Bundled (Next Level Basics)

Today were talking next level basics! A great fitting coat, flat boots and a statement bag or pair of sunnies are must have basics but today i'm sharing my favorite must have basics with just a little some extra. These are all investment pieces I wear a TON and can be remixed in your wardrobe a million different ways!...more

WILD NOTD – Guest Post from Leesha’s Lacquer

Hey there, everybun! Leesha here from Leesha’s Lacquer! The lovely Luna, who has done a great job guest posting for me, has given me the honor to do a guest post for her! ...more

Mix Up Your Outfits & Unlock Your Style Potential

No matter what the season, after a while you get tired of wearing the same outfits from your closet.  It becomes a bit of a struggle since you may not want to spend money on new items, but you are tired of putting on the same clothes day after day.  By mixing up your wardrobe you can create new looks without spending a dime! Sometimes it can be hard to see the potential in your wardrobe when you have configured outfits that you always seem to wear the same way. Follow my tips to help style new looks and unlock the potential in your closet....more

Maybelline The Brights Palette

Home » Beauty » Maybelline The Brights PaletteJan 222015Maybelline The Brights PaletteBy Christine  ...more

Sweet Smelling Treats, Lush Lashes, & A Fun Giveaway From Pacifica

Press Sample A package recently arrived at my doorstop that was filled with the most unbelievably gorgeous gift box from Pacifica, a beauty company that offers makeup, body, skincare, fragrance and home products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Is this gift box beautiful, or what? Inside this package was several lovely goodies – some for me, and some for you! ...more

The Oversized Cardigan

I must have a case of the winter blues because it's been extra hard to get motivated to do just about anything lately. I feel like my body is using up all the energy to keep itself warm so it has no energy left for anything else. Thankfully, it warmed up a bit over the weekend, and by "warmed up" I mean temperatures in the 30s instead of in the single digits. Lately, I naturally find myself reaching for clothes that are cozy, comfy and most importantly, warm. I found this oversized cardigan just waiting for me on one of my "returns" trip to the mall. Speaking of which, am I the only one that is always returning things? ...more

Colorful Marbled Lips with OCC Lip Tars

Yesterday I was chatting with my friends Tristan and Francine, and we got to discussing this photo posted on the OCC Facebook page, and after trying to figure out if it was photoshopped or real, I decided to slather my lips in OCC Lip Tars and see if I could marble the colors. Last night's attempt turned out pretty awesome, but my son woke up from his nap so I didn't get to finish painting my lips. So, this morning, I ran into my beauty office and redid my marbled lips ....more

La Bella Pink Bath & Body products review

Who said natural and handmade cosmetic can not be sweet & girly?Today I like to share with you some really adorable goodies from La Bella Pink!La Bella Pink is cruelty free (and 100% vegan)!La Bella Pink specializes in all products around Bath & Body: soaps, shower/bath frosting, hair care, perfume, fizzing bath cocktails and cupcakes, lip care and more. Prices are very reasonable!I was lucky enough to try 4 products out of their wide range!I love my "Sunday-Spa-day" where I usually take a bath at night (with a glass of wine!), apply a mask and all that good stuff. So this last Sunday I enjoyed my Ultimate Bath Cupcake in...more


leggings: c/o albion item on Pinterest and leave a link in the comment That’s it! Giveaway ends Tuesday 1/29 and winner will be contacted via email. Good luck! ...more

Four Wearable Winter Makeup Trends

Sometimes I see makeup trends off the runway or in magazines and think, that is so pretty and artistic, but how in the world would I incorporate it into my uber glamorous preschool drop off red carpet? I love experimenting with makeup and finding how I can wear it without looking too overdone for an outing with the fam, but enough to fulfill my inner beauty addiction....more