Why I Agree With Kirsten Dunst on Gender Roles

Kirsten Dunst recently got blasted for some comments she made about gender roles and just because someone doesn't agree with her, does not mean Kirsten is "kind of dumb about it."  But according to Erin Gloria Ryan in Jezebel, Kirsten is indeed ...more

There is No Such Thing as 'Rapey'

Trigger alert: This post contains a graphic description of non-consensual sex. On his podcast, DVDASA, graffiti artist David Choe recounted his latest “sexual conquest”—one that sounds disturbingly close to rape, whether or not it was a ...more

What is Happening to the Jews in Ukraine?

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) begins at sundown on Sunday, April 27. According to the Memorial de la Shoah, up to 1.5 million Jews were murdered in Ukraine between 1941 and 1944. The genocide of Ukrainian Jews is known as the "Holocaust by ...more

What Bloggers Are Saying About White Privilege

White privilege. It's a touchy subject. The term is often bantered about among racial equity discussions, but among the people who could be described as having it? Not so much. Recently, there have been quite a few posts from bloggers—white ...more

Is Nevada GOP Courting Women? What They're Saying on Abortion, Gay Marriage

Could the Nevada Republican platform be a bellwether of the GOP making its big tent more welcoming to women and gays? Nevada Republican Party conventioneers on Saturday adopted a platform without opposition to abortion and gay marriage - a landmark ...more

Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' is the Latest Video to Use Asian Women as Props

Like Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry before her, Avril Lavigne is the latest white pop star to think Asian women make such! cute! props! In the Lavigne’s latest video, "Hello Kitty", she romps in a pastel tulle skirt and chalk streaked hair, while robotic Asian backup dancers all dressed in identical brightly colored costumes flank her on either side. ...more
Seriously?  I want to barf and throw my hands up in despair at the same time.  Or wave my wand: ...more

What Do You Think of Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action?

Is the future of affirmative action programs in jeopardy? On Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld a Michigan law that bans race as a factor in college admissions. ...more
I believe that companies and institutions should be able to run their operations and programs ...more

My Son Interviewed Michelle Obama and Yes, She Was All That And A Bag of Chips

Yesterday, my son was part of a gaggle of reporters—seven children between the ages of six and 12—who had the amazing opportunity to interview Michelle Obama in the White House. The special event was just one part of the 136th annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. Outside, it was all bright, colorful chaos—but inside, the kid reporters waiting for the First Lady were laser-focused, going over the questions they'd prepared in advance … and taking in the centuries of history displayed on the walls around them. ...more
These comments MUST have been moderated.  I cringed as I scrolled down to read them because ...more

5 Awesome Tools for Mobile Application Development Company

Starting your own business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are an individual entrepreneur, a small group of business startup or a large company with some basic needs to ensure the success of your company.These articles should be part of your workflow in the office, and while you’re traveling. Check out these five must -haves for any business, large or small.Computer dedicated work...more

Ok, Fine. Bundy.

I thought this was going to blow over fast, turns out I was wrong. So here is a brief summary of my thoughts. It is a local issue to me, actually in Clark County Nevada same as Las Vegas, and so Las Vegas Metro Police Department does actually have [some] jurisdiction ....more

Live Below the Line 2014

   Today was shopping day!   I am participating in Live Below the Line, to raise awareness of and money for extreme poverty. From April 28th- May 2nd, I am challenged to eat and drink on $1.50 a day. After much deliberation, I chose UNICEF as my charity of choice from the list of amazing charities to choose from.   List in hand, and $7.50 budget on my mind, I went to the grocery store. After snapping two bananas off my bunch of three, I came in at a whopping total of $7.42.   Here is my haul:...more

5 Lessons I Learned From Dating Outside My Race

My husband and I have been married for what seems like forever (almost 12 years). Every time we reminisce about our dating years, I can't help but think the challenges of dating outside my race. During my high school years I learned never to bring a black boy home after my mom flipped out when a platonic friend stopped by our home to chat with me. I'm lucky my husband and I eventually had a happy ending, but we had some rough times....more

Scalzi on why “but not all [p] are [q]ists” defensiveness is a derail

We tend to get it here mostly on threads which criticise racist aspects of mainstream feminism, but it’s all over the social justice map – people derailing criticism of ongoing perpetutations of oppressions with their defensive insistence that while yes of course that incident was very wrong however critics need to acknowledge that They/We are not all like That/Them. John Scalzi lays out the 101 on why that argument functions as just another silencing tactic whether one means it that way or not, and notes how falling back on it blocks one’s ethical self-examination of how one benefits from the status quo: The Four Levels of Discrimination (and You) (and Me, Too). But where does the line get drawn between being [x]ist and being an [x]ist, as it were? ...more

Day 2 of Living on $1.50 per Day

I'm living on $1.50 worth of food per day for five days as part of Live Below the Line, a project to raise awareness about extreme poverty and raise funds for charities. I am fundraising for UNICEF. Iam 20% of the way through my challenge. I'm honestly a little surprised I've lasted this long....more

Solving the Deep, Dark Mystery of the #DatelineDivas

I love watching how audiences interact with television shows on Twitter. Over the last few months I've noticed a hashtag that seemed to take interactive viewing to the next level. I never would have guessed that the news magazine show Dateline NBC would attract diehard fans swooning over their favorite reporters and live-tweeting the mysteries, but there it was, #DatelineDivas. Fans seems to be interacting with the show in a personal, flirtatious, connected way, and producers and stars like Keith Morrison and Josh Mankiewicz are playing right back. ...more
kimt205 MediaOkra Well, not a complete one.more


Bloggity blog blog BLOG!!!! And a bit of a whine* that I’m not in Indy this weekend Bloggity blog blog blog BLOG!! BLOG!! ...more

7 Lessons from Hillary Clinton at the Simmons Leadership Conference

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began her keynote at the Simmons Leadership Conference yesterday in what felt like the beginnings of a safe stump speech for someone considering a presidential run. She covered women’s rights, the need for paid time off and quality, affordable childcare, and raising the minimum wage – important topics but not the makings of an electric speech. However, when Clinton began to talk about what it will take to get more women into positions of power and some of the lessons she’s learned in her own life and the hard, way her speech got more interesting ....more


I fully expect Cliven Bundy, an embarrassment to Nevada even by Nevada's low standards, will get himself a huge reality TV deal._____Obituary: Conrado Marrero, the oldest retired MLB player, has died just two days before his 103rd birthday._____Good thing Joan Rivers has enough money she doesn't need to work or else her career would be over with thanks to this completely insensitive "joke."Gee, what's next, Joan? Elizabeth Smart jokes? Elisabeth Fritzl jokes?____ ...more