How to Dress for Your Outdoor Winter Date

Here goes my first fashion post! The only downside is you have to deal with me as the model and Cody as the photographer, but that should make my fashion posts twice as amusing, right? ...more

Top Backpack Picks to Replace Your Handbag

I wasn’t sure if I would get into the backpack trend, but do you remember how easy they made your life? The last time I had a backpack was university, and I couldn’t wait to get rid of my backpack or anything to do with school at the time. ...more

How to Get Styles You Love From Every Stitch Fix

I've been talking about Stitch Fix, the personal stylist subscription service, for some time—I actually just had my 16th Fix! I am often asked how I end up getting such great pieces sent to me each month. Well, It was quite a work in ...more

One Plaid Shirt, Six Cute Outfits

Well, after waiting forever, I grabbed my favorite plaid shirt on sale. I thought it would be fun to recreate the three looks that I shared in that same post in real life. I took each look from warmer to winter weather for a total of six different ...more

A Lipstick Trick: How to Get Color to Last and Pop

Over the last couple years, I traded most of my lip glosses for lipstick. Never did I think that would happen—I mean, I was a diehard gloss girl. But we grow and change, I guess. So today, I'm sharing a little trick to get your lipstick to stay ...more

Why You Should Join Us for #RockTheRedPump on March 10

It's March, which means it's time to put away your fuzzy boots and knock the dust off your red pumps for Luvvie Ajayi, the blogger behind Awesomely Luvvie and the co-founder of The Red Pump Project....more
I'm in! Just gotta dig out those red kicks at the bottom of my closet (still packed from when we ...more

5 Clothing Essentials for Nursing Moms

After three kids and 67 months breastfeeding (plus hopefully at least another two for my toddler and probably another 24 for baby #4 on the way), I've spent way more time in my nursing clothes than I ever will in my expensive maternity clothes. ...more

How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works....more
AndHattieMakes3 The first month I was here and there with sizing. I have had good look with ...more

How to Create a Doe/Deer Bambi Makeup Look and Costume

Check out How to Create a Doe/Deer Bambi Makeup Look and Costume by Kathy Higgins on Snapguide....more

Style Inspiration: Living

Living With Purpose by theretailjunkie featuring fingerless gloves River Island skirt $12...more

What's New From ELF? Brushes, Liners, & Brows!

Today ELF just launched their latest Studio Brush additions, the...more

Spring/Summer Closet Must-Have: Striped Tee

I've been on a major striped tee kick lately. ...more

On My Nails: Matte China Glaze Snow Globe Over Liquid Leather

Here in Western PA it’s been pretty much a never ending winter wonderland....more

My favorite makeup dupes - The look for less!

I love makeup just as much as the next girl, but when you get older your priorities do seem to shift a little....more

SinfulColors Spring 2015

Nothing to Disclose I Bought It Sponsored Post Affiliate Link Blogger Ambassador Affiliate Link ...more

Big Hair Friday

Happy Big Hair Friday! I’m loving all things pink at the moment. Funny thing is it was never my favourite colour ....more

Giveaway: Win a Set of Old Factory Candles!

I'm a candle lover just like pretty much everyone, ever....more

SinfulColors Catch Spring Fever Collection

SinfulColors has put together a new collection for Spring 2015 called Catch Spring Fever. Today I've got...more