4 Hot Fall Nail Polish Trends to Wear Now

Why wait until the leaves change color before you change your nail polish shades? As seasons change, so does your makeup....more
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Pretty in Pastel

I love how when it shoots up to 50 degrees here (or close to it)—people are walking around with no coats on, in shorts, like it's the middle of July. I guess that's what it feels like when the temperature has been in the teens, all the way down to minus 30, for the past few months. I was inspired by the warmth, and the people super excited for spring to FINALLY be here, so I'm focusing on a trend that seems to make its way back every spring: pastels. ...more
Sophisticated to ultra glamorous and elegant, many dresses cocktail dresses are signs will be ...more

TUTORIAL: Super-Easy Animal Print Nail Art

I love nail art. It's a great, creative way to dress up any outfit, and despite what you might think, it's actually really easy! You don't always need special tools or equipment or the artistic skills of Michelangelo squatting on scaffolding under the roof of the Sistine Chapel. This animal print nail art design can be done with regular nail polish, no special brushes, and only minimal patience. ...more
We thought your nails were the Sally Hansen strips at first glance, really professional looking! ...more

How to Make Your Manicure Last! (This is Why I Don't Have a Beauty Blog)

This is what my nails look like TWO days after getting a mani.  #UGH...more
AdrienneCookie good to know, thank you!  I'm looking down at my fingernails now - painted in a ...more

Nail Polish Designs

I maybe don't get to have my nails done as often as I'd like. But during spring and summer, I can't wait to get out and have a self-indulgent, relaxing few hours at the spa having a pedi done. I have to admit, wearing socks and boots all winter makes it harder to justify spending good money on my nails. When I do make it into my favorite spa, I like to have polish ideas at hand! Maybe there's some ideas here that I can share with you as well!http://www.pinterest.com/pinkpicinspire/nail-polish-style/ ...more

Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads

Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads:  http://www.beautylifegeek.com/beauty/2014/11/21/beauty-science-exotic-beauty-beads Blog: www.beautylifegeek.com...more

My Favorite Color For The Fall

So I love getting my nails done!! It's one of my favorite things to do. So I want to Share with you guys one of my favorite colors for the fall. I have it on right now as we speak, and I love it. I think it looks so beautiful and elegant for the the fall. The color is so beautiful. I hope you guys enjoy and try it....more

Stay Chip-Free for Days!

Have you ever spent so much time doing a cute design on your nails and the next day they chip? I can't tell you how many times I've done that and it really pisses me off because I spend so much time like at least two hours to do cute designs lol....more

OMG! beauty tips: The only beauty advice you"ll need.

kirsyabreu   ...more

Polishing My Nails

I love this. It's so hard to make time to do something for ourselves - there are so many excuses ...more