Where is Your Fine Hat?

I woke up in the night, found a pencil and wrote the words "I miss my mother's things" on a receipt stuck in a book on my bedside table....more

Desigual Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Ever Inspiring Runway Fashion 2015

Nothing tends to be as influencing and exciting as updating to all the hustle and bustle going on at the fashion inclines. With every tick of the moments in the arena, an influx of new and rousing looks of style tends to parade away the latest sensation of the passion in vogue....more

The Non-Diaper Bag, Diaper Bag

one // ...more

Friday Favorites for spring break...


Neutral Territory

Neutral Territory A neutral shoe is such a staple in any wardrobe. The connotation of neutral has always implied a basic beige shoe to me. How boring does that sound? But these days there are no rules when it comes to fashion, so what does neutral mean to you? Is a style neutral or is a color only neutral? Is a pattern neutral?...more

I CONFESS - I'm afraid of being a FASHION BLOGGER

There I said it.What’s wrong with me ? (Don’t answer that!) A while ago, one of my best friends said something to the effect of “now that you’re a fashion blogger…..”, which I quickly responded with: “Oh, but I’m NOT a fashion blogger, I’m a LIFESTYLE blogger, who just happens to blog about fashion – it’s different” And she said “An —- gieeeeee. (going from a high pitch to a low pitch)   You ARE a fashion blogger” ...more

Stitch Fix Breakdown: What I Love & What I Regret, Take 2

After receiving 16 monthly Stitch Fix boxes, I figured it would be a good time to do another of my Love/Regret posts. It’s a great chance for me to look back on all the items I’ve purchased from Stitch Fix and whether I still think that they were a good buy. This exercise is also really useful in helping me focus on what I actually want from future Fixes....more

Wear flowers this winter


Ready to (Roshe) Run.

Athleisure is back on LSR, and this time I brought out my new red Nike Roshe Run sneakers....more