How to Dress for Your Outdoor Winter Date

Here goes my first fashion post! The only downside is you have to deal with me as the model and Cody as the photographer, but that should make my fashion posts twice as amusing, right? ...more

Top Backpack Picks to Replace Your Handbag

I wasn’t sure if I would get into the backpack trend, but do you remember how easy they made your life? The last time I had a backpack was university, and I couldn’t wait to get rid of my backpack or anything to do with school at the time. ...more

How to Get Styles You Love From Every Stitch Fix

I've been talking about Stitch Fix, the personal stylist subscription service, for some time—I actually just had my 16th Fix! I am often asked how I end up getting such great pieces sent to me each month. Well, It was quite a work in ...more

One Plaid Shirt, Six Cute Outfits

Well, after waiting forever, I grabbed my favorite plaid shirt on sale. I thought it would be fun to recreate the three looks that I shared in that same post in real life. I took each look from warmer to winter weather for a total of six different ...more

A Lipstick Trick: How to Get Color to Last and Pop

Over the last couple years, I traded most of my lip glosses for lipstick. Never did I think that would happen—I mean, I was a diehard gloss girl. But we grow and change, I guess. So today, I'm sharing a little trick to get your lipstick to stay ...more

How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works....more
AndHattieMakes3 The first month I was here and there with sizing. I have had good look with ...more

The 5 Cutest Ways to Wear Gray Jeans

It's time I come clean about my latest style obsession: I'm in love with gray jeans. They're a great "starter color" for anyone who is thinking about diving into the world of colored jeans. Gray goes with pretty much everything, and they're totally age-appropriate for everyone! ...more
Simply Fashion TV Thanks so much, that's a great idea! =)more

How to Make a DIY Peter Pan Embellished Detachable Collar

Have you ever seen something in fashion magazines and are just sticker-shocked? I think I am CONSTANTLY. As an engineer, I am always curious about how things are made ... and as a cheap-O, I am always curious if I can do it myself for less....more

Shopbop's Big Event Picks!

Hi loves! Well I had a different post planned for today but when you wakeup to Shopbop's Big Event promo, you stop everything and get to shopping ;) So here we go with a few of my current favorites from and a few of my favorite sandals for the warmer months ahead.... These promo events are when I take advantage and stock up on denim ....more

Sally Hansen Comparisons

With all the new colors from Sally Hansen out in stores right now, I felt some comparisons were called for, both new colors with each other and new colors with earlier ones.Let's start with Triple Shine, matching up the new light blue shimmer Make a Splash (on the left) with the old light blue shimmer Pool Party (on the right).Here they alternating on the nail, starting with Make a Splash on the far left; this is three coats of each. You can see that Make a Splash is a cooler-toned blue with a slightly finer shimmer. They're certainly not dupes.Next I've got blue green cremes: Triple Shine Seasational (from last summer's LE Tahiti Sunset collection), Triple Shine Seas the Day (new core), and Complete Salon Manicure Please Sea Me (existing core) ....more

Rose Salve for Dry Skin Recipe with Rosehip Seed Oil

The rosehip seed oil for this recipe was provide by Foxbrim. ...more

How to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring

 Its March – which means Springtime! You are ready to leave your heavy sweaters behind and fashion forward your wardrobe. The only problem is that it’s barely 45 degrees outside in New York and you can’t even begin to wear all the warm weather clothing featured in the stores. So how do you embrace Spring when it still feels like winter?...more

The Best Lasagna Recipe Ever

I am a major foodie, and my hidden secret is that I love to cook for anyone and everyone. So I wanted to take a chance with you guys today and share with you the best Lasagna recipe ever that I have been cooking up for the past ten years. I know this isn’t beauty […] The post The Best Lasagna Recipe Ever appeared first on Citizens of Beauty ....more

My February Favorites & 1 Fail

And here are my favorite products from February!Too lazy to read? Watch my YouTube video instead! ;-) The Kat von D Monarch Eyepalette is stunning! ...more

The Top 5 Best Natural Makeup Products

There is no denying that natural makeup products are at the forefront of the beauty world (next to Korean beauty products of course ’cause they’re so freaking advance!). Unfortunately, there are so many products either claiming to be natural, or they are really natural but not performing the way we want it to be. I’m sure, most of you had an experienced of buying a makeup, whether it is from a big time beauty brand or from an indie seller, that claimed to be natural or organic but after you used it you are left disappointed because you realized it’s a crappy product ....more

Healthy Breakfasts Made Easy with Great Low Carb Bread Company Bread & Bagels

Three months in, sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions can be tough, especially when all you want to kick-start a cold, winter morning is a cup of coffee and some carbs! It is possible to satisfy your cravings and make healthy choices at the same time with Great Low Carb Bread Company’s Low Carb Bagels and Breads. {Product sent for review/feature consideration} Click here to read more!» Ciao, XxO Q ...more

Zurich Street food festival – Winter edition

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I thought I would share a few pictures from the Zurich Street Food Festival that happened this past weekend in the city. I feel like I don’t do much these days besides the baby, so this seems like a good opportunity to share something else with you. We are very passionate about food, as you might have noticed, and we try not miss an opportunity for tasting some amazing dishes ....more