White Fringed Waffle Knit.

Maybe I'm crossing the line into Easter parade float decor with this white fringed waffle knit dresss, but I don't even care....more

A Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life

I am a certified shoeaholic.I love shoes.At one point, a nurse I worked with joked that he had never seen me in the same pair of shoes twice (for the record, I don't have that many)....more

Cropped Lace.

A cropped lace ivory blouse was the perfect piece to add to my spring wardrobe. ...more

The Art of Layering for Chilly Spring Days

Good-bye, winter! My mind has decided it's spring already. But how do you stay warm in 40-degree weather without a winter coat? Say hello to layering. ...more
Taking notes!!!!more

Street-Style Worthy High Top Sneakers


Sliding into Spring

Sliding into Spring... A good slide is a essential part of any spring/summer wardrobe and after this ridiculously cold winter I know we are all ready to take off the Sorels and slip our feet into a chic pair of sandals. I know so many of you prefer a flat so here are a few of my favorites....more

Footwear Preview: Simply Chic Sandals from Bernardo

Gorgeous sandals and shoes to wear now and in the fall. -PJ Gach...more

Ready for Spring (Prints).

Kansas City is finally thawing out after a long winter (no jinx, knock on wood). We're in the 70's this week with zero snow in the forecast for the next 10 days....more

Index Card ShoeBox Organization

Like it or not, shoeboxes will always be a part of our life, at least for now.  I got very tired of looking at the eyesore of shoeboxes that made me reluctant to get certain pairs or even go in my closet at times. To get rid of this “tower of tragedy” I came up with a very simple and quick way 3 Step Way to organize my shoeboxes using index cards.  ...more

Patent Sweatshirt + Tuxedo Flats.

When 65% of your outfit is made of patent leather, maybe you don't need accessories. Let the shine speak for itself, yes?...more