Never say... It's too late!! ...more

Lilly Pulitzer Gold Goddess Collection - My Picks

I don't know what it is but I have become OBSESSED with all things GOLD!  Please let me know in the comments if you are too so I don't feel crazy :) Gold and white, gold and black, solid gold - I love it all!  So when I first saw that Lilly Pulitzer had a Gold Goddess Collection I pretty much fell in love before I even saw any of the pieces. ...more

Happy Friday! Orange and Purple Chilly Gameday Gear...Go Tigers!

Happy Friday!Tomorrow will be slightly chilly in Atlanta for the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game...check out the outerwear below that not only keeps you warm but supports your team as well! Go Tigers!!...more
Go Tigers! It's always nice to see a Clemson fan around here. I'll be wearing the orange socks ...more

Wrap Yourself in Love -- Three Brands Spreading Love You Can Wear

I’m ashamed to admit how easy it is at times to derail me from my path.Bad news, distractions from others or some form of escapism or procrastination has the ability to turn me instantly from a pro to amateur when it comes to my mission.I’m not proud of that, but — as they say — admitting is the first step to recovery....more

Comfy Cozy Winter Essentials

Here in central PA the forecast has been calling for flurries. Most of the leaves have turned to dark reds, yellows and browns and slowly fallen to the ground. Farmers are busy in the fields harvesting soy beans and corn and each morning a light frost covers my car. It's time to start pulling out the fluffy coats, furry hats, chunky scarves and warm gloves....more

Friday Favorites...Poncho Love

FRIDAY FAVORITES...PINTEREST! Did this week fly by as fast for you as it did for me? Can't believe it's time to say TGIF but I'm glad it's the weekend. Temperatures sure have dropped here and my body still can't get use to the colder weather...not sure that it ever will! O.k. so I've been pinning a little more on Pinterest this week. It's so full of awesomeness that sometimes I forget to pin. I just keep scrolling and dreaming...oops!...more

Dana Gibbs: What to wear when meeting the family for the first time

Guest Blogger Dana Gibbs: What to wear when meeting the family  ...more

Classic Touches.

There are some pieces you reach for time and time again....more

Aerosoles Spring Fashion Preview

 A sexy heel is comfortable too? Yup, Aerosoles makes them! -PJ Gach ...more