Medley Tops + Cutoffs.

The babes from Medley reached out a few months ago; they were on...more

Early Fall @

Can you believe it? Early Fall has hit the fashion market and I have to say, I'm really liking the pieces I'm seeing from my favorite store of all time: A few of these pieces are more summertime orientated, but when you live in SoCal, it's always summer so there! ...more

Summer Pinstripes.

Wearing a normally buttoned-up piece (see also: dressy, formal) with a something super casual is a great way to achieve a cool, carefree vibe without getting sloppy....more

Scoobie Set.

Summer time, and the living's easy. Also easy: matching separates that make it beyond simple to leave the house looking polished....more

Graphic (Dress) Design.

Welcome to summer! Officially, officially....more

Summer Silk.

Summer solstice is just around the corner (crazy, right?), so it makes sense to put together a few pool-friendly outfits....more

The Gifts You Should Be Giving This Graduation Season

Listen. I know everyone under their mother is going to want to run to the nearest Hallmark store and grab a Precious Moments ceramic doll with a copy of Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss this graduation season, but I'm here to scream a resounding, "NO!" ...more
Slapdash Diaries Exactly and RIGHT!? About those slip-ons? Seriously cute.more

Neon Scoobie.

I'm so excited to be helping Scoobie– one of my favorite local boutiques– ...more

Perusing the Flats


Zoa Silk Tank.

I felt like wearing something a bit softer ...more