7 Icons of Style at Any Age

I was watching a little vignette over at UK Vogue that gives a peek into the wardrobes of two of their editors, Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett. Take a look: ...more
Truly a fun look at two very different style-makers. Is there anyone you look to, just for ...more

You're Stronger Than You'll Ever Know, Girly Girl!

When I turned 30, I realized that I will always be a girly girl no matter what, and being that meant I didn’t have to also be the shy, passive, girl that went along with that “idea” of being girly....more

You Sexy Thing

Being a girly girl, you would think I’d feel my sexiest all dolled up to the nines. i.e. full makeup, lipstick, high heels, a new dress. Those do make me feel more confident and happy of myself, but I feel sexiest when I’m actually in my natural beauty....more

Olympic Neon + The Vanity: TRIND.

If Jem (of Hologram fame) went dressed as an Olympic figure skater for Halloween, she would wear this dress. J.Lo totally wore this first (and better, truthfully, because homegirl’s body is crazy) on an episode of Idol, I believe. I had to have it because it was a) super affordable and b) super ridiculous. Also known as my fave fashion combo. Jem might call it outrageous, and I’d agree....more

Monday Memories

So sorry that this post is just now going up. Since I’m working from a new site, I am having trouble connecting from my phone. Monday Memories is usually written from my phone…We had a great week and a fun weekend celebrating Father’s Day!...more

Summer Chic from Abi Ferrin

Battling with Bras: What Small-Chested Women Need to Know

Small-chested women have their own set of concerns when it comes to bras. Not only do they have to struggle to find bras that fit their smaller size, they have to find a bra that satisfies their need for comfort and style. If you are a small-chested woman, the following advice can help you on your quest to find bras that will complement your body type....more

Ikat, Feeling Indonesian - OOTD

Banana Republic give us Ikat at its best. For more information about Ikat & full photos, visit my blog at www.stylegonerogue.com...more

Outfit in Malta with my Bizzaria fashion visor!