6 of the Hottest Boot Styles for Fall 2015

Now that the temperatures are dropping, many of us are starting to pack away our open-toed sandals and start reaching for our boots. To be honest, as much as I love the summer, by the time October rolls around I’m ready to switch up my wardrobe....more

20 Fall Fashion Must-Haves to Wear Now

Fall’s fashion trends seem endless; and some fashion trends are holdovers from previous seasons. Plaid, of course, is making a big splash. Midi-length skirts and dresses are in. So are ballet flats! Who’d have thought the shoes you were stuck with as a kid, would be a hot number now…that’s the nature of fashion trends, they do recycle over the years. ...more
CatFootwear I am in love with those wedge booties!more

3 Steps to Snagging Frye Boots for a Steal

For years I obsessed over Frye boots. I’d see a pair and my insides would get all melty over the real leather and classic styling. However, they were absolutely not in my price range. I’d try to convince myself that the cheaper knock-offs were just as good, but I still really wanted my very own pair of Fryes. Well, last year I figured out how to get my first pair of actual Frye boots for a steal, so I wanted to share my favorite tips with you! ...more
Lisa Thomson Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found my post helpful. =)more

What to Wear: Holiday Party Style Guide

 It’s Holiday party season, time for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and spreading that holiday cheer. If you are like me, there are the parties you can’t wait to attend and the ones you wish you didn’t have to....more

How to Wear a Poncho (Without Looking Like Your Grandma)

Poncho SeasonOne of the many, many reasons that fall is my favorite season is all the incredibly soft sweaters that come out. Of all of these sweaters, ponchos are my favorite because you are practically wearing a blanket and getting away with it (another reason I love blanket scarves as well). Ponchos are just so dang cozy!...more

In The Home Stretch #NaBloPoMo Day 27

We’re in the home stretch. Day twenty-seven of National Blog Posting Month. It’s my first time at this, and I’ve written every day so far. I’ve had my blog for almost three years now, and I’ve never written every day. I typically let a few days pass unless inspiration happens to hit sooner. So #NaBloPoMo has been an incredible experience....more

Black Turtleneck Dress + Bare Legs

I was ...more

Indie Singer/Songwriter Tamara Laurel's Part of Pikolinos' #CraftYourWay Campaign

Folk singer Tamara Laurel's debut release coincides with her being part of Pikolinos' new campaign and showing off gorgeous boots and more. -PJ Gach...more

Burgundy + Leather.

Leggings season has begun, so I'm breaking out my ...more

Bomber Jacket Babe.

Who's surprised I was completely transfixed by an olive green bomber jacket? No one, right? Because at this point, I'm totally predictable: if it's olive green, I need it....more

Embracing "old lady" shoes. Maybe.

“You cheated on me??!” I exclaimed when I saw the tell tale box in the back of her car. Yep. My mom went shoe shopping without me. A hanging offense, basically....more
Yes, being a teacher will definitely send your sexy shoes to the back of the closet!  I remember ...more

Getting Graphic.

Sometimes a Throwback Thursday comes at the perfect time....more

Tweed Jacket + Split-Knees.

A tweed jacket is a pretty ladylike piece, conjuring images of Coco Chanel and ladies who lunch. And that's all well + good, don't get me wrong– but I like to mix feminine pieces with clothing that has a bit of edge....more