DAY #2 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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Vineyard Vines - Whale of A Day

Where are all the Vineyard Vines fan? I wear their pieces all the time, however this foam hat seemed to upset a few of my friends. They teased me for almost an hour via Facebook & Instagram. Regardless, I stand my ground, this foam hat is super cute.View my blog at

'Orange is the New Black'

TGIF! Hope you all have exciting plans for your upcoming weekend! Most of my OOTD's are of Odette but I found a maxi dress at Tarjay the other day that I just had to share! I LOVE a great maxi dress and they are so easy to throw on with a few simple accessories. Totally a MUST if you're a mom! Here's a look that I wore this week:...more

What do Kurt Cobain, Steve Jobs, Alexa Chung have in common? Personal style - do you have it?

Okay, this is one last look toward the British before I move on to the USA in the next in the series on style.Do You Have It?...more

Can You Copy the Kate Moss Style?

This is the second in the series on style from my website Aboutawomanaboutagirl. Can you take someone's style? Model Kate Moss has been on best dressed lists over and over. Recently she partnered (again) with Topshop to bank on her style signature. Can you buy her allure?...more

Yes, there are small Asians, but vanity sizing is still weird

So J. Crew is introducing size 000.  Hello, vanity sizing.  It's a real thing, and it's ridiculous.  I really liked this quote below, unattributed here because it's from somewhere else that you can find in the article and I left APA behind in grad school:...more
Rena Galanis Yeah, it's crazy how widespread it is among clothing brands.  Shoes too?  That's ...more

Stripes, Beach Waves, and Busted Knees.

There’s something about summer that makes me forget my denim collection. Maybe it’s the KC heat ‘n humidity, or maybe it’s that I missed my summer dresses + shorts so much over the winter I throw myself into a pretty strict legs-out policy come late May, but either way it’s been a minute since I’ve slipped on a pair of jeans....more

Day #1 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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How to wear the Tropical/ Hawaiian Trend and Nail it!

 My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more