Back to Bondi 3: Happy Trails with Hoka Wishes & Marshmallow Dreams

I'm feeling good today after my 10 mile pre-dawn run with the lab and that makes me nervous. In my OCD world, I understand all the way down to my itsy-bitsy, microscopic cells that I have absolutely no right to feel good, as crappy slow-with-snotty-nose as I run lately. It's not logical.And I am all about logical. (Yes, I could hardly type that with a straight face.)...more

New Mules.

I never thought I'd buy a pair of mules again.I haven't given the shoe much thought since the 7th grade, when I wore a lot of pleated plaid and monkey fur coats from Gadzooks. But after seeing it make a resurgence on the runways + streets of the big fashion cities, I found myself browsing online for a pair of mules. Oh fashion, you cyclical wench....more

Sporty Chic

Thursday, September 11, 2014Sporty Chic We all do it, we all either stay in our workout clothes all day running errands and driving the kids around, or just automatically throw them on because we don't feel like shoving ...more

Like It's 1994.

And we’re dressed in black, head to toe…I didn’t intend on dressing like a total The1975 groupie, I swear. I had a super cute, boho festival outfit all planned out for last Friday’s Buzz Beach Ball concert: baggy destroyed boyfriend cutoffs, desert booties, a floaty lace tank, the whole hippie jam. Then a cold front blew through Kansas City after lunch and 85 degrees quickly dropped to 65 with rain-heavy clouds and gusty winds....more

Shopping List: Fall Wants

Between visa costs (we've gone through two visa processes this year, plus one citizenship) and the fact that we're slowly – oh so slowly – starting to save to buy our first home, it seems that all of my money lately is going towards very adult, need-based purchases rather than want-based items. (With the exception of travel, of course.)...more

White After Labor Day...YES

White after Labor Day...YES!! Wearing white only between Memorial Day to Labor Day seems so absurd to me. I can understand not wearing white during the dirty days of winter, but why not white for the majority of the year?...more

City Dressing.

A quick weekend trip to Chicago proved super lucrative: 2-story Topshop, ladies ‘n gents. That’s a siren song for this girl.I scored this tank + pair of ripped jeans there, which was perfect outfit for a day of sight-seeing around the city paired with studded gladiators and a Burberry crossbody. Black and white + a neutral sandal was cool combo....more

Altuzarra's Collection Is Coming to Target This Week

Altuzarra at Target. This week, another opportunity to dress chic-ly and inexpensively from Target this fall! ...more
Why is Target trying to be fashionable? It's Target, not Chanel.more