The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to God

 The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to God (Friday Faves)...more

Neutral Spring + DUO Axil Boots.

I'm an ankle-boot-year-round kind of girl. Shoe of choice, for sure....more

Ladies, Don't Wear Cheap Leggings

Yesterday I was walking out of a store and a twenty something young lady walked by me, can someone say, labia majora. That is all I could see, as she walked by me to the delight of the man waiting for his bus. Her leggings were so cheap, she might as well have worn black stockings, they looked about the same. Spend the money, don't wear cheap leggings....more

Lauren Bacall, an Icon of Seductive Style

I am pretty sure Lauren Bacall was a feline in a former life. I was always captivated by her sleek saunter across a movie set, the silky purr of her voice and tantalizing flip of her sculpted hair, exposing a seductive look. She was as magnificent as the beautiful wardrobe she chose for each photo op. ...more
A Well Styled Life Sadly is right. I am confounded by what I see women wearing, but you have to ...more

Verona Legend Cars press conference by Museo Nicolis! ...more

Spring Boots?

Spring Boots? ...more

Borrowed From the Boys

Borrowed from the Boys I love a good boyfriend jean, in fact after shoving my winter weight gained ass into a pair of skinny jeans recently I am so happy to find a great new pair of boyfriend jeans....more

The Cutest Graphic Tees for Spring

One of the things I'm learning as I blindly fumble through my "fashion crisis" is that I really love graphic T-shirts. They can be dressed up with a skirt and some heels or styled more casually with some distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers. I find that black and white are graphic tees are generally the way to go, as they are the most versatile. ...more