(REVIEW) 3 Amazing Charcoal-Infused Cleansers That Love Your Skin

There’s been a buzz building about charcoal-powder-infused soaps for a while now. You can find charcoal-powder-infused soaps for men, women, babies, and yes, even dogs. The Ancient Egyptians used a messier form than what we use now for cleansing and for healing wounds....more
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Expiration Dates: When to Throw Out Your Old Makeup and Grooming Products

Hello friends! Sad to say that our favorite products have a very limited shelf life, and their expiration dates are not always written on their containers or packaging. When they are, you will see a tiny logo with the number of months written on the lower corner of the container. Therefore it is up to us to remember when to say our goodbyes. ...more

It's Still Hot Outside: 21 Products to Help You Beat the Heat

Grr! It’s hot out! Aside from staying in the shower all day, what can you do to beat the heat, stay cool and feel like you’re not going to melt?...more
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How to Get Ready in a Flash and Still Look Amazing

My husband always brags that I get ready quicker than any woman he has ever met. After watching my mom and best friend get ready for a night out, I can see why he said that. I have always boasted about the speedy way I go from undone to dolled up. There are a few techniques I use to help me pull it all together in a flash. Trust me, I have been able to master the art of getting ready and so can you with these helpful tips....more

DIY Dry brush cleaner (makeup brushes)

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Fall Favorite | Vamped Nyx Lips

How to clean your makeup brushes


Shadow Couture World Traveler Pallet Review & A Simple Makeup Look

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A Face Full of Favorites

It's been a while since I gave you all some of my recent favorites. No time like the present, right?...more

A Brilliant Step By Step Guide on How to Apply Perfect Makeup

Don’t you feel envious when you see celebrities looking glamorous, regardless of the time of the day? Not only is their wardrobe stylish, their makeup is also perfect. They know all the tricks to look bold and elegant or simple and subtle when the time calls for it. The good news is that you can also learn the art of makeup without much difficulty. The key is to know the right steps. You can say goodbye to the false eyelashes, electric blue liner and smoky sexy eyes; there is no need to go bold and beautiful every time....more

My Skin Routine

So, I've been struggling with adult acne since the birth of my son 5 years ago. It's extremely frustrating to have dark acne scars, deep underlying acne, constant sporatic breakouts. But.... there is a solution. Having the right cleansing products, decent and healthy make up on your face, and at the end of it all, making sure you wipe your face clean before you sleep. I've learned how to target the acne, improve the darkened spots, and basically every day mask my face to cover all these insecurities....more
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Best Skin Care Products

There are so many skin care products on the market today that it can be really difficult to know which ones are the best. You can’t really go by advertising, because of course each company is going to portray their products as being the best there ever was or will ever be. Take Proactiv for instance. The commercials are flashy, and use celebrities to tout how amazing this product line is. But, is it really all that great? Proactive reviews, like this one generally agree that Proactiv is, at best, average....more

My honest review of Younique 3D Fiber lash

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