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Love my Spring Stitch Fix!

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Golden Globes Fashion 2015: Prettiest Red Carpet Dresses

We saw black, white, and red (and shiny) all over the red carpet Golden Globes 2015 red carpet. But the styles weren't boring—more like bombshell, with sexy cutouts and embellishments, strapless and one-shoulder shapes, and lots of curves. Which dresses are your favorites?...more
On first glance, I thought Amal Clooney's opera gloves gave her a super-elegant Jackie Kennedy ...more

New Year, New You

Ok, so I know we are almost 2 weeks into 2015 (ummm, how did that happen?!) but being a new year means new goals, new resolutions and the like. Did you manage to make any resolutions? I made the usual, get organised, get into shape as well as a few work and study related goals. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some amazing products available from the good ol' U S of A for putting your best foot forward in 2015. ...more

HAUTE COTURE Designer Niolas Jebran

I just discovered an amazing Couture Designer that I Wanted to share with you! Just phenomonal Designs!...more

Black,Brown Models Strut at 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

  Black is Beautiful, This is a phrase that I've been brought up to believe this and be confident in myself as a young African American woman/girl growing up....more

Playing in the beach with the winter sea of my hometown! Hi guys out there!Today on The Mora Smoothie to a new outfit worn for a day of carefree and very casual. ...more

3 Approaches for How to Organize Your Closet

It's January, and you're revved on resolutions, right? You're going to get organized and save money and be green and not buy anything off the clearance rack! I applaud you, inspired person! Let my mistakes be your helping guide....more
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My January Stitch Fix Review

Hi there, not only is this my first blog post...EVER... but this is also my first Stitch Fix Review. This is my 4th "fix" from the Stitch fix company but the 1st I've gotten around to reviewing.That being said... This was my favorite fix yet. I LOVE getting those adorable boxes in the mail! I usually keep about 1-2 pieces per fix but this time I think I finally got a stylist who "gets" my style!...more

8 Maternity Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Most women think that buying regular clothes that are a size or two bigger than what they usually wear will bail them out of their dressing dilemma. However, while such clothes will accommodate your bump, they will also make the other parts of your body look bigger. ...more