Espa-drool This pair of Valentino Espadrilles is one of my very favorite pairs of shoes, I wore them until the frost came. The espadrille has really amped up it's style from the traditional canvas shoe....more

The Worst Prom Dresses of 2015

Gather around, my friends. It's our favorite time of year: bad prom dress season! While we love the girls inside the dresses, we feel it's our duty to guide today's youth in the area of formalwear. The BlogHer editorial team passed around a few pics ... what do YOU think?...more
These are PROM dresses? Made for HIGH SCHOOL teenagers? What is this world coming to?!more

My Favourite from


Coral (Clique) Resort.

I am so game for clothing comfy enough to be pajamas but are actually legitimate made-for-public outfits. A fashion loophole. Am I wearing jammies or not? Doesn't matter; I'm digging it....more

Learn French: let's talk shopping!

“Shopping” means the same thing in English but the grammar is slightly different.In English, you would say “I am shopping,” but you can’t say that in French. Instead, you would say “Je fais du shopping,” which literally translates as “I am doing shopping.”...more

Getting Glam With The Exhibit Jewelry


70s Standard Style.

What’s old is new again, or so they say. From flares to fringe, the 70s are everywhere....more

Maxi long dress for incoming Summer by!

Lovely in Lilac

Unlike past Easters, I was actually able to wear the outfit that I had planned to wear. I purchased this lilac circle skirt a while back at Nordstrom because I loved the way it fit. I was also intrigued by the color because I had never purchased a skirt in lilac, aka as violet, lavender, mauve, or light purple. Unfortunately, it just didn't seem to pair well with any of the tops that I had in mind. I tried neutrals like black and white and I also tried to stay within the same hue but it just didn't seem to work, so I just tucked it away in my closet for another day. Then I spotted the color lilac featured in different magazines and blogs and it was being paired with all sorts of different colors....more

Children's Clothing I Can't Stand!

I honestly don't know my inspiration for this post ... I was sitting down relaxing on the couch during kiddo's quiet time and I began thinking about clothes she would need for preschool.  Somehow, that turned into thinking about all the styles I've seen in the last few years that I have found absolutely atrocious.  So, I thought it would be funny to share my thoughts on children's clothing styles that I can't stand.  Read on, and don't forget to leave me your comments ... I'm certain you will have plenty to say....more