4 Cute Holiday Outfits for Every Body Type

Holiday party season's in full swing: Your inbox and mailbox overflow with invites to work, family, friends and yes, even school dos. With family and friends, you can (mostly) get away with a work-to-evening outfit that's been living in your closet all season. We all get the itch to buy an outfit that'll wow future in-laws, clients or colleagues. Whether you're curvy, tall, petite, or average built, here's a killer holiday ensemble for you. ...more

The Perfect Outfit to Chase the Winter Blues Away!

Yes, it’s cold and miserable; but this winter outfit will make you happy. -PJ Gach...more

Holiday Style Guide: Christmas Eve

In no way shape or form am I a fashion blogger but today I wanted to share with you the entire outfit I plan to wear on Christmas Eve....more

Dresses For Your Shape

I have always had an eye for fashion, plus after years of modeling and working with stylists you pick up a few tricks of the trade.  When I was in college I worked part-time at Saks Fifth Avenue, mainly for the discount, and I did learn a lot about dressing the customers. With so many different cuts and styles of dresses it can be hard to find the most flattering one for your figure.  Here is my guide to shopping for a dresses for your shape....more

The Joules Purge: How did it Go?

Remember in October when I told you that I had a plan to unbury myself from a mountain of clothes and relentlessly purge my entire closet?Well, almost every day after that declaration I pulled a different piece of clothing out of my closet to wear, posted a picture on Instagram and then evaluated the item.At the end of a long work day, I’d ask myself:...more

Get Your Coat.

'Tis the season to bundle up....more

My Top New Years Eve Finds

New Year's Eve is coming and I have been on the look out for some festive dresses.Of course it's great to get a head start rather than waiting last minute to figure out what to wear. I have given you a couple of my favorite pieces from different retailers. Enjoy ...more

Secrets of Your Personality Revealed Through Your Bag of Choice

The bag a person carries says more about their personality than their hair style or shoes. Hair can be affected by weather, shoes depend on the job, but the bag, well, it carries a person’s deepest secrets. What a person chooses as their carry-all, do-all bag says a lot about their inner self. What does your bag of choice say about you?Fun, Quirky Personality:...more

On The Fringe

Yay! I get to do another Holiday Fashion post! I finally completed my portfolio re-do–for the time being (more changes planned, but I can’t get to my data storage right now.) Now for some fun!I had a dilemma about what to call this post, as I came up with several fun ones: Fringe Benefits, Holiday Fringe, All In Fringe, All About Fringe. I finally settled on “On the Fringe” as it denotes “being on the edge,” which just sounded more interesting!...more

Minimalist Style Trending

Fashion has so many types of genres and one of the genres we are seeing more often is the minimalist style. This style focuses on how simple items make a strongerstatement. Minimalists believe if you have on only a couple of items then your outfit is not as distracting.Minimalist fashion usually includes solid colors and limited items of accessories. A fashion designer who is well-known for this type of style is Calvin Klein. We have gathered some images to give you a sense of what minimalist style is and how you can incorporate it into your own wardrobe. ...more