Dressing your Little Daughter? Try these tips

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How To Master French Girl Style

French girls, eigh?Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you probably still want to dress like them.For some reason, it's difficult for us American and English girls. Based on what I know about myself and what I've seen women wearing on both sides of the pond, we tend to overcomplicate and overthink things rather than focusing on the classic, the quality, and the simple. ...more

Catch More Than A Dream With This Hot Summer Look

Some garments look cute on a hanger, but lousy on a person. While other garments look lousy on a hanger, but cute on a person. The No Boundaries Juniors Bandeau and Racerback Tank Top turned out to be the latter of the two.I stopped in Walmart for cleaning supplies when this bright yellow shirt in the clothing area caught my attention. Color me crazy, but I had a  strong feeling that odd looking shirt on a hanger would look adorable when worn. So, I put the Lysol on hold and slipped into the dressing room. ...more

Orange You Glad.

I’m all about oranges, corals, and neons this summer. Can’t seem to get enough (as evidenced here and here, and oh yeah, here)....more

Wednesday Whereabouts: Lipstick Party!

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{Dressing the Bump} Leopard and Coral

Maternity clothes. I have an issue with them sometimes. Correction, I have an issue with price. I have found that when I find something I LOVE it is also ridiculously expensive. Granted, certain pieces are staples, and that is fine, but I'm talking about a dress you'll wear once. My solution thus far is to just wear stuff I have in my closet until it doesn't fit. That brings us to today's outfit. I just started trying on clothes to see what fits and what (humorously) does NOT....more

Proof Women Dress For Other Women

I have a friend coming in from out of town for business, who I haven’t seen since our middle school days safe and sound behind military gates in Germany. We planned to meet for dinner. This is when the conversation got good.Her: Dinner tomorrow..tonight I do have a mandatory marketing event from 6:30 – 9:00… all these dern changes love the job but can’t stand last min stuffMe:: Well damn… I put on a dress for your ass. LOL got folks asking if I’m interviewing or going on a date. LMAO...more

Can Fashion Be Feminist?


7 Icons of Style at Any Age

I was watching a little vignette over at UK Vogue that gives a peek into the wardrobes of two of their editors, Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett. Take a look: ...more
Truly a fun look at two very different style-makers. Is there anyone you look to, just for ...more