How to Cheat the Crop Top & Skirt Trend

Q. I’d like to get into the cropped top and skirt trend, but I don’t want to expose my midriff in the process. Any suggestions? A. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are ways to get around this! First, try picking a wide-cut ...more

How to Do a Ballerina Bun

I never got into the sock bun trend because they just look too perfect. I prefer a more classic (but kinda messy) bun. I do my hair like this for my ballet classes, so I don't have to worry about hair flying all over the place. But I also like the ...more

I Never Leave Home Without Lipstick

When I was barely 13, I started wearing makeup, lots of makeup. As if overnight, I went from a girl who won ribbons at school for handball, made a cardboard castle for my guinea pig and played hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids to a sultry ...more

A Complete Shoe Collection With Only 8 Pairs

I decided to come up with a strategy for how you can put together an entire shoe collection—and I mean having a shoe that will go with any outfit—with only eight pairs! Here goes nothing ... ...more

10 Favorite Sandals for Summer

Warmer weather is here, and it’s time to set those toes free! For running around during hot months, I like a flat or low-heeled sandal. Sometimes the occasion calls for casual; other times, the sandal should be a bit dressier. So here, in no ...more

Thrift Store Princess

Once inside the thrift store, I was in AWE. I wasn’t ready for the scent of mothballs hitting my nose, but my eyes had never seen so much beauty in one warehouse. This hideaway housed vintage pant suits, '80s-styled clutches, and a ton of sparkly jackets calling my name like a heavenly choir. ...more
I love thrifting, it feels like a treasure hunt! I agree with blogqueendiane, it makes it so ...more

Black Women, White Women, and Natural Hair

The burn of a relaxer on my tender scalp.The hiss of the hot comb against my untamed roots.The fear of moisture in all of its iterations: rain, sweat, ocean.The anguish of getting the most minor trim because length--not health--was paramount.These are the memories I carry of the never-ending battle to hide the state of my kinky hair. It's an experience belonging to sisters all over the globe, this fight to make our hair submit to societal standards of what is acceptable and proper....more
SwirlQueen I thought that about them too. They look so happy together.more

My Experience With Frownies, With Before and After Photo!

Have you ever heard of Frownies? They are basically facial patches made out of brown paper tape. You just wet them, stick them on your wrinkles, and sleep with them! Today, I'd like to share with you my experience with Frownies. ...more
BlogHer I have always wondered about those little Frownies!!more

DIY Waterproof Mascara Remover!!!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. In the summer, because of the 90 degree humid weather I face in the South, I switch to waterproof mascara ....more

Selections from China Glaze The Giver Collection

You may recall the display for China Glaze The Giver which I saw at one of my Sally Beauty stores early this month:I commented then that there were two microglitters in the collection. I am sure it will not surprise anyone that those were the two I came home with. The Outer Edge is on the left; Boundary of Memory is on the right.The Outer Edge is very small matte white glitter with a sprinkling of tiny silver metallic glitter in a clear base.Looking at The Outer Edge in the bottle, it looked like a layering polish to me, so I put Orly State of Grace, a grey creme, on three of my nails as a base ....more

Cult Nails Spring Radiance Nail Art and Swatches

(**Press Samples**) Happy Friday!!...more

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Gel Swatch and Review

I Purchased ThisNYX has been on a roll lately with their product releases with and this Eyebrow Gel was something I was really interested in, especially since I was disappointed in the Anastasia Dipbrow. It's starting to become a hot summer in Southern California so I definitely need something to wear on the brows. The Eyebrow Gel is touted as being waterproof, long-wearing, and smudge-proof ....more

Forever(21) Friday

Good Morning lovelies! I'm so excited for this weeks "Forever Friday" picks bc there were SO many great cheap chic finds this week! The really cute items seem to sell out so quickly so i've been "pinning" them on my Pinterest ...more


Hey curvy girls all over the world, This morning’s pick of the day is actually something I own. Since I am a ...more

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Staples

Stop by...more


Hey curvy girls all over the world, I’m quite sure we are all on reality show overload. It seems like everyone and their mama has their own show. Although there's a bevy of reality shows, I just can’t get enough of fashion reality shows ....more

DAY #2 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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My Beauty Favorites From June 2014

By Sheila Arkee Although we are well into the month of July and approaching August in no time flat (yikes!), I figured it’s never too late to give you the scoop on my beauty favorites from June 2014. It’s the Summer and if you have children who are on vacation from school, you must know the chaos that is happening in my home. Andre is actually in a half-day program through the month of July, but our schedule is just plain old whacked until school begins again in September ....more