addled brother George, who wasn't actually running the U.S. government anyway during the eight years he squatted in the Oval Office that really belonged to Al Gore. As we remember, Jeb, along with cronies like Katherine Harris, tried to steal Florida for his brother, but in the end, it was a bought-and-paid for USSC that decided the election in 2000. Totally illegal, and the high court should have been impeached and run out of town, but nothing was done, of course.Jeb Bush is a crook, pure and simple ....more

Trans Weird Airheads

It's true.Oh, barf. Bruce Jenner must be auditioning for a remake of the 1980 turkey Can't Stop the Music, which he starred with Valerie Perrine and the Village People in the male lead. Sorry, Bruce, you will never be Valerie Perrine ....more

Cuba: US clueless on number of fugitives

Smart diplomacy today, U.S. has no idea how many fugitives Cuba’s harboring Nobody tracks it. Nobody even routinely asks for the return of those wanted on serious federal charges, much less more common state offenses, the Sun Sentinel has found. And, The Sun Sentinel, in a recent far-reaching investigation into Cuban crime rings in America, disclosed that Cuban nationals are taking advantage of generous U.S. immigration laws to come to the U.S. and steal billions from government programs and businesses ....more

Today’s Capt. Louis Renault moment: Hugo Chavez died before he was of officially “dead”

I’m shocked, shocked! According to Leamsy Salazar Hugo Chavez died in December 2012, not March 2013 as was claimed by his successor, Nicolás Maduro. Salazar says that Maduro and his cronies covered up Chavez’s death for three months so they could sign decrees under his name ....more

Lost At Sea

Let’s start with the wreckage of Blackbeard’s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. Seems there were a number of...more