Happy Fri-yay! Budget Buy Shift Dress Today On The Blog

 Dress | Purse | SunglassesHappy Fri-yay! I have worn this cute shift dress a few times and wanted to share it's cuteness with you! I hope you like it as much as me and it is definitely a budget buy! xo ...more

Top Twenty Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Here are 20 great thrift store shopping tips:...more


Foot jewelry has recently become a popular and favorite accessory amongst ladies. While it is a current trending fashion, history reveals that it is in fact, not so new. Foot jewelry, also referred to as barefoot sandals, has been long considered as an ornate type of jewelry in many parts of the world. In fact, its origin flows from various areas of different parts of the globe, and this marks them as a truly universal form of fashion. Admittedly, barefoot jewelry and its beginning may be attributed to specific parts of South Asia....more

Second outfit for my MBFashionWeek Berlin SS16 experience!


Festival Pretty and an Honest Heart

After almost two weeks of dressing to work at the festival today I decided to move into that fun world of dres...more

"I have a million things in my wardrobe YET I feel I have nothing to Wear"

Do you resonate with the above?   If you nodded yes then read on ...more

Don't Look Back.

We're reaching that point of summer where the main objective to getting dressed every morning becomes: ...more

Love These Light Weight Maxi Skirts for Summer!

 I LOVE these maxi skirts for summer! I have a few colors and I live in them. I wanted to share these cuties with all of you too! Enter bbfashion at checkout at www.ShopAlix.com and get 10% off your order! xoP.S. Check out my original blog posting for item details hereThe Bubbly Blonde by McKennawww.TheBubblyBlonde.life...more

Dreaming of Cannes