What to Give Lovers of Diversity and Feminism

Perhaps you have a person in your life whose holiday wishes lean toward social justice, feminism, or diversity. Sure you could buy them a present at the mall... but why not give a gift that affirms their values and also supports an independent artist ...more

Everyday I Pray For My Husband, Who is a Cop

I have always been one to review both sides of every story, and review as much information as possible, before deciding what I believe to be true. These days, the media is so filled with biased reporting that I am surprised anyone feels they are ...more

Inspired By Hillary: Stop Focusing on the Things You Do Badly

At the Massachusetts Conference for Women last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (whom I met backstage!) said something that really resonated for me, and I suspect for many of the mogul, mom and maids I’ve met in the last year. Clinton ...more

What It's Like to be Big and Black

I’m big, I’m black, and I’ve become well aware of how those things shape the way people see me, what they assume about me, and how they treat me. On Being Big My first vivid memories of body shame came in fourth grade. At nine, I was tall and ...more

Think You Can't Talk About Race in School? Here Are 5 Ways You Can

Twenty years after I got into education, not much has changed. But here's how we can have meaningful lessons about race in schools. ...more

5 Empowering Gifts for Girls

The older my daughter gets, the harder it is to find just the right Christmas presents for her. At seven, she's done with Princesses, done with Barbie, and done with Polly Pockets. What else is there? I've bought her books, learning apps she can play on my phone, and clothes galore. So this Christmas, as I grapple with what to buy her, I started thinking that the best presents for my daughter are not material, tangible, or store-bought....more
These are all excellent suggestions. When I first read the title I assumed the gifts would be ...more

2014 Women of the Year

Another 365 days has gone by! 2014 proved to be a year in which our online selves became increasingly merged with our offline lives, whether it was in the radical act of posting selfies, in binge-watching TV or streaming podcasts, or in determining what we read or how we teach our children. The common thread that connects many of the notable women of the past year is how they used their Internet lives as an extension of their work, whether they are entertainers, activists, or athletes. ...more
What about Elizabeth Warren?more

When the News Leaves Me in Despair, Art Saves Me

When a grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown, I felt hollowed out by sorrow and grief over the lack of justice that washed over me. I cried on my husband's chest, asking him to tell me how we were going to protect our three Black boys from such a system... and from people who believe it is within their rights to cut the lives of Black men and women short for whatever reason they deem necessary. He didn't have an answer....more
Beautiful. The art, the words, you. Thank you for sharing and for being such a strong voice. XOXOmore

Happy Holidays from Hello Ladies

Happy Holidays! Hello Ladies will be back in 2015 with some...more

Happy Holidays

If you celebrate anything this holiday season, I wish you happy days. May you enjoy celebrating the occasion with people you love, doing things that make you happy. © vdebolt for Web Teacher, 2014 ....more

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful, happy Christmas day! Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducts the Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists in a performance of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 ...more

George Bailey and the Truth about Goal Setting

Once again it is Christmastime, and that means once again it is time to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Terrific story about how we’re all in this together and everybody has an impact on everybody else. If you’ve never seen it, you should seek it out ....more

A Quick Look at the Motorola Droid Turbo

I recently got my hands on the new Droid Turbo from Verizon to check out. I really like it! It has a huge screen, Active View and a 20 mp camera ....more

Merry Christmas from The Sims Legacy Challenge! We Have a Present For You!

Hello everyone! We hope you all have an amazing holiday season! We just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the amazing support that you showed Pinstar and I this year ....more

Arranged Marriage : Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy

Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy,I have been meaning to write to you for some time now (about 20 years) but somewhere along the way, after I realized you most certainly were not my knight in shining armor, I married someone else and had five kids. So yeah I was a bit preoccupied. No, I didn't end up marrying the knight in shining armor. He still hasn't shown up. Curse you, Disney. Curse you....more

My Success Is Personal

One of the studies cited in Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, that really resonated with me was the one that said we judge women in the work place based on their accomplishments but men on their potential. Women are judged on accomplishments, Men on potential. This phenomena is one of the (many) reasons the whole bewailing the lack of women in tech rubs me the wrong way ....more

My Current Reads Reviews

Here are a couple of my current reads, and I will review them now since I am on the "homestretch" of finishing them.Jack Benny by Mary Livingstone Benny, Hillard Marks, et al. (1978). In my view, Jack Benny was the greatest comedian of all time, a man who practically invented stand-up comedy while in vaudeville and the situation comedy when he was on radio ....more

Last-minute shopping: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

It’s Christmas eve, you hate, hate, going to the mall, and you have readers on your list who don’t like fiction. I strongly recommend you buy them The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels on Kindle edition, which they can also read on line and in their tablets and cell phone apps. Epstein created the Center for Industrial Progress (emphasis added), Center for Industrial Progress (CIP) is a for-profit think-tank seeking to bring about a new industrial revolution ....more