Day #1 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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How to wear the Tropical/ Hawaiian Trend and Nail it!

 My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

Tropical Crop + LookMazing's Who Wore It Best.

I’m excited to have been selected to take part in LookMazing‘s Who Wore It Best contest!LookMazing is a fashion + beauty social shopping site that connects bloggers with shoppers. Bloggers tag the items featured in their photos, making it easy for readers to shop a look.So what am I styling as part of the Who Wore It Best challenge? This Topshop crop top....more

Mystic, CT ~ from Steven Spielberg's Amistad to Chartered Sailboat

 On a last-minute decision, we decided to take in Mystic, CT over the July 4th weekend. This made sense, as Mystic is one of the closer New England areas to us city folk. A quick 2 1/2 hour drive from Manhattan was nothing…. when chatting, singing and car dancing....more

Appropriate or Not? My Thoughts on Booty Shorts and See Through Clothes

  Recently, I've been in a rant on social media about appropriate dressing in public. I understand it's summer and it's hot, but that does not give girls the freedom to expose their bodies for all to see. Shorts are so short, you can see butt cleavage, along with see-through clothes with only bras underneath....more

Bisbigli swimwear collection 2014!

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I gave myself permission to feel pretty (and it worked!)

I had another 'me' day this past Saturday. It seems like I have been doing that a bit lately. As a mom, I walk the very fine line between what I need/deserve and feeling guilty about spending time away from my family. Mom guilt is a son of a.... I may need to dedicate a whole post to this at some point. ...more

Maxi Fashion

When it comes to fashion, simple and comfortable is the best option. That doesn’t mean that the term “simple and comfortable” can’t be turned into something fashionable! Our two favorite clothing items during the summer are rompers and maxi dresses. These pieces of clothing have a nice flow to them that don’t make you feel unmovable, which their counterparts can do. Skip having to put together outfits because these items are fairly simple, all you have to do is just throw them on....more