Show the World What's Important with this Tee!

Let the world know what's important: COFFEE! -PJ Gach...more

Summer Maxi Dresses


My Fabletics workout wear review.

I’d been wanting to try Fabletics for a while. I spend so much of my time in workout clothes and am always on the look out for more affordable, cute and comfortable ones. I need workout clothes that actually work well and are stylish too. My workout clothes have to make it through a quick jog, some weight training, plus my all time favorite workoutCardiobarre. (If you haven’t tried it you should, best butt workout in LA!)...more

Ways to Wear: Red, White and Blue

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:: FASHION :: Welcome to My Closet

For those of you who know me in real life, it may come as no surprise that I have a bit of a shopping problem. I like to refer to it more as a connoisseurship, but tomay-to tomah-to. Anyway, the point being, I have a lot of shit. I love each and every item as if it were my own child, but there comes a time when ever child has to move on and start a life of their own. And so without further adieu, welcome to my closet... Which bundle of joy will you take home?...more

It's not a fashion statement

'It's not a fashion statement' - the phrase flashed through my mind while I was on the subway earlier today. I wasn't listening to My Chemical Romance (there was a time when they used to sound like this). What got me thinking this was different. It might have even seemed normal. I would have taken a photo for you but I didn't want to get in trouble. If you are not living on a different planet, you have probably heard about the new hair trend at least once....more

Medley Tops + Cutoffs.

The babes from Medley reached out a few months ago; they were on...more

Preview: Alexa Chung x AG Collection for Fall 2015

Alexa Chung's new collection for AG hits stores in a matter of weeks. -PJ Gach...more

Early Fall @

Can you believe it? Early Fall has hit the fashion market and I have to say, I'm really liking the pieces I'm seeing from my favorite store of all time: A few of these pieces are more summertime orientated, but when you live in SoCal, it's always summer so there! ...more

4th of July Look Book

With Fourth of July coming up this weekend, we decided to do a look book for the holiday instead of our usual ‘What We Wore Wednesday’ post.  We’ve put together multiple looks, using clothing from our everyday closets.  Since we used clothing from our closets and didn’t buy clothing that would only be good for the Fourth of July, these looks can be worn any other day as well.  If you haven’t figured out what you’re wearing yet for the Fourth of July, we hope these looks will give you some inspiration! ...more