Hair accessories for every occasion

I love headbands and other hair accessories. I want to say it’s because of how cute and pretty they are and the wide range of choices now. However, it’s only really because hair accessories are fantastic at masking the fact that you may not be at your freshest.We all have these days (maybe some more than others). You wake up late, you realize you didn’t do laundry last night, and you have to be out the door in 20 minutes. Even if you can squeeze in time for a shower, we both know your hair is probably not going to be washed and it is definitely not going to be styled.This is when I turn to a hair accessory. To help make your lazy life easier, I’ve put together shopping guides of hair accessories for every occasion. Now, thanks to me, you can be glamorous and greasy! You’re welcome....more

A Stylish, Sun-Proof Shirt

Transition Into Spring: Piece #5

Transition into Spring with Leggings and Sandals. Find out the Do's, Don'ts and more on

In the Details.

Sometimes it’s nice to start with a really basic outfit, something really stripped down and simple, and leave all the statement-making to the accessories....more


i have exciting news...not only are these awesome things in the shop but there is a new sale section! so if you have had your eye on something but didn't want to pay full price, head over and see if it is waiting for you with a new price tag! this awesome scalloped gray vinyl purse would be perfect for any night out. this bunny dish would be so rad for an easter potluck next month, and this jean purse brings me back to the 80's and would be totally incredible paired with some colorful kicks. am i right?...more

Spring Style

 White jeans and a comfy gray tee? Yes please! See more of this spring look at

Nude All Over the Red Carpet: My FAVES from the Oscars

All over the red carpet were BEAUTIFUL neutral, beaded and embellished dresses.  From stark white to all over nude, everything was so glamorous and very wedding-esq.  Another color trend on the red carpet were navy dresses, which will be a huge color in stores going into Spring.  Here is a list of my Top 10 Best Dressed  from the 2014 Oscars.  The majority are neutral dresses, I can't get enough!  10.  Lupita Nyong'o ...more

Daring Layering and a Ruffled Blouse

Snow, snow, and more snow! I gotta say, so many people complain about it (I'm one of them at times)—but shoveling is one of the only outdoor workouts I do! Nerdy documentation included below. ...more
That is super cute!more

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition    Ok Girls, who else is tired of these Skinny Jeans?? After this winter and this damn Polar Vortex, the chances of me stuffing my ass into a pair of skinny jeans is slim to none! So bring on the Boyfriend Jeans!   ...more

Femme Winter Layers

Slowly easing into spring with a flouncy silk floral dress and wintery accessories: