What to Get Your Trendsetter Bestie

We all know that girl who is on top of the trends. She knows what's coming, going, and sticking around for a few seasons. (She's also pretty hard to shop for.) Try this list on for size.1. Kristin Cavallari Layla Sandal ($149) ...more

How to Practice the Art of Online Shopping

When I tell my friends that I do the majority of my clothes shopping online, they look at me like I am crazy. Little do they know that I am the queen of online shopping! ...more

Why Leg Warmers Are the Best Winter Accessory

All Flashdance jokes aside (you know, I never actually saw that movie), the leg warmer is, in my opinion, the most underappreciated and valuable winter accessory of all time. Well, maybe they're number two to a warm hat, but they rank way up there on ...more

5 Tips for Successful Style Blogging

In my five years as a fashion and beauty blogger, the one question I've gotten most often is about how to do this thing called blogging. For the first time, I'm going to outline some important tips I believe contribute to success as a blogger. I have ...more

10 Tips for Dressing Like Kate Middleton

It's a struggle that starts in your mid-20s. How do you look young, stylish, and professional at the same time? The short answer: Follow Kate Middleton's lead.  ...more

The Best 6 Foundations Out There (And You Need Them All)

If there is one thing I need in life, it's options! When Chris asks, "What do you want for dinner?" I always reply with, "I don't know—what are my options?" The same thing goes for makeup—except that with foundation, you really do need different options. Different foundations all do different things, and I don't mean just cover troubled areas. They reflect light; they can give you a dewy or matte look; they can highlight your cheekbones; the list goes on. Especially around the holidays, I am always reaching for a different foundation. ...more

10 Stylish, Warm and Waterproof Boots to Wear Now

When people talk about how they love "boot weather," they're talking about fall and stomping through leaf piles, not giant piles of snow. Heavy-duty winter boots are not as fun and sexy as fall boots. Until now. ...more

2 Gloriously Tacky & Adorably Dressy Holiday Looks

I'm kind of ga-ga over Christmas, even when it's a bit stressful. It's a feel-good time, and I try to soak it up as much as possible. Cheesy? Count me in. Silly? I'm there. Totally cliché? I'm all over it. This may or may not mean that I would wear cheesy Christmas clothing all of December if I had it to wear. Fortunately for everyone else,l I do not. ...more
So cute!  I feel like "cheesy" holiday gear is making a comeback, and no - not just for ugly ...more

Essential Knowledge

My essential oil love just keep on growing. I decided to expand myself, and make an essential oil Instagram account (@essentiallycourt). It has helped me grow my essential oil knowledge, and grow my essential oil community ....more

Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Will Arrive in Time For Christmas!

If you're still looking for a gift for someone special on your list…I'm sharing a few ideas in this post that will get here in time for Christmas....more

Quick! What Should I Buy? Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Girl Talk Chronicles E-Book on Amazon.com!

Hey Everyone!!I have a great gift suggestion for my book lovers, collectors and tablet readers. The Girl Talk Chronicles: Advice on How To Manage Love, Lust, & Situations is a great gift and nice quick read for the 20-something in your life that is struggling with love and life. Or that 40-something that's still stuck in her 20-something ways and wondering why things haven't changed in love in a two decades ....more

Pin of the Week! 25 Easy Fixes to Annoying Beauty Problems....

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Maddie’s Christmas wishlist: The 10 gifts I’m lusting over

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Beauty how-to: Get New Year’s Eve ready with NARS

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Eat this: Cheesy Whole Wheat Baked Penne with Broccoli Pesto recipe from Cooking For Keeps

Eat this: Cheesy Whole Wheat Baked Penne with Broccoli Pesto recipe from Cooking For Keeps You're probably all looking at that picture and going,.. ....more

Beach babe: 5 of the best beauty beach bag essentials

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Christmas gift guide: The best stocking stuffers for under $25

If you're part of a family that still has stockings to stuff after the age when you were obsessed with lots of a little toys and lollies that are cheap and easy to come by then you'll know that there is a delicate art to stocking stuffers as an adult ....more

Holiday Sparkle Makeup Look

What’s Christmas time without a holiday sparkle makeup look? With this sparkly golden eye makeup design and punched up pink lip, you will either steal the show or you look will look ridiculous. Make sure when rocking this look that you wear it to the appropriate party ....more