Tulip Twist: The Home Tee.

Fashion remixing is my jam. Repurposing an item not only drives down the cost-per-wear, but you get bonus style points for being able to wear the same piece at the office, casually on the weekend, and dressed up for a girl’s night. Anyone can take an outfit off a mannequin and look put-together; real style is breaking those looks apart and coming up with your own versions....more

South of the Border STyle

South of the Border Style One of our favorite vacations spots is Mexico. As a child my family vacationed in Mexico and now my Husband and I love to travel to Mexico with our kids.As a kid on our trips to Mexico, my sisters and I would always stock up on little silver rings and woven friendship bracelets....more

Tie (Dye) One On.

You know when the Laundry Demons attack a favorite piece and all of the sudden there are mysterious bleach spots on a much-loved dress, skirt, or blouse ?Yeah, that’s exactly what happened to this dress.It was the perfect maxi– a little slouchy, lightweight but not too thin, in lovely dove gray color that went with everything, with wider straps to make for an easier bra situation. Perfect.And then one day, I pulled it out of the washer and noticed light splotches all over the back of the dress. What?! How?!...more

Design: Hring eftir hring

Hring eftir hring is an Icelandic jewelry company established in 2009 by Steinunn Vala Sigfúsdóttir.More at: www.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comwww.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comA design and jewelry blog...more

Let's Tie One On!

Okay, so I’m not talking drinks here, I’m talking scarves!  I love vintage scarves.  I had to “put a lid” on my collection because I have over 100 scarves and I finally had to ask myself, “Really?  Do I really need yet another scarf to go into a bin?”  Sure, I have used them as headbands, tied them on purses, used them as belts and even framed some of them.  But for the most part they just sit there.  I’m not willing to part with them so I do pull the bin out every once in a while to take a peek and get my happy on....more

Monday Memories

We had a great week and a wonderful weekend that was in Charleston celebrating one of my best friends from high school! Here's a peek into my week....more

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Body

You may remember my post about the beautiful Tasha Hussey Jewelry...she sent me a beautiful green and white ring that I just adore. Well, after that post, Tasha asked me if she could send me some of her body products. And of course I said I would love to try them out! I was thrilled when the mail arrived and she sent two soaps for me and 3 for my sweet E! When I opened the package, I could smell how amazing these soaps were....more