Good Sport + $300 Tory Burch Giveaway.

Places to go, errands to run, gifts to buy. That's my motto in the days leading up to Christmas, at least. Holiday shopping is not for the weak of heart; my M.O....more

My Ivana Helsinki cape!!

 Hi guys out there, how about to begin this new week with an outfit?...more

Holiday Outfit Ideas


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10 Stylish, Warm and Waterproof Boots to Wear Now

When people talk about how they love "boot weather," they're talking about fall and stomping through leaf piles, not giant piles of snow. Heavy-duty winter boots are not as fun and sexy as fall boots. Until now. ...more

Sweaters Ga-Lore

 Winter is all about sweaters! Growing up I always was walking around in sweaters and a pair of jeans, however they were far from cute and stylish. They were so bulky and extremely hot and itchy. Now it is a new era and sweaters have come a loooong way, above are a couple of my faves!  More on the blog:

5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection

Winter is here already and even in Hyderabad the temperatures have been reduced so much and I am all set for a quick wardrobe makeover to keep myself warm. I am an online shopping enthusiast and I always keep a look on the new trends in fashion and new online shopping destinations. That's how I got to know AmericanSwan. I actually heard about this website a while ago but my bad memory kept it unchecked for a long time. But now I regret not checking the website earlier. The collection is just great with super affordable price range and amazing styles....more

2 Gloriously Tacky & Adorably Dressy Holiday Looks

I'm kind of ga-ga over Christmas, even when it's a bit stressful. It's a feel-good time, and I try to soak it up as much as possible. Cheesy? Count me in. Silly? I'm there. Totally cliché? I'm all over it. This may or may not mean that I would wear cheesy Christmas clothing all of December if I had it to wear. Fortunately for everyone else,l I do not. ...more
So cute!  I feel like "cheesy" holiday gear is making a comeback, and no - not just for ugly ...more