How Women Are Helping Other Women After the Nepal Earthquakes

UN Women and partner organizations are working to prevent violence against women and children, with dignity kits being distributed in many districts affected by the earthquake.  ...more

Carly Fiorina Enters the 2016 GOP Race

A Republican woman, Carly Fiorina, today announced she is running for the White House in 2016. ...more

Is It Okay to Call the Avengers' Black Widow a 'Slut'?

You might have seen that Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner during a press junket responded to a question about Black Widow's romantic interests in Avengers: Age of Ultron (not saying who, SPOILERS, but it was brought up to them because in prior films it ...more

Freddie Gray is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Baltimore

I won't condone violence against police or peaceful protesters. I can't. ...more

Loretta Lynch's Confirmation Comes at a Critical Time for Women and People of Color

Loretta Lynch made history when she was sworn in as the 83rd attorney general of the United States of America. She is the first African-American woman, and only the second woman, to hold the position and is certainly cause for honorable recognition. ...more

The Incomparable Christy Turlington Burns Will Premiere Sneak Peek of New Every Mother Counts Documentary at #BlogHer15

Today I'm thrilled to announce yet another amazing "get" for the #BlogHer15 keynote speaker lineup: Social activist, model, and entrepreneur Christy Turlington Burns!  ...more

How My Teenage Daughter Taught Me to Be a Feminist

What the hell is Feminism anyways?I am a child of the 70’s. Born at the end of the Vietnam War and at the edge of some sort of sexual revolution. Feminism was a word I have always known, but it’s had so many different faces through the years that I really never latched on and instead actually found myself repelled by the topic. As a woman, feminism was complicated and often a source of anger. You had to choose a side, and really no matter which one you stood on seemed to be wrong....more
I think having a teenage daughter is the catalyst for feminism becoming so important.  I had to ...more

6 Ways You Can Avoid Gender Stereotypes of Your Kids

Kids, new research is telling us, pick up very early on what sort of behavior is appropriate for girls and boys. Even before they learn to talk, they’ve absorbed multiple messages about the role of the sexes. Young kids start out with a wide-ranging curiosity, and learn all sorts of things from the world around them. But as this period closes, kids enter the culture created by adults, a culture that guides them into areas the adults think appropriate. ...more
DawnsRecipes That's really great for you, however the whole point is that in many homes, when a ...more

System-Induced Trauma

Professionals who work in the areas of child abuse and neglect, juvenile law and family law regularly encounter individuals suffering the effects of various types of traumatic events. While most professionals are familiar with the trauma associated with sexual abuse or assault, physical abuse or assault, emotional abuse, neglect, bullying and other similar forms, they do not all understand the reality of system-induced trauma....more

The era of moral imbecility

Welcome to the era of moral imbecility, where “realism” wins over moral clarity.. Read also Esther Goldberg’s The Realism of Moral ImbecilesHoping our enemies will treat us extra nice ....more

Brazil: Beam him up, Scotti

Former New Camorra capo Pasquale Scotti, convicted of 20 murders, is now jailed, Italian Mafia Boss Arrested in BrazilPasquale Scotti, convicted of murdering more than 20 people, was detained more than 30 years after his escape Mr. Scotti was detained in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife at about 7 a.m. local time. He arrived in Brazil in 1986 using false identification documents, Brazilian and Italian police said Tuesday at a news conference in Brasília ....more

FREE E-commerce Get It Right! eBook

Wow! Here’s a great freebie for anyone who has been wanting to sell and market products online. Right now you can get this handy and highly-rated E-commerce Get It Right! ...more

What’s Current: Normality over liberation? Why a lesbian might oppose gay marriage

There’s a reason why gay marriage is winning, while abortion rights are losing. Why be liberated when you can be “normal?” A lesbian argues that focusing on marriage as a form of equality for gay people is misleading. Federal employees commemorate Memorial Day by watching porn ....more

Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 5/27/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another...more

Through The Cracks Shines Light on Crowdsourced Journalism

Khari Johnson, founder of Through the Cracks. As one who believes in paying for good journalism, I have contributed to seven successful journalism/writing crowdfunded projects through Kickstarter and Indegogo. I found out about three of the campaigns from my friends who ran them, but now there’s a new website that aims to inform potential donors about worthy projects around the globe ....more

The High Performance Router for a Many-Device Home

You will love the Tri-Band WiFi technology; it can connect all of your devices at the same time. The only router capable of this is the Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router (a.k.a. Netgear R8000)....more

The new yellow in Sierra Leone: Getting Ebola to Zero

A year on from the Ebola outbreak, a new campaign with journalists, students and teachers is injecting fresh energy into the drive to kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone. ...more