Nice Pants, Chef

Working in the food service industry can be long hard work.  It is hot in the kitchen, the orders never stop and you have to get it right every time.  Not much room for self-expression unless you are inventing new dishes.  Thankfully, one way for restaurant owners and managers to spice the fun up for chefs is to give their chefs fun things to wear....more

Swing Low + The Vanity.

You guys know I don’t shy away from a bold print. Just the opposite, in fact. So when this dress popped up on the ASOS site (during sale time, hello), I couldn’t resist adding it to my cart. So fun, and does all the fashion heavy-lifting for you....more

Monday Memories

Monday Memories It was back to work this week after a wonderful beach was a long 4 day week! ...more

Friday Faves: Jack Rogers

Friday Faves: Jack Rogers I don't think it's any secret that I love me some shoes. And while I wear primarily heels and wedges because I like how my legs look in them better than flats, wearing flip flops in the summer is absolutely 100% essential. So my go to shoe for the warm days?! Jack Rogers of course....more

Going Off the Deep End as Swimsuit Season Approaches?

The days are longer, the temperatures warmer, the sky seems bluer. If — despite all this — your mood seems bluer, too, it's probably because you dread donning a bathing suit for the first time this season....more
All great suggestions!  Thank you.more

Eye of the Tiger - OOTD

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Currently Coveting...

Currently Coveting It seems like there is always a key piece missing from my wardrobe, a great black wedge, a classic heel, the perfect white button down, whatever it is there is always something missing....more

Introducing: The Nude Label, Spain

VINTAGE LINGERIE FOR THE MODERN, LAZY GALI'm not what you might call a girly girl. If you had to classify me by one of those "What's Your Street Style?" slideshows, I'd definitely fall in the tomboy / #cozygirl variety. ...more

who doesn't love getting a great deal?

Jarrod and I both love a deal. However, I hate when he tells people how we got such a "deal" on something. Like if we just got something new and someone says that they like it, he'll be like "dude, we got such a good deal! It was only $[insert super low amount here]!" And I get annoyed because I don't want everyone thinking we're cheap....more

A Complete Shoe Collection With Only 8 Pairs

Hello, Kaliwood lovelies. Your resident shoe fanatic here. Did I tell you that I recently cleaned out my closet and donated more than 25 pairs of shoes?? Shocking, I know. I needed to make room for new shoes and reduce some clutter. But going through my entire shoe collection, I sort of had an epiphany....more
Yes, we must include sneakers :)   However this is really great for a dressier style and really ...more