Lipstick Trends Seen on The Oscars Red Carpet

I am sure like many people, I watched the Oscars for the red carpet arrivals. I love seeing those dresses float down the carpet, and of course I am looking at the hair and makeup....more

Styling the Fringe Trend For Spring


OUDIFU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Just wear one of these and call me in the morning!

Saturday, February 28, 2015...more

Making a Statement with Artisan Jewelry

How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works....more
AndHattieMakes3 The first month I was here and there with sizing. I have had good look with ...more

Never Lose Your Edge

Never Lose Your Edge My thirteen practically fourteen (ugh!!) year old son is tall, six feet tall, and thin, it is so hard for me to find clothes for him that do not swim on him....more

Culotte-Or Not

Culotte-or Not As you may have already heard Culottes are one of the biggest fashion trends going forward. I think for some it is going to take a lot  for them to sport a pair of culottes but i think before long we will all be wearing them. Isn't that how trends work?...more