Dear Janay Rice, I Was There Once, Too

I'm so sorry, Janay. I'm so sorry that you are once again made to endure the scrutiny of the public. You know? If my personal business was revealed to all the world, I would be mortified. ...more

I Did Investigative Journalism Through My Blog, You Can Too

“If you don’t like the news,” an old saying goes, “make your own.”Doubly so when you’re an education news blogger and parent of a school-aged child. ...more

Doc McStuffins is Good, But Kids Need to Learn a Lot More About Race

Doc McStuffins, Disney's black doctor character, is a"crossover hit." Sales of Doc McStuffins character products are evenly distributed by race and even gender, prompting a popular refrain about the virtues of colorblindness, as reported by the  ...more

Do the Events in Ferguson Reflect Voter Suppression?

I suspect St. Louis County, Missouri, has a voter suppression problem. ...more

VIDEO: 7 Leaders Talk Race, Gender, Feminism at BlogHer '14

In 2013, with the killing of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial of George Zimmerman, talk about race, privilege, and what to do about it exploded on the Internet. In addition to the important discussions about race, gender and feminism came to ...more

Women on the Verge: Helping Women In India Come Into Their Own

Disclosure: I spent last week in India as a guest of Coca-Cola India, who brought me and seven other internet influencers there to learn about their work supporting women and girls, as well as sustainable practices around water. The trip was paid for in full by Coca-Cola, but I attended as a journalist and a longtime advocate for women and children in developing countries, and the reporting and opinions below are my own....more
What an incredible story. Great post!more

Why Are There So Many Stories About Girls and People of Color on Banned Books Lists?

It’s Banned Books Week, which hits especially hard for creators and fans of diverse literature. I learned last year that one of my favorite summer reads, the Young Adult novel Eleanor & Park, had been called “dangerously obscene” by the Parents Action Council in Minneapolis....more
I find it interesting that the declaration of independence gives us the right to free speech and ...more

Family Demographics Are Changing ... and So Are Our Children's Economic Opportunities

We’ve all heard about the growing numbers of breadwinner moms (40 percent of all U.S. households, in case you were wondering), but American families are diversifying in more than one way, and recent studies show that those changes aren’t just affecting our culture: Family structure may have a huge impact on the next generation’s economic opportunities. ...more

"The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" War Told By A Woman

   The title says it all. This 1984 classic's told by 99-year-old Lucy Marsden, now living in a nursing home. Why should we care? Why should we reread it? Because Lucy haunts our modern life with every page....more

Bullshit, Indeed

Found this posted over at BATS:There is also a website here with the "original" buzzword bullshit ....more

Miscellaneous Gripes from Yours Truly

You know, this is not just obscene, but it is indeed criminal.Since money is a finite resource, you can guess where all of the billionaires' money is coming from: The wealth of the world’s billionaires now stands at $7.3 trillion, an increase of 12 percent from last year, according to a new report released yesterday by Wealth-X and UBS. There are a record 2,325 billionaires in the world, up from 2,170 in 2013 and 1,360 in 2009, the first year following the financial collapse.Billionaires make up 0.000033 percent of the world’s population, or, to put it in another way, there are about three million people for every one billionaire. Yet this exceedingly small social layer possesses about 4.5 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the population, or 3.5 billion people ....more

Obituary: Polly Bergen

Actress and businesswoman Polly Bergen, 84, has died. She was adept at acting on stage, in movies, and on television. She was equally adept in her business interests, which were many over the years.My favorite role of hers was as the terrified wife of Gregory Peck in the original version of Cape Fear, released in 1962 ....more

Taco Bell parent company appropriates banh mi, finds new target in Vietnamese for cultural insensitivity

The logo of Yum! Foods’ newest endeavour, Banh Shop. Photo credit: Marc Lee I’m not entirely sure what we expected from the company that interprets Mexican food as meat-gun applied mystery meat combined with American cheese and...more

Venezuela: Beyond-the-grave nepotism

Your country seeks a seat in the UN’s Security Council. Who better than the late dictator’s daughter, who has never held a job? Security Council-ready! ...more

Halloween Nerd Costumes – Ideas for Girls and Boys

Halloween Nerd Costumes – Ideas for Girls and Boys Updated: Looking for a Halloween Nerd Costume – well you’ve come to the right place. ...more

10 most dangerous Facebook Scams

Twenty percent of the world’s population is “on” Facebook—that’s well over a billion peopleTop 10 Most Popular Facebook Scams...more

Recipe to Heal a Broken Spirit

Ingredients:FamilyFriendsFaithDirections:Mix all ingredients well with large dollops of love, hugs, and emotional support.  Add time spent together and a healthy dose of self-love.  Blend in belief in a better life, peace, and joy.  Continue repeating above steps until happiness is achieved.All my love,Jerri...more