How to Cheat the Crop Top & Skirt Trend

Q. I’d like to get into the cropped top and skirt trend, but I don’t want to expose my midriff in the process. Any suggestions? A. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are ways to get around this! First, try picking a wide-cut ...more

How to Do a Ballerina Bun

I never got into the sock bun trend because they just look too perfect. I prefer a more classic (but kinda messy) bun. I do my hair like this for my ballet classes, so I don't have to worry about hair flying all over the place. But I also like the ...more

I Never Leave Home Without Lipstick

When I was barely 13, I started wearing makeup, lots of makeup. As if overnight, I went from a girl who won ribbons at school for handball, made a cardboard castle for my guinea pig and played hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids to a sultry ...more

A Complete Shoe Collection With Only 8 Pairs

I decided to come up with a strategy for how you can put together an entire shoe collection—and I mean having a shoe that will go with any outfit—with only eight pairs! Here goes nothing ... ...more

10 Favorite Sandals for Summer

Warmer weather is here, and it’s time to set those toes free! For running around during hot months, I like a flat or low-heeled sandal. Sometimes the occasion calls for casual; other times, the sandal should be a bit dressier. So here, in no ...more

50 Shades of Grey: Day-to-Night Style Guide

Simple ways to take your shades-of-grey style from day to night, from skater skirt to bodycon dress. ...more

How to Keep Your Wrap Dress From Showing Too Much

Wrap dresses are super flattering, especially for us curvy girls with boobs and hips. However, they also fly open like they’re advertising your goodies for sale. Here's how to fix it. ...more
This is great information! I am going to try it. Wrap dresses are so flattering on me, but I ...more

6 Fabulous Body Scrubs You Can Make at Home

Exfoliating scrubs are one of the easiest beauty products to make at home and only take a few minutes to mix together. Most of these scrubs use coconut oil as a base, so if you don't have any you'll want to grab some from your grocery store. Once you've made your first body scrub you'll wonder why you ever spent all that money buying them. ...more
Great recipes!more

Fluted + Sheer.

It’s the Summer of Orange, I swear. It’s all I’m wearing these days, guys. I’m sorry…? Nah, not really. I love this color, especially when it comes in neon form. Means not only do I stand out in a crowd, but I also can earn some extra cash directing street traffic....more

LTHP Quickies! Milani Bella Blues LE Collection

(**Press Samples**) ...more

Interview with "Snowpiercer" costume designer Catherine George.

Following my review of Snowpiercer, I originally intended to write a typical post about the film's very striking costume design. But after looking back at some photos and clips of those costumes, I was struck by how much more I wanted to learn about the process behind this film's visual design. Each section of the train had such a strong visual theme (filth and poverty in Tail Section; delusionally wholesome springtime pastels in the school car; opulence and luxury towards the front of the train), but nevertheless felt grounded in reality ....more

Hold Me Bag Helps You Travel With Your Makeup In Style

Press Sample By Sheila Arkee On a weekly basis you’ll find me zipping back and forth between school, appointments, and grandparents houses, which is why I need and depend on good makeup storage options that won’t make...more


Hey curvy girls all over the world, Happy Tuesday! We are kicking this bright and sunny Tuesday off with a little plus size fashion news. Model Denise Bidot snags her very first Levi’s jeans campaign ....more

Top 10 Beauty Time Savers and Double Duty Products!

Top 10 Beauty Time Savers If there is anything we busy women can all agree on is that we need more time! Our group of expert beauty bloggers want to give you some ideas of how they save time ...more

Top 10 Basecoat/Topcoat Combos (Budget Friendly & High-End)

Affiliate Link Save both time and money with these Double Duty Time Savers! Sally Hansen Double Duty • $4.99 Revlon Multi Care Base + Top Coat • $5.99 Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield - Fortifying Base & Top Coat • $6.49 Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat • $7.29 Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat and Topcoat • $7.99 Nicole by OPI 3-in-1 Base Topcoat & Strengthener • $7.99 OPI Regular Formula Start-to-Finish • $13.99 SpaRitual Multi-Tasker Base & Top Coat • $17.00 Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Hydrating Hardener • $20.00 Givenchy Le Vernis Base and Top Coat • $20.00 Disclosures: polish insomniac at times reviews products provided by a representative of the company. When we do so, we specifically state so ....more

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Summer 2014 trio in Sun-Set to See

What is there to say? New Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios for this summer, and you KNOW I had to get at least one of them! Last year, I needed all the limited edition trios, but not this year ....more

Shopping and Excess

One of our readers brought up an excellent point regarding large wardrobes. Often people who have so much complain like we have so little. Even taking into account cultural and social differences, it's difficult to pinpoint what is that line between enough and excess ....more

Reader Request: Discarded Wardrobe Staples

Reader Alex left this question in a comment: What are some of the things (type of garment, silhouette, color pairing, anything!) you have moved away from that you never would have thought you’d factor out of your wardrobe? If you felt so inclined to structure a post around a few of them and perhaps some of your reasoning why–although I imagine a lot of the explanation would boil down to “my style evolved and I found myself more interested in x, y, and z instead of a, b, and c”–I know I would be fascinated! A great question, and there are more possible answers than I could tackle in a single post! ...more