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Style your wardrobe with a Belstaff jacket

Belstaff has a long history in the clothing industry. For decades, this brand name has been creating the most fashion forward jackets and coats for the UK public. The brand has provided exceptional products with very few imperfections. These clothing items are very popular, coveted by many men and women, in the UK and abroad. Belstaff is a beloved name, with a high reputation and great word-of-mouth experience that proceeds them. If you want to understand the value of the company, then you will have to understand all these facts and further understand where the company comes from....more

Leather, Lady.

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How to : MATCH !

Have you ever wanted to match with someone, and had no idea how to acomplish it ? Well, take a deep breath because its really not that difficult.  Below is a link to a video that demonstrates 3 easy way to match with someone. Hope you enjoy it ! :)...more

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2014

With every season, we bring in new accessory styles, and we are always excited to see that our classics blend so well with the new trends. Year after year, jewelry designs and styles become so incredible. However, we love to move on with the changing trends, it feels great that most of our classic styles perfectly fit in every new trend. We have picked few of the jewelry trends that make a great accessory for the upcoming fall fashion trends....more

8 Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Real People

I loved looking at all the fun, Furby coats and satin track pants (for the office, naturally) on the Fall/Winter 2014 runways … but they do leave something to be desired in terms of everyday wearability. But that doesn't mean that Fashion-with-a-capital-F trends can't give you inspiration on what to wear right now—without ending up with trends you'll be tired of in two minutes. Here are the items I'm on the hunt for and am looking to add to my wardrobe this fall, the shapes and details and items that feel fresh and right, and would work for any person, in any wardrobe. ...more
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Shop Your Closet Challenge: A School-Year-Long Shopping Ban

"Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways."- Michael Kors...more
I've started thinking the same way as well, in that, do I look good and do I feel good in this? ...more

It's All About The Boots....

It's all About the Boots... It's all about the boots for me right now and this Vince Bringham Bootie<...more