5 Summer Trends That Are Making Me Scream

Some trends—like flirty sundresses or leopard-print anything—immediately become beloved wardrobe staples. But each season also has its own special horror show of trends that cause physical discomfort or epic wardrobe malfunctions: say, six-inch ...more

The 24 Best Beauty Products of 2015

The results are in! Today, our sister site StyleCaster announced the 24 winners of their first-ever Beauty Awards. The winners are a mix of drugstore and high-end products that have one thing in common: They really work.  ...more

5 Summer 2015 Sneaker Trends to Try

Who's excited about the current surge of sporty chic styles in the fashion world? I, for one, am beyond ecstatic. Here are my five favorite sneaker trends for summer 2015. ...more

4 Steps to Beautiful, Smooth Skin ... With Drugstore Products

Having beautiful, smooth skin is a beauty must in my book. I had the typical acne as a teenager, but since then my skin is regularly smooth and bright—mostly thanks to genetics. I've been working to get more on a routine lately, though, as I ...more

How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works. ...more

3 Big Reasons to Rethink Wearing Flip Flops

Last month while shopping in Target, I witnessed a lady totally eat it. I helped her stand up and she said she had "slipped" on the floor. I saw the whole thing. Unless, she meant tripped when she said slipped and her flip flop when she said the floor, she lied like a rug. After I witnessed that little incident, I decided I would write a post on flip flops. ...more

Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

A couple weeks ago, I posted this double braid on my Instagram, and a couple of people asked how to do it. I have no idea how I ended up with it, though, other than trying to get the appearance of a really thick braid. You will laugh at how simple this is! ...more
That does look easy!more

Make These Chic Twist Headbands in 5 Minutes

Have you ever tried counting all the T-shirts you have in your house? With a husband and four kids, I have tons at my house and it would probably take me forever to pull them all out and count them. But that's boring, so instead I decided to pull out a few with cute colors and prints, and I made some of these chic twist headbands. Five minutes is all it takes to sew together one of these cute headbands. And the bonus? Making these helped to clean out my house! Score one for me! ...more
lovejoystyles - These were so simple to make and the beauty is, these t-shirts were shirts my ...more

Reiew: CSCS 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum

press sample Official description High end anti-aging solution for the skin. Regenerates skin cells and moisturizes skin. Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer Best Value! ...more

SST Cosmetics Quintessential Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

Hi all! Today I have a new (to me) company to show you,...more

My top favorite products

My favorite beauty products for the summer for the perfect look for your your daily use and is affordable for your budget. For more info :   http://mysangrelatina.com/style/beauty/my-top-beauty-products-for-the-summer/  ...more

Review: CSCS Pure Hyaluronic Serum

press sample Official description CSCS HYALURONIC ACID SERUM: YOUTHFUL SKIN IS NO LONGER JUST A DREAM. Are you fighting with wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs? Would you like your skin to look soft, bright and youthful as it did in your 20s? ...more

Las Vegas Showgirl Collection by Cupcake Polish

Press Sample Good afternoon everyone! ...more

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Under $50.00

I’m rounding up a few more of my favorites from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale during the last 3 days of the sale....more

Face of the Day (FOTD) Featuring Makeup Geek and Urban Decay!

Oh, the sweet sweet sound of Friday!...more

Tis the season...

For wearing shorts! Going into the dog days of summer, shorts are an absolute necessity for casual, comfortable dressing. The question is how to wear them and look good. Personally, I'm over the short short thing. I think wearing a skinny bermuda short is much more flattering and elegant. It's just the cropped version of the skinny pants that are in everyone's closet. These shorts even look great dressed up with a pair of heels. If you're lucky enough to find a high waisted pair, they look terrific with crop tops....more