Are you Still Mad about Lilly?

As many of you know – or have heard since the weekend – the Lilly for Target collaboration was a shitstorm. And yes, that is the technical term.Grown women apparently acted like linebackers going into the store, grabbing cartloads of merchandise and then hiding out in aisles to barter for the good stuff. Target online was overrun and totally shut down around 3am. And from what I can tell, the majority of people who really wanted to buy something were left empty handed and disappointed....more

My April Stitch Fix and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Stitch Fix Day! It’s like Rex Manning Day, but with even more cheesy smiles and awkward dancing.With the return of spring weather, I’ve been drooling over floral prints, swing skirts and girlie dresses. You know, when I’m not wearing a black t-shirt with my skinny jeans. Of course. So, I was hoping for another box like last month’s winner… which is why I asked my stylist for more of the same!Did she deliver? Check it out!...more
Love the dress!more

Laid-Back Style

Laidback Style... These sandals from Laidback London scream summer to me ...more

Stitch Fix #4 :Verdict

Hook, line and sinker--in case you've been following along-- kept the latest goodies my "stylist" picked out for me. (So fun to say for a small town girl.) Getting your best fix is totally a symbiotic relationship. Give and take.In case you are considering trying it out, here are a few tricks to ensuring a fix you will be in love with.1)Update your profile regularly and seasonally to make sure your taste has not changed or evolved from your last fix profile....more

Calling All Brides: It's #BridalFashionWeek

Bridal Fashion Week got off to a delightful start on April 15th in New York City!Fabulous looks for the modern bride and stunning silhouettes for those preferring more traditional styles have been all the rage on the runways this season. Are you still deciding on a gown? Are you planning ahead for when you decide to make that commitment? There is an array of styles that speak to our diverse tastes, budgets, and body types. Trends to Watch: Sheer Ball Gowns ...more

Lilly Pulitzer at Target: Bringing The Hamptons To The Common Folk

I confess to showing up bright and early at Tar-zhay for some of the other designer brand marriages like Missoni (not to be confused with Target’s own brand, Mossimo) and TTTT I was less than overjoyed....more

Keep or Return: Maxi Skirt

Okay, I need your help. I’m having one of those days where I’m kind of living in my own head and focusing on my flaws. I’ve never really been a long skirt kinda girl – with dresses or skirts – but I’ve recently been intrigued by the idea of a maxi skirt.I like that they look nice, even though you’re basically running around in a fancy nightgown. Not that I actually wear fancy nightgowns… but you know what I mean....more
JoulesDellinger Denise  Hah. Ask Julie Ross Godar the next time you chat with her.more


Espa-drool This pair of Valentino Espadrilles is one of my very favorite pairs of shoes, I wore them until the frost came. The espadrille has really amped up it's style from the traditional canvas shoe....more