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Simplified Wardrobe Outfit #2

Ok so I have to say that I'm kinda uncomfortable with the whole taking pictures of myself thing, but I'm putting myself out there with this little wardrobe series just so you can get an idea of how I simplified my wardrobe and the outfits I ended up with.Today you are seeing my 2nd outfit, but you may notice I have used the green scarf again.  The best way to make a simplified wardrobe work for you is to find basic items that you can wear with multiple things.  This plaid scarf for instance goes with all my neutrals....more

Plaid: The Key To My Heart

Plaid is EVERYTHING this fall, and I am loving it! ...more
Hah. I thought of you when I first saw this post. - Denisemore

Diamonds Are Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve never been into buying jewelry mostly because I found it cumbersome. I usually take my watches off after a couple of hours, bracelets bang against the desk when I am typing, necklaces sometimes feel claustrophobic, and earrings get heavy after a while. I know its not the norm, but I’ve always admired women who can wear jewelry, because they look so put together. I wanted that!So, in the last year I’ve ventured into buying small pieces here and there from a variety of companies. What I found is you can place your jewelry into three categories of care:...more

Fun, Unique and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For All Ages at Spirit Halloween

 Spooky ghosts, scary masks, gory costumes...Halloween is just around the corner but if you are not looking for a costume that everyone else is wearing, then you may want to check out these costumes that are more creative, goofy and unique.  After all, Halloween is the time of the year where you are allowed to dress out of the box! See photos of costumes and read more here.      ...more

Stitch Fix and Skinny Jeans! Who Knew!?

Hi. My name is Sharon. And I just tried on my first (ever) pair of skinny jeans.Yes. That happened. All thanks to Rachel, my very own stylist from Stitch Fix!...more

Supersized Plaid + Scuba Leggings.

Nothing like a new wide brim wool hat to ring in fall, am I right? This Rag &...more