Sandra Fluke: Why It Matters That I Run

 I’ve always been a fighter for the public interest, making a difference through my work as an attorney and legislative advocate, but I never planned to run for office. To impact women’s underrepresentation in elected office, I joined groups ...more

I'm Conservative, But Some of My Best Friends Are Liberal

I have to admit I am conservative in my views on issues in general and very proud of it. I am open to other's viewpoints, and yet I value my own. I simply cannot stand "wishy washy" people; they are the worst kind of people to be around, always ...more

6 Ways to Make Sure You're Being Paid Fairly

If we can’t get our elected officials to help us close the gender based wage gap, we’ll have to do it ourselves. On Monday, the Senate failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, yet again. The bill needed 60 votes but fell short 52-40 with every ...more

Families Are More Diverse Than Ever... But New Study Shows Kids' Futures May Be Limited

We’ve all heard about the growing numbers of breadwinner moms (40 percent of all U.S. households, in case you were wondering), but American families are diversifying in more than one way, and recent studies show that those changes aren’t just ...more

Dear Janay Rice, I Was There Once, Too

I'm so sorry, Janay. I'm so sorry that you are once again made to endure the scrutiny of the public. You know? If my personal business was revealed to all the world, I would be mortified. ...more

Why Title IX is Not Just About Sports and I'm Sure Patsy Mink Would Agree

This summer, I joined other advocates and parents from across the nation at the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, DC. Among the speakers were President and First Lady Obama, Vice President and Dr. Biden, and dozens of other government, policy, union, and business leaders, many of whom were also working parents....more
Thanks for the reminder. Title IX offices at colleges campuses are also the branch in charge of ...more

It Could Have Been Me: South Carolina Seat Belt Shooting

It was 5 p.m. and I was out of gas.Come to think of it, I was pretty much out when I drove into work that day, but I didn't have time to go to the gas station. For some reason, I was out of cash or missing my debit card (probably both.)...more
Tanikwish I know it wasn't inflammatory nor did I say it's less valid. It's just repetitive to ...more

Nominate an Outstanding Teacher for the Global Teaching Prize

Chances are you know a teacher worth a million bucks—real and metaphorical. You may even be that kind of educator. With a nomination by October 5, that money—the grand prize in the Global Teacher Prize competition—could be in her (or your—go you!) hands. ...more

State Violence and Sexual Violence

Trigger warnings: sexual violence, beatings, police brutality, domestic violence, racism The recent events in Ferguson, MO probably have a variety of significance for people, when, in response to a policeman shooting dead black teenager with his hands up and then leaving his body lying in the street for hours, and the policeman in question, neither arrested nor charged, continuing to draw a salary, the black community turned out in massive protests, and were met by militarized police, snipers, and tear gas. Many black Americans have described the killing of Brown as an example par excellence of the way police occupy their neighborhoods and abuse the residents. For many white Americans, it was a shock to see such a baldly racist assault on people protesting the murder of a kid, as immersion in white privilege had led many to dismiss the accounts of pervasive police brutality and abuse black people regularly report as isolated incidents (I’m leaving out the whites who chose to use the events to bolster their narratives of white supremacy, because fuck them) ....more

How Gun Violence is Ruining My City

The parts of our city where all the shootings go on has become another planet. We orbit reluctantly, wishing that something sunnier was our gravitational force. Not violence and death and children dying on playgrounds because two young men made each other angry....more

The economics of consent: Why BDSM and consumer capitalism are closer than you think

Hidden in a passage of Douglas Adams’ 1980 sci-fi comedy novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is one of the most interesting cultural problems of our time. While eating at Milliways, the eponymous restaurant at the end of the universe (literally — it’s located billions of years in the future), the book’s characters are introduced to the Dish of the Day: a talking cow who walks to their table and happily requests to be eaten. The protagonist, Arthur Dent, finds the situation revolting ....more

“You all know me. Know what I do for a living…”

Read that in your best Robert-Shaw-as-Quint-in-Jaws voice (if you haven’t seen Jaws, stop reading this website and find a way to watch it right away....more

“Yes Means Yes” law passes in California

via Little Raven in the latest Open Thread: California Approves Landmark ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday that he has signed a bill that makes California the first in the nation to define when “yes means yes” and adopt requirements for colleges to follow when investigating sexual assault reports. State lawmakers last month approved Senate Bill 967 by Sen ....more

5 Things I Learned From Punkin Chunkin

It is sad but true that my family and I spent much of our Sunday evening enjoying the riveting world of Punkin Chunkin thanks to On Demand programming and the charismatic cast of Mythbusters . We had to gear up (no pun intended) for the 2014 World Championship coming in late October. If you have not heard of the cult-like competition, I will be happy to waste your time by filling you in. Thousands of people gather each year to support hundreds of hopefuls all vying for the Punkin Chunkin championship....more

Setup Your Small Business Phone Line for Cheap

Setup Your Small Business Phone Line for Cheap I’m a serial entrepreneur. Over the last 15 working years, I have run...more

Consenting to Sexual Activity is Now the Law in California

In a groundbreaking legislative move, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that affirms the necessity of consent when it comes to engaging in sexual activity. According to this new bill, signed on September 28, 2014, any college that receives state funding will have to abide by this new standard for consent-- a verbal yes or non-verbal gesture of consent must be given before sexual activity ensues....more
Perhaps good in educational terms but nothing else. Men should already be emphasizing to their ...more

Should I Sue Paula Muran for Defamation?

Some of my Twitter followers & friends have brought it to my attention that Paula Muran is tweeting about defamation lawsuits. ...more

Texas Friends: Watch this!

This is a big deal. If you care about fair voting and elections, you need to make a stink about this. [[ This is a content summary only ....more