Is FMLA Enough? Or Do Fathers Need Paid Leave?

We know that FMLA provides unpaid leave to parents within the first year of the child’s birth. But what about the families in which the father’s income is essential to the household’s economic stability?  ...more

6 Ways President Obama Can Do Something About Immigration

Let’s face it: it's not just the lack of compassion towards children at the border seeking asylum; the House of Representatives neglected its duty to provide leadership on immigration reform long ago. ...more

When Will the Senate Get Serious About Paid Family Leave?

Before fleeing town for their five week vacation, a handful of Senators paid a little attention to the startling fact that most U.S. women cannot count on single day of paid leave when they have a baby. Practically all other countries allow women ...more

What I Saw at the Arizona Border

My recent visit to the Arizona-Mexico border showed me that the situation is not what I thought it was. ...more

Race, Gender and the Internet: Where Do We Go Next?

Talking about race is not just for people of color. Talking about feminism is not just for women. If there’s anything I hope people will take away from the BlogHer ’14 Closing Keynote about race, gender, and the Internet, it’s that.  ...more

Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
I don't know what gives jerks the idea that they can just run their mouths at you and be ...more

Help Your Child Understand Ferguson (And Other Tragedies)

I was six years old when the Philadelphia Police Department dropped a bomb on a house in a residential neighborhood in the city. The house was inhabited by members of the group MOVE, a Black liberation organization founded by John Africa. There had been a lot of conflict between MOVE, the community, and the police for a few years. In May of 1985, the conflict escalated, and ended with a bombing and fire that killed 11 people (including children), and destroyed an entire neighborhood. I remember that night vividly. ...more
My children are a little older now so we've talked through several tragedies over the years. ...more

The Exercise That Opened My Eyes to White Privilege

I used to be what I would consider "white privilege neutral." I believed it existed, but I unknowingly had the wrong definition in my head. I thought that white privilege was class exclusive, and that it was really only financially pertinent. ...more
Thank you for this post! My eye opener was when in college I walked into a bowling alley with ...more

Healthcare High on Hackers’ Hitlist

If you think that retailers are the biggest target for cyber criminals, you have it more than a wee bit wrong. Hackers are really going after the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, “Will Healthcare Be the Next Retail?” is the name of a recent report released by BitSight Technologies, a security ratings firm....more

Speak Out For Ferguson

Everyone needs to speak out for Ferguson. ...more

Where did that skill come from?

Like a lot of parents, I often think about the nature/nurture influences on my son. In addition to his daddy's captivating eyes will he inherit a love of playing music, too? My little guy has already showed some proficiency at telling stories like his Mom, but will that skill continue as he grows older?...more

:: LIFE :: Soldier of the Spirit

Last week brought us heartbreaking news and spurred numerous conversations on a very delicate subject. Of course I shared the same anguish that swept across the world when I heard the unsettling news of Robin Williams’ death, but I didn’t think to write about it until I came across a link to an article that I found to be rather serendipitously timed. The more I thought on it, the more the combination of the two events compelled me to put my thoughts into writing. My goal in doing so is not to try to explain away a death....more

Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
I don't know what gives jerks the idea that they can just run their mouths at you and be ...more

Hey, Dads: Is this really worth arguing over?

My husband and I were friends for years before we became a couple. All those years of friendship added up to lots of funny stories about mutual friends and was a great way to determine how compatible we are. Since the time of our transition from buddies to spouses, we've had relatively few arguments. Sure there are areas where we don't always see eye-to-eye, but overall, we are on the same page....more

PSA: Don’t Set Yourself On Fire

According to the Blogess, there are kids setting themselves on fire for YouTube. And that source of all knowledge and term papers, Wikipedia confirms that is in fact a thing. Um… Don’t set yourself on fire ....more

Finding a Way Home

When I heard about Robin William’s passing last night, I wasn’t surprised and shocked to hear the news as most people were. Instead, what I felt was an immense amount of sadness and a deep connection to a man I had never met and all I could do was shake my head and say a prayer. My heart immediately knew why he had left this world because my life, like so many millions of other peoples’ lives, have dealt with, and been affected by, depression and mental health issues. ...more

Argentina: “Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent”

Looks like Citibank lied down with dogs, and is now covered with fleas: Citibank could lose Argentina banking license If the banking giant obeys a US judge’s order, it risks losing its banking license in Argentina — and the $2 billion it has in local deposits. But if it follows Argentine law, it risks violating a US federal court order. Play me the world’s smallest violin: It’s not looking good, In a recent speech, Kirchner reminded Citi of its obligations under Argentine law and noted that her government decides who gets banking licenses in the country ....more