Cardigan Game.

Give me all the cableknit, cardigans, and cashmere in every pattern and print you can find, because I'm pretty much living the sweater life until mid-March here in Kansas City....more

Ultimate Guide to Leather [Infographic]

Leather is used in many trades like fashion, furnishing, and transportation. Everyday items like bags, clothes, shoes, belts, and even your couch at home are best when made of leather because it’s always durable and aesthetically valued.This infographic by Leather Club Chairs provides interesting facts about this well-loved premium commodity. From its sources to its uses, from its most common products to its most expensive ones, it will show you just how useful and fascinating leather is. ...more

The First Rule Of Tight Club...

The first rule of "Tight Club" is that you do talk about tights... so, let's talk legwear! The chill is back in New York City, which means it's time to cover up those bare legs. Ditch the boring, black opaque tights (and the black flats, too... but that's another post!) and get into something that pops! Hosiery is an essential part to any outfit involving a dress or skirt (or even shorts!) and can add those great finishing touches to any outfit. On top of that, legwear has come a long way, and you can get just about any style and pattern your heart desires... ...more

Rich Textures For Your Wardrobe


Fashion: Creating Chic Rocker Styles

I have always loved the "rocker" look. There's something attractive about the rebelliousness of it all, despite me being a laid-back kind of woman. I've tried to rock the look, but unfortunately, not every occasion calls for the color black, spiky studs, and distressed jeans. However, I've learned to dress up that look for a more chic style that can be worn almost anywhere. ...more

The Best Wearable Tech of 2014

Trying to find the perfect gift is like trying to find skyscraper heels that won't hurt your feet. In other words, it can feel next to impossible. Wearable tech gifts can solve the "What do I buy" dilemma easily. What was once science fiction or wishful thinking is now reality! Now you can buy a necklace can double as a workout tracker, a wristband that turns a banana into a light saber, earmuffs that let you listen to music, and you can even charge your phone via your purse. ...more
BlogHer looks great I love BandolierStyle #HolidayGiftGuide #techgifts #iphone #galaxy ...more

Lancôme La Nuit Trésor (2015) {New Fragrance}

Lancôme will launch a new, darker version of the rose of Trésor (1990) called La Nuit Trésor from February 2, 2015...Read more atélène Wagner...more